5 reviews, all 5 are 5 out of 5 stars

First off THANK YOU.

The reason I started writing novels was because I got frustrated with screenplays being passed over for reasons out of my control… and though writing books is a much more involved process, writing them gives me a way to get stories out for people to enjoy, exactly the same reason I used to write for theatre. And while it does not yet make economic sense to continue writing, as I probably make pennies an hour at this point… knowing someone enjoyed something I wrote, makes it worth it… and hopefully someday the books take off, and maybe they get made into a film or TV show then.

Park Ranger Park
by Tom Kiesche
Link: http://a.co/eMjpYJA

While I am appreciative of the current ratings, I’m truly even more appreciative for the words posted under each. I love getting feedback on commercials, or TV shows I appear in… but honestly something like a novel, that I poured countless hours of creativity into… when I get complimentary feedback on those, it’s a whole other level.

Amazon has a way to read both for “free” with a trial subscription, and the price of a Kindle is less than a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Please consider getting a copy and reading Park Ranger Park (or the 1st paperback I published Sympathy for the Devil if that sounds more  your style).

The first five reviews posted on Amazon, are all 5 out of 5, and are all posted below… Click the link above, or type in “Tom Kiesche” or “Park Ranger Park” into a search on Amazon.

Lastly, thank you.

– Quiche Out








A Long Time Ago I Learned…

Sadly it seems that the divide between what people are hearing is becoming greater and greater, with more news channels and opinion pieces all spinning both rumors and facts. Each side preaching to its own choir.

I just watched a piece by Keith Olbermann on… well, let me save that, because if I wrote the title of the piece lots of people would automatically shut of. I’m hoping that just by seeing Mister Olbermann’s name, some of you haven’t already closed this window.

Let me make this about my own personal experience. Back in college I did a few paid internships, and some independent study. Honestly, I found the work somewhat boring.

Department of Agriculture, Chemical Technician. State of New Jersey Regulatory Services, Trenton NJ, Summer of ‘89. Laboratory work involving: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Kjeldahl, Visible Spectroscopy, Thin Layer Chromatography, graviametic and quantitative methods.

Trenton State College, Independent Research. Histopathological analysis of Mercenaria mercenaria when subjected to cadmium at various concentrations. Presented two research papers to the New Jersey Academy of Science, Marine division 4/1/89 and 4/21/90. (Dr. Eble et al.)

For the Independent Study, histopathological analysis, I basically looked through high-powered microscopes, at the effect of heavy metals, in various concentrations, on hard-shelled clams, that some other student mounted on slides.

For the Department of Agriculture I remember doing mostly wet chemistry, determining what substances were in which agricultural products. As I remember, someone else would determine if what we found equalled what was on the label, and if there were any elements in the products that weren’t listed.

What I remembered by watching Olbermann’s piece today was how often what companies said was in their products wasn’t in their products in the concentrations they claimed, and far less frequently, how often we found substances that weren’t listed at all. My point is that, that was nearly thirty years ago… with a section of the government looking out for the public’s welfare. And if one thing the past has shown us, and countries with less standards imposed, is that while companies are run by people, very often corners will be cut to make extra profits.

Now while the government claims there are acceptable amounts of certain elements allowed in air, food and water, wouldn’t it be far better to strive to live in a cleaner world? If given the choice between drinking a glass of water with no poison in it, or a glass of water with three drops of oil in it, or a half a drop of pesticides… which would you choose? Or an example I heard the other day, can’t remember where (my apologies)… you had to spend an hour in one of two rooms. One room had an electric car running, the other had a gas engine running… and you had to remain in either room for an hour, and can’t open a window or a door… which room would you choose?

It truly is a crime that we have dead rivers, where no life can be sustained, or streams that you wouldn’t dare eat a fish that could survive inside of it. It’s a tragedy that wildlife are some times forced to drink out of ponds or puddles that are tainted with oil or poisons.

So, Mister Olbermann’s piece is about the Trump administration not caring for your pets. Personally I don’t think President Trump is thinking about your pets at all, probably just trying to make it easier for business to make profits. However, again, the past and present shows us that when companies have an opportunity to make a little extra money… some of them do unscrupulous things. Even when companies knew the Department of Agriculture was monitoring their products, some companies still didn’t deliver what they promised on the labels, or mistakes inadvertently happened with batches and undesirable ingredients were discovered.

No matter who you voted for, the election is over, and we live on… but we do have to live on. Just because you voted for a particular individual does NOT mean you have to agree with everything they do. And if you don’t agree, then you owe it to yourself to make your voice heard. I ask everyone, please protect OUR water, OUR air, OUR public areas, green spaces, National Parks, for the sake of YOUR children, grandchildren, wildlife, pets, birds, bees, fish, and trees. The world’s all connected, bascially in a bubble. Rivers are connected to oceans, and what is in the air today ends up in the soil or water tomorrow.

– Quiche Out



Errors? No Problem

Tonight a friend texted me and asked if I would want to know if she discovered any errors while reading my newest book.

“Of course,” I responded.

These things are like paintings with words… ask most artists and they will tell you they could work on one painting for the rest of their lives… changing and fixing. All artists have expressed to me that at some point you have to let the art go  live in the world, with warts and all.

One reason I use create space is that it’s a print by demand system… So, if there are any errors found later, they can possibly be fixed before later books are ordered… Kindle  can be re-uploaded too. No changes are immediate, but certainly minor changes can be made.

So, if you get a book, and you catch sight of a possible error, please feel free to let me know about it with a direct message, text or email. If you happen to soften it with a little positive feedback it will be easier to receive, but that’s not necessary. I’m far from perfect… and with over 120,000 words, my eyes and my readers eyes may have missed one or two things.

If you catch a possible error while reading something I wrote, best way to inform me is, page number (in paperback), chapter in Kindle… how the paragraph starts, and what you believe the error might be.


– Quiche Out

PS. If you purchased an early paperback that has an error in it, and some day book sales of mine TAKE OFF after any glitches are fixed… you might have just have purchased yourself a collector’s item.


Love A Good Hike

Perfect SoCali winter day to go hiking on the Westside. Starting out of Circle X Ranch, we hiked the Mishe Mokwa Trail, passed Balanced Rock, went through Spilt Rock, climbed to Inspiration Point, and then scrambled up to Sandstone Peak, three thousand one hundred and eleven feet above sea level, the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains (Mt. Allen).

Overcast and comfortable all day, with slight breezes, it was a real treat. Plants were green, soil darkened with moisture, there were several run off creeks, and we even were given the gift of watching a peaceful little bunny rabbit grazing.

Please do yourself a favor, go hiking in nature once in a while. Recharge yourself, and always vote for state and federal representives who believe in clean air, clean water, protected lands for wildlife to live within, and the public to enjoy.

– Quiche Out

PS. I think I also thought of a new way to promote the Park Ranger Park novel I just released… Instead of just going with all the spooky “Something” stuff, I may just add in, “Park Ranger Park Tips.”