Recorded For Father’s Day

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This morning I fired up the gear and stuffed myself back inside that tiny walk-in closet to record this song for my father, and Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day y’all. Thank you for everything dad.

– Quiche Out

“Affordable Artist Housing”

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.01.37 AMI always thought it’d be cool to live in an affordable community with other artists, sharing large work spaces like theaters, rehearsal rooms, sound booths and studios.

A while ago I was actually sent a survey, through the mail, which asked a series of questions regarding something very similar to this.

Well, this morning, I was hopeful that I had possibly found something like affordable artist housing, and I started watching THIS VIDEO

However, it seems, according to what I saw/heard on THIS VIDEO, I don’t qualify… As it turns out this isn’t really affordable artist housing, it’s affordable housing (for everyone), and they’re just letting artists know.

Maybe you, or someone you know will benefit from this, or maybe you know something else, or places I should look into… Applications are due VERY SOON!

– Quiche Out

Any scene, script, movie, character, monologue suggestions…

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courtesy of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous…

In a continued effort to reinvigorate, reinvent, and rejuvenate my theatrical acting career… I’ve made several conscious decision to shake somethings up recently.

You all are a tremendous resource, and I would be foolish not to include your thoughts, for I know a few of you look at my successes, as your successes…

“I know him!”

“OMG that’s my buddy Tom!”

My previous post was along the same lines, asking about archetypes… And while nothing means anything… All information can only help.

Feel free to go back and answer the questions from the last post ( if you haven’t already, or want to answer them again… But today’s game is…

Are there any monologues, scenes, characters, TV shows, films, plays… that you think I should look at? Or movies I should watch, characters I should research, or plays or stories I should read? THINGS that you would have, or WOULD cast me in, or that you think I would be an interesting choice.

There are no WRONG answers…

Be as specific as you can be… For instance just as examples…

Sam Malone, in Cheers, the early Diane years
Schindler’s List, Schindler
Fargo (the movie), quiet kidnapper…
My Three Angels (play), role of the oldest murder, scene between him and the wife
Hamlet (play) monologue, “to be or not to be.”

Feel free to write answers below, or LMK thru social media…

BTW, in the past, several people have recommended songs, singers, musicals & composers… Some of the songs I’ve sung LIVE, some I’ve already recorded as Closet Singers, some I plan to learn in the future, and some have led me down paths of research, where I’ve found other things that I may never have found… So, really, I do value input.

Thank you for choosing to be part of my journey, and playing along!

– Quiche Out