Hitler the commercial actor

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.09.31 AM.png This particular video is being passed around on FACEBOOK by several of my actor friends. I didn’t make it, nor do I believe I know the cat that did.

However, since I often post about the life of an actor… I figured I’d share it here for you, for those that maybe aren’t connected with actors… or aren’t on social media.

Many people have made clips from this film scene, covering all sorts of topics… Many are so so, some are hilarious… As an actor, who has these same feelings from time to time…

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KKQZi2C8wc


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That moment you’re upstaged…

The moment you’re upstaged, singing Ol’ Man River.

A 15 second video.

Hopefully those of you NOT on Instagram can see this…
Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHGdhehjXco/?taken-by=tomkiesche

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There was no possible way to put out a quick moving, less than three minute long SIZZLE DEMO, that could even come close to covering an 1/8 of the 75 minute show that pleased the audience at The Gardenia (this past June 2nd)… However, we wanted to have something to help YOU convince YOUR FRIENDS and YOUR FRIENDS’ FRIENDS and to come along with YOU the next time Deirdre and I, or Deirdre or I, perform LIVE.

So, here you go, a less than three-minute sizzle reel of clips, with pull quotes, from the June 2nd, Premiere Show, at The Gardenia in West Hollywood… Deirdre Moncy & Tom Kiesche – BROADWAY 1950s, “The Golden Age” – with Michael Collum on the piano.

Here’s the link to the VIDEO: https://youtu.be/yP7tw6eJLYY

And if you know someone that seeks out, and books shows, acts, musicians, in your city, at events, venues, clubs, theme parks, cruises… feel free to suggest this Sizzle Demo to them or any other demos from the past. (See further details about Deirdre, Tom , the show, or the review, listed on YouTube page where this video is posted.)

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Newest Commercial (Yes, That Was Me)

Okay folks, now I can talk about the latest thing I was in, as word come in tonight that it played during the NBA finals. Fun, quick spot that hopefully runs a lot and for a while. Thanks to all that spotted it and let me know!

Here’s the video link: http://youtu.be/LOjETlSufwo

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The Carrot Will Always Dangle

If you have chosen the life & career of continually attempting to find work as an actor, have a modicum of success and stick it out for a decade or more, you’re bound to be asked questions from people of all ages asking for advice, looking for short comprehensive answers.

You may have seen me post things like this before, seen a YouTube video of mine or been in one of the college theaters where I’ve been asked questions like this in person, but regardless, here are some questions, asked by a friend of one of my nieces.

So you know, I’ve asked if it was okay to post his questions, and will post only his questions. I’m not posting them as an opportunity for any one to poke fun, I’m simply sharing my reply to him, as maybe you too know someone considering a completely ridiculous life & career in entertainment.

– Quiche Out


1. What is my best approach to take to obtain an agent? 

2. One of my biggest priorities is to be able to do sketch comedy as well as acting. My humor consists of the Jim Carrey type of humor. His type of acting in movies is my goal. If you have any advice on that. That would be great. 

3. I would like to use my voice for commercials, where would be the best place to start?

4. What would be the best way to keep getting experience? I will audition for anything I can get at the moment. I just am not sure where to look. (I put below what I have done so far) 

5. I am an impressionist and would love to be able to showcase that in the future. Do you have any advice on getting that out there and recognized. 

6. Do you have any advice on getting recognized?”

“Hey man,

Best of luck in your pursuit if you choose it. It’s a ridiculously weird, impossibly challenging, completely unstable career, with no structure, and no one has the magic answers. I’ve seen it rip people apart inside, make people crazy, drive them to drugs, ruin relationships… It’s not like sports where if you don’t succeed by a certain age, you know to get out… The carrot will always dangle in front of you, whether or not it remains elusive, you get small tastes of it, you get the whole thing and then never another, or if you keep reaching new tastier carrots… only time will tell.

If you truly believe it’s the only thing you can or HAVE to do… then… do it. Do it until you retire with a pension, die young along the way, discover something else you love or can tolerate while you create a life/family, get too hungry trying to reach the carrot, find out you’re allergic to beta-carotine, or get tired of eating orange veggies… While Jim Carrey has made millions, also know that there are many equally funny people who haven’t cracked the 10 grand mark in their entire career. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to see into the future.

Hands down the best chance of success, from what I’ve seen… Is this simple formula: Be attractive enough, funny enough, talented enough, interesting enough, and work hard enough, but most importantly, be born into massive amounts of wealth, and have powerful parents preferably in most upper tier of showbiz.

That said, since many of us cannot control a few of those factors, here are some very brief answers to your reasonable questions.

  1. Get in something that they notice.

1b. If you represent the ability to bring them money, they’ll notice.

  1. Consider one of the high profile improv, sketch schools.

2b.Carrey did stand up.

2c. I know some people who had success with sketch on the Internet.

  1. A kick ass demo tape, AND solid connections.

3b. A kick ass agent.

  1. Work.

4b. Work your ass off.

  1. Stand up comedy.

5b. Internet.

  1. Run for president.

6b. Consider a life of crime.

In all seriousness, all these questions are being constantly asked by myself, 99% of working actors, and 100% of aspiring actors. Only difference between your questions and the answers I had to discover myself 25 years ago, is now the ability to film yourself with quality gear is much cheaper, and platforms to the public are available with the Internet. It’s sort of the Wild West, and the old guard hasn’t quite figured out how to control every aspect of it.

Again best of luck.

If you ever discover the magic answer, please re-reach out and share it with me… And if you’re ever in the A list position, upper tiers, I hope you tell directors and producers to hire THIS GUY if I’m still upright, still in the biz, still knocking on doors, working my ass off, and SMASHING MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL to figure out nearly these very same answers.”

Review of 50s Broadway Show

If you missed the show this past Thursday night, hopefully you’ll make the next one, whenever, whereever, or whatever it may be… If you made it to the show… thank you once again, hope you’re hooked, and want to see more and more. Either way, everyone can now read Elliot Zwiebach’s full review, posted in Cabaret Scenes, HERE

To put it plain, any review that has, “was one of the most enjoyable evenings imaginable,” in the opening paragraph, is probably going to be pretty favorable. FULL REVIEW LINK:  http://cabaretscenes.org/2016/06/07/dierdre-moncy-tom-kiesche-broadway-1950s-the-golden-years/

With so many positive things written throughout the entire review… I’m curious, if you were on my PR team (which I hope you kinda are), which lines would you pull out for “pull quotes” for your client.

– Quiche Out