Want Job Security (don’t be a robot)

On a train out of Manhattan today it hit me… The only way to have any actual job security in today’s world is to not be a robot or a computer. That is to say, if they, corporate America, can replace you with a robot or a computer they will, eventually.

I have to believe that goes for every job there is. No matter what job… And it’s up to you, me, us to show each other the value of a human over a computer or robot. Maybe it’s also up to us to reward companies that don’t have computers that answer phones… Or boycott stores that don’t show personality, humanity and compassion.

I know if they could get computers to automatically write screenplays that people would pay money to watch as a film, they would. Same goes for acting… The day some computer can be human, and they don’t have to pay it, I’m out of a career… We’re already watching elements of that on screen. Robots boxing. Cartoons. But, the same goes for everything.

Do you think someone’s not some where trying to figure ways to eliminate your job? In High School I was a bank teller, and the very first ATM (automatic teller machine) appeared… I wasn’t really super happy with my part time gig, so when I gave my notice to do something else, part of my reasoning was… “Well, with the machines you’re installing, you’ll need less tellers anyway…” And, while the bank manager, who was trying to convince me to continue working there, said that the machines wouldn’t eliminate any jobs… I can honestly say that in the more than 20 years since that job, I use those ATMs ten times more than I do an actual teller. And I bet you do too.

So, the true value of being a human in today’s job market is to show our humanity. The last time I was actually “in” a bank in Los Angeles, the guy that helped me, well, he was so cool, I thought, “I should come in more often.” He was as far from a computer as he could possibly be…

One problem I have with most of today’s modern music is a lack of exactly that… A lack of humanity. Soul.  These “singers” who are starting to sound more like computers than people… Repeating one phrase over and over and being “auto tuned” to electronic beats. One thing I’ve heard some like about my Closet Singer songs is the non-perfection… Not really super intentional, but practically unavoidable when being human.

Computers very well may be taking over the world or at least the United Corporate States Of America… But maybe not quite the way we’re programmed to think, as in the way we think of in movies like “Terminator.” Maybe Instead of them just turning more like us, maybe it’s while they ARE slowly becoming more like us, WE are becoming quickly more like them.


And maybe, the closer computers and humans become to each other… The “whomevers” that control the biggest computers, maybe at that point, they control all of us (more than they already do).

Christmas has past once again, New Year’s Eve is upon us… Perhaps in 2012 we all look up from our cell phones more frequently, we hear a folk singer, go see a play, read or write a poem, we check in with each other, wave and say hello, help a person across a street… We take an extra second with each customer, and we show the world how human we actually are, and how much we actually value actual humanity.

-Quiche Out

When did Santa Claus become a target?

Going back home means family, friends, food and TV… And now I am craving less food, more workouts, and less horrific programming.

There are some amazing scripted shows on cable these days… but I was shocked by the amount of reality shows and the mean spirited people most of them feature… Insulting and argumentive… People behaving poorly. Like junk food for eyes and brains.

But I guess the biggest question I have is: When did Santa Claus become a bad guy? When did he become someone mothers look to upstage or belittle? Do you know the commercial ads I’m referring to?  Mom is in a store, she buys something, she feels good about her purchase, but then confronts Santa when he’s leaving gifts under the tree… For her and her children.

Yes, the guy’s only existence is to make toys all year long, and then deliver them one night a year… Unselfishness at its best. A level of generosity not one of us will ever match. And yet these commercial moms target him?

I guess what better to sandwich in between the crappy programming of despicable souls yelling at despicable souls. “Despicable souls” maybe that’s the reality show I need to produce, not for hopes of telling a good story or making he world a better place, but just to cash in and give Anerica what it seemingly can’t get enough of.

Maybe next year we all go wait on line to spit on the Easter Bunny…

Come on people. Come on America. Come on businesses. Come on Americorporation. It’s our world, let’s make it nicer… Friendlier… Not uglier.  More dsgusting. Let’s give people reasons not to pick up guns and go on shooting sprees in malls.

-Quiche out

Have great holi…

Have great holidays!

And if you do celebrate Christmas…
Have a very merry one!  

What is Wrong with You

Hey you. Yeah, you. What the hell is wrong with you?

Okay, maybe not you, but the person next to you. Yeah them. Or the person next to them… What the hell man? Tonight I read an article that some scientist who were researching the bird flu, didn’t figure out how to make it obsolete… No, they figured out how to alter it to make it much nastier and more dangerous, and then wanted to publish the findings… WTF?!!!


Okay, yes, I’m sure that there is a good reason for this… Or the thoughts behind this was good, like… “Well, if we can do it, maybe someone else can, or will be able to…” or… “Well, we have all these bird flu strains, and these fancy white suits….”

But, really folks… Really? Really?

I wonder if there’s someone sitting in a lab right now trying to figure out how to make super cancers, or… Oh, I don’t even know because the first three things that popped all in my head, I knew the answers to… Yes. Yes. Probably. Bombs. Guns. Anthrax.

Figuring out ways to better kill people.

Okay the article I’m spewing from is about censorship of science… Keeping these alterations out of the public eye.

Um, no duh.

Two things…

In High School, my best friend and I not only made distilled alcohol in his parent’s house, which we drank and I got so sick I literally couldn’t eat for two days, and stopped drinking for two years… But we also made gun powder. Yeah… Gunpowder. Not for any terrorist reason… Just because we wanted to see if we could. Actually we quite uneventfully, just lit it, and watched it flare up.

We were two high school kids with an idea, and a book or two. We were going to make rubber, but one step required all sorts of HazMat stuff (or so I remember) and so we scrapped that… And don’t ask me why my friend wanted to make rubber, cause I don’t know.

The second thing that comes to mind whenever I hear of humans trying to improve upon, or mucking around with nature is… And if you’re from the North East, you may be able to relate to these…

Gypsy Moths.

Read this… Straight from Wikipedia

“The gypsy moth was introduced into the United States in 1868 by a French scientist, Leopold Trouvelot, living in Medford, Massachusetts. The native silk spinning caterpillars were proving to be susceptible to disease so Trouvelot brought over gypsy moth eggs to try to make a caterpillar hybrid, that could resist diseases. When some of the moths escaped from his lab, they found suitable habitat and started to multiply. The gypsy moth is now one of the most destructive pests of hardwood trees in the eastern United States; it and other foliage-eating pests cause an estimated $868 million in annual damages in the U.S.[1]”

If I had a time machine, one thing I would do is go back to 1868 and punch that stupid idiot in the head, and maybe throw him off a cliff. WTG (way to go) douche bag… A bug that has no predators, that just destroys and multiplies. Nice legacy you left us.

Anyway, smart people in lab coats, maybe I’m over simplifying this, but… Cure something. Fix something. I’m sure Leo was only trying to improve upon something and trying to build a better mouse trap for cheaper… but really?

Don’t make me put you on my time machine list… There’s already a plethora of people I have to punch in the face, and throw off of high structures or scenic views.

People will mimic, copy, use for horrific purposes… And if “Jurassic Park” and “Titanic” taught me anything it’s, nothing is truly fail-safe…

-Quiche Out

And I’m not kidding about the time machine and the list… I might even bring a bat.

Any suggestions of who to add…
Here I’ll start the list for you (mine goes on and on)…

Jim Jones.
Jeffery Dahmer.
Leopold Trouvelot.


Y – Done

Tom & friends give a tour of the Hollywood Y

Last year I came up with an idea to help me, and others, raise funds for some of the wonderful social programs the YMCA of Hollywood does for the community.

The idea was a simple one: Shoot and edit a video highlighting the Y and the programs. Easy right?

I got permission from management to do it, but I honestly never could make myself happy with the pre-production stuff. Some how it just never worked out in my mind, there was always something that wasn’t working. Either it wasn’t funny, or it wasn’t entertaining, or it was too complicated, or it wasn’t the right time of year, or I didn’t know who to get involved, or I didn’t have help…

Well, the year came and went, as they often do, and once again, for yet another year I fund raised the old school way, through emails, phone calls, and hard copy letters. I was successful in raising funds, but I had no video to show people, and no video to expand my donor base.

And let me just put it out there that I do this strictly as a volunteer, because of my beliefs in the programs the fund-raising drive supports. The only thing I’ve ever received from raising monies is a “thank you” sweatshirt or gym bag.

Anyway, this year, I was again stuck in a pre-production negative mind spin, until… I just decided to pick a date to shoot something… Anything… I figured it was better to do something wrong, or poorly, then nothing at all. And once something has been started it’s better to fix it, or learn from it, then always wonder if it would have worked.

Once again I got permission from management, and this time I got two friends (volunteer fund raisers) to commit to a date, and commit to help… And during the week before the Sunday night we were going to shoot, I finalized a concept on how the video could be entertaining, or at least plausible.

Sunday night, as we were walking through the YMCA with camera equipment, a half-hour before it closed for the night, discussing what we’d shoot… A guy, someone two of us knew, joked about being ready for his interview… Well, we quickly decided to ask him if he’d like to join us in what we were about to do.

The result was four of us running around the Hollywood YMCA highlighting the facility and more importantly some of the amazing social programs that all of us raise monies for.

I spent two or three days editing the footage together, and I’m happy to say, I believe it came out pretty good for a ragtag group of people running around, taking turns holding the camera or the sound recording equipment…

Even though the fund raising campaign has already started for the Y (starts earlier every year), I’m not planning on starting my fundraising till 2012 (Jan/Feb)… Nor will I promoting the video very loudly till then… But I did want the video done before I took my Christmas break, and before the turn of the new year.

And for you, here, I will post the link early.

There’s a lesson in this I suppose…
But can anyone think of any lesson other than, “Just do it”?

– Quiche Out

A baby, a dog, & a cell phone

I know there’s a joke in here some where, however, on my way to grab my morning coffee and breakfast, I stopped my truck to let a woman cross the street…

In one of her hands, a gentle older Chocolate Labrador Retriever, on a leash… in her other hand, up to her ear, was of course her cell phone, that she was talking into…  and in the nook of her other arm, an infant all wrapped up in blankets… Mind you, all while walking through my neighborhood, and as she was about to cross a street…

Gosh, I know everyone is so busy. I know that moms are people too. I know dogs need to be walked. And I have no idea of the circumstances…

Maybe her dog was about to poop in the house, her baby couldn’t be left alone, her partner was out putting out a fire downtown and saving lives, and her doctor finally called back with important news on how to diffuse a ticking bomb that was set to go off in minutes, in a local daycare facility… I don’t know.

Honestly, I did laugh a little, when she waved me to go, and NOT WAIT for her to cross the street. Wow. But all I drove away thinking was… “Put the cell phone down. Back away from the cell phone.”

– Quiche Out