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Month: December 2011

Want Job Security (don’t be a robot)

On a train out of Manhattan today it hit me… The only way to have any actual job security in today’s world is to not be a robot or a computer. That is to say, if they, corporate America, can replace you with a robot or a computer they will, eventually. I have to believe that goes for every job there is. No matter what job… And it’s up to you, me, us to show each other the value of a human over a computer or robot. Maybe it’s also up to us… Read more Want Job Security (don’t be a robot)

When did Santa Claus become a target?

Going back home means family, friends, food and TV… And now I am craving less food, more workouts, and less horrific programming. There are some amazing scripted shows on cable these days… but I was shocked by the amount of reality shows and the mean spirited people most of them feature… Insulting and argumentive… People behaving poorly. Like junk food for eyes and brains. But I guess the biggest question I have is: When did Santa Claus become a bad guy? When did he become someone mothers look to upstage… Read more When did Santa Claus become a target?

What is Wrong with You

Hey you. Yeah, you. What the hell is wrong with you? Okay, maybe not you, but the person next to you. Yeah them. Or the person next to them… What the hell man? Tonight I read an article that some scientist who were researching the bird flu, didn’t figure out how to make it obsolete… No, they figured out how to alter it to make it much nastier and more dangerous, and then wanted to publish the findings… WTF?!!! Okay, yes, I’m sure that there is a good reason… Read more What is Wrong with You

A baby, a dog, & a cell phone

I know there’s a joke in here some where, however, on my way to grab my morning coffee and breakfast, I stopped my truck to let a woman cross the street… In one of her hands, a gentle older Chocolate Labrador Retriever, on a leash… in her other hand, up to her ear, was of course her cell phone, that she was talking into…  and in the nook of her other arm, an infant all wrapped up in blankets… Mind you, all while walking through my neighborhood, and as she… Read more A baby, a dog, & a cell phone