Hello Puerto Rico. Waz up Israel? Say hey, Senegal.


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I just took a look at stats for this page…

Yesterday, surprisingly, I had more readers in Canada than in the US (Oh Canada Thank You!)…

And today, Puerto Rico and Israel jumped way up…

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Now, that’s pretty cool…

And for the past 30 days Senegal is 4th on the list, trailing Germany by one view, but yet leading the UK, Greece, Brazil, and Australia


I guess, like a hamburger joint in Hollywood or pizza parlor in NYC, I could now justify hanging a sign over this page that reads, “World Famous.”

Thank you ALL for the interest, and for sharing me with your friends around the world.

– Quiche Out

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Now Online (2 more songs)

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Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy Medley – Also starring, the incredibly talented, Todd Sherry.

Todd is the person who dragged me to my first open mic (The Vermont), and pushed me on stage at my second (because I didn’t bring my sheet music on purpose the first time.) A little trivia, Ron Snyder on the piano is who played at that very open mic, and “Ol’ Man River” was the song I sang.

This video has been published at http://youtu.be/lbX1zqXWTfM

The recording had some sound issues, which is why I kept it offline this long… However, I’ve done my best to compensate for them.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 2.17.08 PM

“I Feel Pretty/Touch-a Touch-a…” – Parody

Probably very weird out of context, and even more odd, by the glitches inside… Producer “suggested” changes in tempo just before the show, after I rehearsed it at another speed… Plus, this was the first and only time I sang the song in public. But for the time being I’m offering it to your eyeballs…

This video has been published at http://youtu.be/k_reDYgP9p4

Like I said, there are a few glitches in this one, which is why I kept this offline for so long.

– Quiche Out



Hot Chick Squealin’…

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My friend Nicole just wrote me, to say that she spotted the DXL spot I’m in, on ESPN, and apparently squealed and giggled when she saw it…

“I totally squealed out a loud giggle and alarmed everyone at the sports bar when you winked at the camera.”

So, that’s running… May it run long and frequently (and not just on cable)… Feel free to let DXL know what you think about, maybe it leads to some print work.

It was a fun day with really great people…

– Quiche Out

Thanks for the squeal out KNC!

LINK: http://youtu.be/Uq4E1F9wR9A



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I’ve been waiting… Maybe you’ve been waiting…

(Though I posted on FB, Instagram and Twitter, I know many of you subscribe directly to this blog, and aren’t on those sites…)

May 3rd is the WEB PREMIERE of TSA AMERICA directed by Misha Collins and starting a whole bunch of funny muthers…

Go to http://www.tsaamericaregister.com/ and get YOUR invite to the WEB CAST this Saturday May 3rd.

– Quiche Out

Two Thank You Notes & a T-shirt.

ThankYouNotes April 2014

Honestly, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with my life right now, or what I want to be when I grow up… Those who “follow” my career know that the cards haven’t been falling in my favor with theatrical (TV and Film) work as of late… And though it’s easier to blame others, I have to take full responsibility.

So, when I was asked to help out with a few things this weekend… To help others with their pursuit of “dreams,” I had a hard time saying “no.”

I didn’t run the ideas up flag poles, ask my agents or manager, I didn’t consider ramifications, my career, what I might be giving up, or even take a public opinion poll…. I just said “Yes.”


I don’t know if my drive to UCSB, and time on a Sunday, was truly appreciated by any of the students who asked questions, or if any of the answers I gave were truly valued by the people asking… AND it’s not really for me to say. BUT I will tell you that the reason I was asked up there to speak, was that the senior organizing the event, remembered me from speaking at UCSB 4 years ago, when she was a freshman… And on Sunday, before we started, she told me that a piece of advice I gave, at that point, had helped her focus her future career goals over the past three years.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.28.47 AM

And on Friday and Saturday night, while it was an ego challenge to play a tiny cameo, in a tiny basement theater in Silverlake… basically sitting in the audience for an entire show, not smiling or enjoying myself, not recognizing friends… Playing a character in order to support others on stage who were being talented, funny and the “stars”… On the second night, I got two surprises while exiting…

The first one was as I was actually being highly praised by a woman from Orange County, that I didn’t know (“How did you not crack a smile the whole time? You’re amazing!”)… Her friend, stunned me, when he ineffectively whispered to her, how he has heard me sing a few times at different venues in Los Angeles, and how, “great” a singer I was… And how she had to hear me sing live.

It was sort of  like a sketch and slightly comical when she then turned to me and said, “I hear you’re a great singer too.”

The second surprise happened when I sat down at the bar… When the bartender delivered my drink, he disclosed that he had really enjoyed my work in a stage show years ago… And when he told me the title of the show… I was again floored. That show was over 10 years ago!

So… While thank you notes and T-Shirts don’t pay rent, don’t go towards pensions, buy fancy cars, get highlighted on tabloid TV shows, don’t get talked about in deal making lunches, make you a “name” and help you book a series regular role or feature film… Doing things that aren’t “career moves,” “don’t add up,” “make sense to do,” or “make you a star…” Well… They do have value.

– Quiche Out

PS. The weekend’s experience, led me to saying “Yes,” to something next weekend… Just ’cause you never really know what happens when you do say, “Yes.”

PSS. The show was very funny on Friday & Saturday and I recommend it if they ever do it again, and the students at UCSB on Sunday were all very sweet, and I wish them all a ton of good fortune.








With Glitch And All

On My Own stillBecause I was reminded I had sung THIS LIVE and on stage, and then realized that I never uploaded the taped version from this past summer…

Saturday, I finally put it online.

Initially I felt that a tiny error was enough to keep it out of public view… But… Que Sera, Sera. Life is about glitches, right…?

Hope you enjoy it.

Big thanks to the Cast and Crew of Twisted Misters & Sisters…

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcQl6ffakhs&list=UUdl2__u0Re1uqYRreJHpc4g&feature=share

– Quiche Out