3 Weeks Later (walking & with a new closet song)

Good news is that my recovery is on schedule. Even with the late start because of the days in the ICU. If you didn’t see the blog post two weeks ago which mentioned my hip replacement surgery and the unfortunate visit to the ICU and a date with a ventilator, you can read about it here…


I used a walker from the time I left the ICU till the staples came out, 10 days later. Then a cane was needed for about 10 days. Then a day short of three weeks after surgery, I was walking without a cane or walker. Though I still use a cane when I get tired, longer walks or over uneven ground.

My lungs are bouncing back slowly as well. I’m still doing the spirometer a few times a day, and making sure to do additional exercises. Thankfully, I’ve gone from barely breathing, to singing a few songs back to back again.

My vocal power is nowhere near where it was prior surgery, but I’m hopeful it will come back, or at least come back to a point that very few will ever know it was affected.

While in the hospital I recorded one verse of BOTH SIDES NOW, promising myself I’d sing it fully when I recovered. Today I’m happy to say, I slowly ambled back into the closet, sat on a stool, and laid down a track just for you and the fun of it.

Here it is along with some of the other update videos.

Thank you for your continued interest, and for encouraging me to continue.

  • Quiche Out

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