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Month: May 2014

Wanna Play Along? (c’mon you do)

Interesting meetings coming up… Interesting questions being asked… As always I’ll tell you more when I’m able to tell you more… But for now, if you want to play along… I’m going to ask a series of questions… And I’d love your answers and thoughts… Longer answers can be put in the comment section below. – Quiche Out (CHOOSE as many from each as you feel apply)

Your Name Here?

[No picture ] Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting a good portion of my life, and have to much free time… Then I go into a public restroom where some mental-midget has carved their name into the toilet seat. And others of less intellect and creativity considered this a good usage of time and followed suit. It’s at points like this I realize how good my life must be… So smile! Though you may not be where you want to be, or you’re stuck in a job you don’t like,… Read more Your Name Here?


Okay, I didn’t watch this particular video the first five times I recently saw it posted on social media, but I just did… And after watching a particular documentary, two days ago, about other ways were killing our own ecosystems, poisoning water with “our” pursuit for fossil fuel… This video actually gives me hope that perhaps there will be a BRIGHTER and CLEANER future. I don’t have any vested interest in this particular company, but wish that all corporations, governments, humankind, and VOTERS would make cleaner choices. There is only… Read more A BRIGHTER FUTURE POSSIBLE?

Gordon Willis Anecdote

— Upon reading about Gordon Willis death, I posted the following on Facebook this morning. Posted here for those of you that are on there. LINK:   “I met him in NYC, one of my very few gigs as a stand in. Over the course of my time on set, he dropped a bunch of gems I learned from… I believe I even picked up a book where he discussed lighting soon after… However, my favorite quote of the day was… As I was in some sort of odd… Read more Gordon Willis Anecdote