Love A Good Hike

Perfect SoCali winter day to go hiking on the Westside. Starting out of Circle X Ranch, we hiked the Mishe Mokwa Trail, passed Balanced Rock, went through Spilt Rock, climbed to Inspiration Point, and then scrambled up to Sandstone Peak, three thousand one hundred and eleven feet above sea level, the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains (Mt. Allen).

Overcast and comfortable all day, with slight breezes, it was a real treat. Plants were green, soil darkened with moisture, there were several run off creeks, and we even were given the gift of watching a peaceful little bunny rabbit grazing.

Please do yourself a favor, go hiking in nature once in a while. Recharge yourself, and always vote for state and federal representives who believe in clean air, clean water, protected lands for wildlife to live within, and the public to enjoy.

– Quiche Out

PS. I think I also thought of a new way to promote the Park Ranger Park novel I just released… Instead of just going with all the spooky “Something” stuff, I may just add in, “Park Ranger Park Tips.”


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