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ED books

Park Ranger Park is a fantasy fiction, which layers other dramatic and comedic elements (including science fiction & action) to keep readers entertained for hours and the story rocketing forward. 400+ pages of pure delight. Order your copy or read the incredible insightful positive reviews posted on Amazon, or check out more information at

Sympathy For The Devil is a twisted genre fiction, which starts off as detective noir, then layers in pop culture, voodoo, and the supernatural. The novel has received amazingly positive feedback & reviews. Available thru Amazon, either paperback or Kindle… It’s a quick “airplane” or “beach” book. Suspense, comedy, drama, supernatural… Read more about it: HERE.

And I’d Like To Thank honestly, readers seem to really enjoy it or really hate it, a tale of showbiz celebrity, told in an odd way. But for less than a buck, it’s available on Kindle only. Read more about it: HERE.

If you want to add a different spin to your reading, check out Tom’s FREE blog (on this site), or his two books available for purchase through Amazon.



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