Another Reason To Wear A Mask

Newest Closet Singer is up. Thanks to Mac Davis for the song, Joel Baker for the piano track, and Ray F. for the pornstar name 20+ years ago…

Watch and hear yet another positive to wearing a mask… and my secret pornstar name.

* Quiche Out

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  1. Hi Tom, I had a hard time falling asleep, so I got up and ordered a couple things from Amazon and checked in on your blog. I enjoyed the new Closet Singer. It was good seeing you and I liked the Harmony of the three of you. Hopefully I can get back to sleep soon. I actually got up to throw some cookies away. I received a big tin of cookies for my grab bag gift for Christmas and they have been haunting me.
    Have to watch my sugar and they were so tempting, so mission accomplished, they will not be tempting me anymore. The plow just came down our street. First real snow of the new year.


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