Open Mic Performance – July 29th 2012

Last night was the 1st time I’ve ever sung with Los Angeles popular piano legend Bryan Miller… No rehearsal, just hopped on the stage for an open mic performance at the Lyric Hyperion Theater.  Thought you might wanna see and hear on this Monday morning.

Shhh Don’t Tell Anyone…

A few weeks ago I started helping my friends TJ and Natalie directly promote their Warrior Showdown series through Facebook. The two of them are in the weeds with all sorts of things, and getting all the fights edited and up is no small task… AND since I’m on Facebook often doing my own PR, I figured I could temporarily help them with their page as well, and it wouldn’t be a much of a bother… Secretly knowing that like many of my friends, their success is my success.

Anyway, here’s a little odd promotion I wrote up this morning… Which struck me as funny, and others might want to see who aren’t on Facebook or haven’t yet “liked” that particular page.  If you haven’t “liked” the Warrior Showdown Page yet, feel free to “like” it now.  And if you still haven’t seen the Gladiator vs Geisha fight… Click here! And remember if it’s loading too slowly switch to 480p.

That’s it, I realize only the most informed on the series will find the posting all that humorous, but… Maybe you’re one of those people that are a Fan or a Super Fan.

– Quiche Out

Trail Canyon Falls – July 28th 2012

Today I went hiking with my good friend Lang Parker…  Always a good thing to get out and go, but when I get to go with a friend, it’s even sweeter. Conversation, jokes and more miles under my boots.

Surprisingly for the entire length of the trail we didn’t encounter anyone until we got back to my truck in the parking lot.

Loads of sun, as the fires took away many of the trees, but even without many trees, the colors were amazing, and there’s not a lot better than the sounds and sights of nature. So many great pictures, but I’m only going to post a few here for ya.

– Quiche Out

Chantry Flats/Sturtevant Falls – Hike July 24, 2012

I had a slow day yesterday and an even slower one planned today, so once 10AM rolled around I had checked in with my agents, checked all my messages, and being all clear I decided to take a hike in the woods…

Because of the sheer number of people I passed on the trail, the number of cars in the lot, and a very low water level, I decided not to hike to the bottom of the falls today where most people go, but instead did the hike above the falls (lower trail to upper trail loop)…

According to a couple I passed on the way in, and then again on the way out, at the lower falls I missed a lot of people, and a lot of trash that people carelessly left behind.

Let me make a statement here: The trails are as much yours as mine, and theirs as much as ours… But I have come to decide that “people who leave trash, are trash…”  And I applaud anyone who not only picks up their own trash, but picks up even some that doesn’t belong to them… I’m sure anyone that reads me, belongs to the group I applaud.

– Quiche Out

A Warrior THANKS YOU, Truly

Still image pulled from BEHIND THE BLOOD featurette, available at

I’ve been delaying saying THANK YOU on purpose, as I didn’t want to give anything away… But as the Gladiator vs Geisha Assassin fight has been up for about a week now, and many have already seen it, I wanted to make a special post just to say thank you for voting.

Regardless of the outcome, your votes were counted and it was extremely close. THANK YOU.

Still image from BEHIND THE BLOOD, FIGHT #3! A twenty-eight minute featurette only available through

Linked to the image at the bottom is a 30 second VOTING RESULTS VIDEO of the fight, just for fun… All that video does is tell you who won… Well, and it has a little something else in it, that TJ sent me… But it’s a complete spoiler!

If I were you, I’d watch the FULL FREE FIGHT FIRST. The come back and watch these videos.

Still image from BEHIND THE BLOOD, FIGHT #3! A twenty-eight minute featurette only available through

Again the winning fights are FREE to watch, however the bonus content costs $2. Those purchases are how the producers planned on paying for all of this.

Still image from BEHIND THE BLOOD, FIGHT #3! A twenty-eight minute featurette only available through

Below the bottom image is an embedded video… A 35 second DEMO Video, showing some fight highlights, for my agents to use to hopefully help me land some future TV and Film work.  That contains spoilers too.

THANK YOU AGAIN for voting!

– Quiche Out

WARNING: The Result Video Below Contains Spoilers! As does the DEMO Video.


Click on this image to watch RESULTS VIDEO for Fight #3.

New Card