Self-Isolation, But The Beat Goes On

I don’t know about you, but all my coping mechanisms and activities are on hold these days either because of COVID or because of my recent hip surgery: working out, hanging out, going out, working, auditioning, classes, singing in public, hiking….so it’s been a challenge to blow off steam lately.

I’ve been slowly reworking an old script to keep me active, and recording in the closet occasionally just to keep myself semi-sane and creative.

I’ll put the links to a few of those videos below. They are all very different from each other, and I hope they cheer you or cheer the people you pass them on to.

  • Quiche Out
This is the song I sang in the hospital, regretting I hadn’t sung more songs, and that I had never sung this song in public or on the internet.
I find it very challenging these days, and constantly have to remind myself to appreciate life, be grateful, and look to be of service to others. It’s important that we care for one another and check in from time to time.
This Closet Singer song features a collaboration with Just Fight Studios, as they gave me usage rights to one of their fun fight videos (see more of their fights with the link below). I honestly couldn’t figure out how to do the song that hadn’t been done already… and since the person who requested the song, is involved with these cartoon fights, it struck me as kinda quirky to combine them, and it makes me smile every single time I watch it. As my friend wrote… “That video disturbingly matches the lyrics. I finally get 100% of your vision. I can see why the ‘average’ person wouldn’t understand it but when you look at it through dark comedic goggles, it adds a whole new meaning.”

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