Do it! – Take it! – Do it!

Every two years or so I take a free and simple, political compass test to see where I line up… While I have remained in the same quadrant I’ve been in since I first took the test, for the first time I’ve actually lined up LEFT of Gandhi, Nelson Mendela, and the Dalai Lama…!

Typically, all the other times I’ve taken it, I’ve lined up almost exactly on Gandhi, which is really odd because, as I’ve also blogged about in the past, he and I share the same birthday. Maybe my shift left is because I made an attempt to answer more boldly this time to see if I could indeed shift what has been a very consistent mark. And don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’m not a communist. I’m just a free thinking left leaning Libertarian

As my friend recommended to me years ago, I too really think it’s a good thing for people to take the test, for a few reasons….

You can’t fail, so go ahead and take it…

I find it more than a little distressing how they lined Obama and Romney as almost identical… Theorizing we’re closer than ever to a one party system.  And even more curious how they lined Ron Paul up (bottom right quadrant), as I was just saying to someone yesterday how frustrating it was that NO ONE in the “debates” really ever has debated Ron Paul’s ideas. They had no problem shooting down Hermann Cain’s nutty “999,” but mummm on Ron Paul’s thoughts.

– Quiche Out

Sympathy4theDevil Postcard Update 01

Putting Yourself Out There – It Won’t Be All Praise That You Get Back

– This first appeared as a social media status update, but it ended up so long, that it became apparent that I had written a blog.


This morning I woke to find that someone wrote a comment under a YouTube video of mine saying that I should loose 100 pounds… 100 pounds! Wow.

My first thought was, “And then what?”

Second was, “Umm, dude, you don’t know me.”
Third was something about being injured and spending a ton of time writing a book lately. 
Fourth had something to do with John Candy.
Fifth was like “Um look at the gladiator vs geisha video that just got released dude…”
Sixth was like, “I’d look like a prisoner of war.”
Seventh was some series of swear words.
Then there were about a dozen more reactions…

After a breath I wrote something else back…

You can read it in the comment section under the video I suppose. 

In the guy’s defense I do look the size of a house in the video, and the comment does not seem to be mean spirited.  It was an interesting comment to wake up to.

It’s an interesting life to put yourself out to the world creatively over and over and over… In 20 years of acting, and decades of living, this isn’t the first non-flattering comment I’ve ever received… And his comment wasn’t negative, as he was simply stating an opinion.

I’m not writing this to bash him, or defend myself. I’m writing this, and publishing this blog, because I write about all the good as well as the bad… And I will leave his comment public, because that’s where he chose to put it. If it were mean spirited I would consider removing it.

Know that if you’re considering a life in the public eye, or publish videos to the web know that it’s not all praise you get, there will be mornings that you wake up only to read something that’s not so flattering.

– Quiche Out


Why I Wrote A Book

My last draft of the cover. The newest draft is being tweaked by a pro.

My 1st Novel “Sympathy For The Devil” is getting closer and closer to being released to the world.  I am incredibly excited at all the possibilities ahead, and even though I haven’t fully sketched out exactly HOW and WHEN it will be released, I figured before I release it perhaps I should further explain to you WHY I WROTE A BOOK…

A book is a finished product of entertainment, and while several professional authors I’ve spoken with have expressed to me that a writer is NEVER actually finished with a book, it only comes to a time when you have to let it go. “You simply have to stop babying it, and let it fly on its own.”

“‘Sympathy For The Devil’ – A serious crime drama, loaded with comedic moments, peppered with pop, and topped with supernatural thrills.”

In an effort to get YOU more excited about reading it when it is made available, I’m sharing some quotes from some of my test readers… Because in order for the book to be successful, I’ll need people to get excited about reading it, and then behind it.

This book becomes a product that the world can read and experience… Something that I don’t have to wait for Hollywood to read, green-light or make, something I don’t have to worry about getting into film festivals… Something I don’t have to worry about raising ten million dollars for.

As many of you know I’ve written many plays and screenplays, and while I’ve been complimented on many of them, by many people, and while I’ve earned some money optioning some of them, and had many performed on stages around the USA… None of my scripts or theatrical pieces have been “fully” realized… As even the stories of mine that have been made, have been pieced together with incredibly low budgets.

This book will be a “completed” product, and while there may be revisions down the road, edits or additions, and I’m sure many readers will say “this book would make a GREAT movie…” the important thing is that you will be reading the completed, full story with your own imagination creating the huge 3D special effects, casting your favorite stars in the roles, and supplying the mental popcorn!

“A fun, well plotted story… I enjoyed it a lot… You should be proud of your effort – it’s a doozie.”
– Amanda Glenn, Novelist

With enough of you reading the story and suggesting the book to your friends… And your friends telling their friends… Hopefully this book creates a buzz that brings more and more busy bees to it.

“Dramatic, funny, dark, light, supernatural… I loved it… So, unpredictable and fun.”
– Feona King, Actress/Editor

The success of this book will not be the only thing that determines my future, but if this book really takes off, I would imagine more books will follow, and if it REALLY REALLY takes off, I’m sure films will be made from some of them.

“Wish I had a big old beach chair to stretch out in and while away the afternoon as I read it — Suspenseful, sexy, funny, nice commentary on today’s culture, tremendous variety and far-reaching story, quick, compelling, engrossing, lots of twists and turns — Fun summer reading!!!”
– Sasha Carrera, Actress/Writer

This book was designed to be an enjoyable, fun “beach” or “airplane” book, and easy page turner loaded with both suspense and humor, and a message inside which I believe in deeply. Above all, it was written to fully entertain, as readers eagerly travel from page to page.

“(while reading I was) told to keep the guffawing down to a minimum… I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked the book. Seriously, really!”
– Jack Kusler, Publisher

Right now the book is being typeset, and “finalized.”

I can’t wait for you to see and read it!  And again know that when this sucker is made available, its level of success will be in part determined by YOU.

Let me say one last thing: I have no idea why, but when I saw the first page today, sent from Jack Kusler who is the professional typesetting it, my skin felt electric as a charge of energy ripped through me…

Keep your eyes open yo, this book is coming!

– Quiche Out

If you want to be one of the first to order and read it… Make sure to subscribe to this blog and the Email Mail Chimp newsletter, as I’m sure it’ll be easy enough to miss the announcements on Facebook & Twitter.

Congratz to 68 Countries!

I think it’s awesome that the USA had so many athletes do so well this year, and I was amazed how many events I watched on the TV, and how involved I got. While there are many events I just don’t understand… there’s no question the Olympics are pretty special.

Today I was struck by something else… The list of countries that only won 1 medal… And while so many are touting National Pride, I also felt some sort of pride for these countries as well.  I find it really awesome to see that 68 countries won at least one medal.

I left the credits on the image below, and will link you to where I found this chart…  I really just wanted to publicly give it up for these countries for participating as well. I think it all adds to how brilliant the Olympics are.

– Quiche Out

Closet Singer coming to Perth and Melbourne

So, there is a distinct possibility that the short, award winning film, Closet Singer episode “Monster’s Lament” will be screening in both Perth and Melbourne as part of a program actively being put together for a Halloween event this October.  Cool eh?

For full cast and crew credits of Monster’s Lament: CLICK HERE.

Nothing is in stone yet, but this past week a producer of the event contacted us and asked for permission to screen the original monstrous eight minute musical, and well, why wouldn’t we say “YES”… It’s always good to be seen, and we do have loads of Aussie friends of the Closet Singer series!

While ML has been online for a while now, it is always fascinating to experience it on a big screen and always amusing to be among an audience, verses watching it on a computer screen in your office alone. Especially when they have no idea what to expect!

From what we’re told, audiences may be able to see it at both the North bridge Piazza in Perth, and it’s partner screen in Melbourne at Federation Square. As we learn more, and it becomes more of a reality, we’ll let you know!  But it’s an honor to be asked!

– Quiche Out