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Month: August 2012

Do it! – Take it! – Do it!

Every two years or so I take a free and simple, political compass test to see where I line up… While I have remained in the same quadrant I’ve been in since I first took the test, for the first time I’ve actually lined up LEFT of Gandhi, Nelson Mendela, and the Dalai Lama…! Typically, all the other times I’ve taken it, I’ve lined up almost exactly on Gandhi, which is really odd because, as I’ve also blogged about in the past, he and I share the same birthday. Maybe my shift… Read more Do it! – Take it! – Do it!

“School & Board” Premiere

Well, we just got word there’s a premiere party scheduled (Wednesday, August 15th). Yes, I believe it’s open to the public. Yes, I also believe that many of the cast and crew will be there. But, but, but… the best part about it is THAT MEANS IT’S DONE AND BEING RELEASED!!! Here’s the Facebook page for the Los Angeles premiere party at El Cid… However,  if seeing it with the cast, producers, director and crew at some festival bar thingy along with some other web series doesn’t interest you…… Read more “School & Board” Premiere