Errors? No Problem

Tonight a friend texted me and asked if I would want to know if she discovered any errors while reading my newest book.

“Of course,” I responded.

These things are like paintings with words… ask most artists and they will tell you they could work on one painting for the rest of their lives… changing and fixing. All artists have expressed to me that at some point you have to let the art go  live in the world, with warts and all.

One reason I use create space is that it’s a print by demand system… So, if there are any errors found later, they can possibly be fixed before later books are ordered… Kindle  can be re-uploaded too. No changes are immediate, but certainly minor changes can be made.

So, if you get a book, and you catch sight of a possible error, please feel free to let me know about it with a direct message, text or email. If you happen to soften it with a little positive feedback it will be easier to receive, but that’s not necessary. I’m far from perfect… and with over 120,000 words, my eyes and my readers eyes may have missed one or two things.

If you catch a possible error while reading something I wrote, best way to inform me is, page number (in paperback), chapter in Kindle… how the paragraph starts, and what you believe the error might be.


– Quiche Out

PS. If you purchased an early paperback that has an error in it, and some day book sales of mine TAKE OFF after any glitches are fixed… you might have just have purchased yourself a collector’s item.


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