Getting ready to start back up…

Yes, we’re back from Alaska, and no, we’re not done shooting yet. After a few days off we’re picking back up and shooting in Los Angeles this coming week. Can’t say who they’ve landed as the grandfather or the sheriff yet, but if it’s the actors they’ve hinted at, all of us in the cast will be happy with their audience drawing power attached to the project.

Below are a few more pictures, taken by Darin Heames, my partner in crime in the film… The two of us play henchmen, Bob and Zeke, the movie is currently titled White Fang, loosely based on Jack London’s White Fang.

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Previously posted shots can be seen here:

Cast-Mates Want Me To Go Back In The Closet

On my Alaska shoot, during some down time, various members of the cast & crew watched a few Closet Singer videos… Publicly they declared it hilarious, and that I should jump back into the closet and start the series back up after this long hiatus away from it. They watched some of the bigger/weirder ones… “Little Red China Hood”, “Alone All By Myself”, “Pirate King Louie”, “I Am I Said”, “Sweet Transvestite”…

On the plane ride towards Alaska, I sat between a married couple that didn’t want to sit shoulder to shoulder next to each other, but after some time found themselves listening & watching the quirky “Empty Chairs Empty Tables”… Both of them wanted to know why I wasn’t singing on Broadway, and “doing more than just singing in the closet.” Being from Long Island, they had apparently seen the Broadway show Les Misérables more than a dozen times, and felt I delivered every bit as much as anyone they had heard do it previously on stage.

To go back in the closet or stay out?

poster Closet Singer 02

Each Closet Singer video took far longer than anyone would imagine (who doesn’t sing/record/edit/shoot/mix videos). While some took only a few hours, the Pirate video took weeks to figure out, create the music for, shoot and finish completely. I always found it incredibly discouraging when a person simply lip-syncing got a million times more hits from a cell phone capture, or a cat being a cat would receive more than 10 million times more hits.

I understand, happiness, learning, development, humor, artistry or creativity are not about hits, and that most of the mainstream is only able to understand one degree of creativity off of what they know, until someone they creatively trust tells them it’s okay to laugh or like it. I mean, let’s face it, if Ellen, SNL, or Fallon jumped on board, hits would be through the roof.

One of the crewmembers of the Alaska shoot clearly demonstrated this point of needing to be told whether something is funny or not when he said, “I really like it, but I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.” Apparently he was confused because he found the video he was watching absurdly funny, but also incredibly touching, and wanted me to tell him how he was supposed to react… To which my response was something like… “I don’t want to tell people how to react, that’s not really my job. I only want people to react.”

Honestly, the best thing that possibly came out of the first round of Closet Singer videos (70+ of them) was meeting many people who have stuck with me, following my career, since discovering any one of the many quirky songs online. That I had the honor of touching a few people here and there with whatever reactions they had. Making Closet Singer videos was also an amazing learning experience with regard to production, recording, microphone technique, set dressing, costuming, concept conception, lyric interpretation, story telling, green screen, lighting, song set up, direct communication with a video audience, pushing public and personal boundaries… And while recording in a closet doesn’t have the instant gratification or energy of performing live, or the feeling of camaraderie or constant discovery while working live with other musicians, it also didn’t come with the constant responsibility of getting people to leave their comfortable couches to put their needed butts in cabaret seats to cover certain costs…

ClosetSinger Song List

Link to YouTube Closet Singer Playlist:

So, while I don’t know if I’ll jump in that tiny walk-in again, under the same scenario, doing nearly everything myself, investing hours upon hours, using my own funds, blindly releasing videos to anyone who may stumble upon them until YouTube tells me to take them offline, without much possibly of monetization… I am certainly continuing to entertain the thought of it…

What are your thoughts?

BTW… If you have ever been even the smallest of champions of my career or the web series, thank you very much for recommending, posting or sharing the videos with your networks of friends.

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For links to all the recorded songs…

I Am I Said:

Little Red China Hood:

Empty Chairs At Empty Tables:

Pirate King Louie:

Alone/All By Myself:

Sweet Transvestite:

Closet Singer Bio

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Back From Alaska but not done shooting WHITE FANG

Well, Alaska was a blast… what a brilliant life experience that created new friendships, bonds, & memories. We still have a lot more to shoot with the movie, and then I’m sure it will be in post production for some time, but… It was really an awesome thing to say YES to.

The cast list is not complete, as some deals are still in play, but at this point I’m allowed to mention the following cast members… Kenton Duty, Amanda Leighton, Jack Campbell, Darin Heames and myself, Tom Kiesche. Feel free to look all of them up on IMDB.

Dan Garcia is the director of the project I can honestly say that the cast is terrifically pleased with the footage we’ve seen, shoot by Seth Wessel-Estes (the DP), David Coone (B-cam op), and Andrew Kamen (1st AC).

A few of the many pictures I took are posted below… Others may be posted later, but for now I will catch up on some sleep, get rid of a head cold I brought back with me, and get ready for yet another week of shooting… WHITE FANG. Hopefully by this time next week I will be able to announce even more details and maybe even a HUGE SURPRISE.

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Power Screw – Watch Now or Never (possibly)

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.56.37 AM

Talk about a power screw… I never thought that I’d post about this video again… BUT, I just got notice from YouTube that the Burning Man video I posted 4 YEARS ago, that’s nearing 1 million hits, may get taken down in the next 48 hours, because of “someone’s” “privacy” complaint.

With few details other than that, it’s impossible to make any alterations.

So, if YouTube decides to pull it, it may go off line forever.

It could be the festival, it could be an artist, it could be music, it could be someone in the video, someone that wishes they were in the video, or someone who watched the video, it could be anyone, or anything… Because YouTube didn’t provide any information at all with what or who feels their privacy was in some manner “violated.”

So if you haven’t seen it yet… And would ever want to… The next few hours may be the only remaining chance to see it… I guess we will find out together.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.05.00 AM

And the next time is… Monday, October 5th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.23.04 AM

You and your friends are invited to drink, eat, and be merry, as you listen, watch, and maybe even sing, dance or kazoo along with Deirdre MoncyRoger Aldi & Tom Kiesche. That’s right, the three librans, are getting together once again, playing a wide mix of songs; some like you’ve heard before, some like you haven’t.


Current details:  

Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe

2106 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Monday, October 5th, 2015
Theatre doors open at 7:30PM (Open seating).
The cafe open all day for beverages and food.
Music starts at 8PM

More details to follow. 

Subscribe to this blog, like Facebook pages, follow on social media, and click “going,” on the FB invite, to keep up with all possible changes.


We hope to have an open door policy, come and go whenever, buy drinks or snacks, and we only make one request, that you don’t use cell phones or text during the performance.

*No outside food or drink.
*Performance may be recorded.

– Quiche Out

Couple Of Goods To Share

Happy to let you all know of a few things going on… Thank you for your interest. Please like, share, subscribe… Stay in the loop!

logo-1My long time script collaborator Paul and I have officially signed with Loeb & Loeb, a big entertainment law firm, and we’re in the process of getting one of our favorite family feature comedies to production companies. It’s a really great feeling to submit scripts with a law partner’s name and their prestigious law firm on the cover page. This particular script is a comedy that parents could feel happy to bring their children to, and would also get my mom’s stamp of church going, grandmotherly, approval.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.54.48 AMSecond, I just received my flight itinerary for ALASKA… I’ve been cast in a significantly sized role in a modernized, new telling of the story of WHITE FANG. A feature film, based or inspired by the Jack London story (first published in the early 1900’s). And no, I will not be playing one of the wolves. There will be pictures and a few postings to come about the project. I couldn’t say YES fast enough, jumping at the opportunity to travel back to ALASKA and have new life experiences.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.09.43 PMThird, today I will be handing in a contract, securing October 5th, 2015, for a one-night special at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre (in Los Angeles). More details to come, but for now tell your pals and write down the date in your books. It’s Deirdre, Roger and I doing a fun, loose, one-hour plus, free form set of songs for enjoyment. We’re currently considering what songs we’ll be doing, but overall I’d say we do a mix of genres, covers, blends, styles, smash ups and spins. The three of us are celebrating birthdays within a week or two of the date, and my folks will be in town, so we all thought it was a brilliant excuse to have some loose musical fun.

If you haven’t seen the quickly cut, 2 minute series of clips from our last gigs… Here ya go…  It’s very probable we will do a few of these songs at the Lyric Hyperion on October 5th, as well as a few others. LINK:

Okay that’s not it, but for this posting, it is all I’ll mention…

– Quiche Out

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