Morning Thought… (New Card)


$2.99 The Value Of Art – Faulking Picasso

I‘m a bit late getting one of my nieces a graduation card this summer.  I honestly should have sent it two days ago, as her party is tomorrow… And I really would have liked to given it to her in person, but airline travel this summer is a bit pricey, and paid acting or writing gigs haven’t been answering the doorbell as of late. I keep ringing and ringing, and while I often hear them say they’re coming over and over, the doors have not been opening…

The truth is I’m on a very long and frustrating streak of “close but no cigar.”  But, this posting isn’t to bitch about my recent dry spell of paid work, and does anyone really care?

I just finished with my 2nd rewrite of my first novel… Last night. Yay! Right? That’s an accomplishment. Right? Not only finishing the first draft. Or the first rewrite. But the second rewrite!  It’s now about 73,000 sharply crafted words, or 300 riveting eight-and-half by eleven inch powerful pages… That’s something to celebrate, right? Now the question of what to do with this work of fabulous fiction, when it’s completed, is starting to creep in to conversations I have with people.

My first test reader is really digging it, and he’s 2/3 the way through. My second test reader just got the first 100 pages, with the corrections that the first test reader spotted.  Anyway, for reals, the feedback has been really great. And I might have possibly written something that people might enjoy reading. You know a good fun suspenseful beach read, or an exciting and witty airplane paperback…

So, now what? How do all these potential sun worshipers and frequent airline flyers find out about it? How do I get them to purchase it? Or open it up and start reading it?

I talked with my friend Amanda Glenn the other day, as she has recently self published several books through Amazon… For years she tried to go the old route, finding a publisher or an agent, but finally gave up on the “system” and did it herself.  She’s slowly but steadily finding an audience who enjoys her style, and making a little coin… Stress on “little.”  To get her work out there, she started by offering her E-novels at a price of 99 cents per story.  And because of her growing success, she has just recently raised the price of many of her E-books to $3.99.

The card I bought today for my niece, with four or five words on the cover and two words on the inside… It cost $2.99 and it was one of the less expensive ones. The first one I picked up had a price of $5.99 stamped on the back.

I don’t know how long it takes my friend to write one of her books, but I’ve been lead to believe that I write really fast, and yet each rewrite takes me hours and upon hours, which turn into weeks upon weeks.  And that’s long after the story had been hammered out and properly vetted.

So tonight, when I was standing in line to buy that cute, yet simple card I had a series of thoughts… Here I am, feeling like it’s going to be like trying to open a live clam soaked in olive oil with rubber gloves on, to get anyone to purchase my book for even 99 cents, and the publisher of the card has no problem putting $2.99 on the back. The store and cashier are not apologizing for the cost of the card, and I’m sure the card company itself does not at all feel bad about charging nearly 40 cents a word.

I don’t know what I’ll do with my novel yet, I’ll probably go the self-publish E-route, as I don’t know how many books I’ll be able to sell, and I’m already exhausted with the massive amount of rejections I’ve already achieved in my life. And thinking of approaching publishers and agents again, with something else… Oy Vey!  At some point I would really like to feel as if I have some element of control with something in my life… Even if that means yet another “failure.”

I really don’t know.

Why I wrote this blog tonight? I’m not sure. Why I’m home on a Friday night? I’m not sure. Why I chose to pursue careers in the creative arts? Beats the seeds off of my pickle.

I actually just went to look up a quote that I saw posted several times today on Facebook, and instead this one by Faulkner came up… Interesting.

“An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn’t know why they choose him and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.”
–  William Faulkner

Very interesting Mister Faulkner.

On Facebook, I went to one of my friend’s pages, and found the other quote posted. Apparently it’s by Pablo Picasso. This is what was written in a jpeg graphic.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
– Picasso

Maybe it’s all the rewrites as of late, but I can tell you that quote is VERY DIFFERENT from what several other sites report is the quote.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Picasso

The first one, the one I’m hoping is a misquote, depressed me a bit. Yeah, it’s a bitch living a life of an artist.  It is a problem. Art is for children who don’t have to pay rent or fill their bellies. It’s filled with loads of heartbreak, rejections, self-doubts. It’s a problem if you’re an artist in your adult life… It’s a problem!  Faulk you! Picass off!

The second quote, the one I’m hoping is the correct one, I find completely empowering… That’s right Muther-Faulkners. Keep that inner child alive!  Create create create!  Be brave! Be bold!  Be original! Tell your story!  Express yourself!  Who gives a Faulk what others say!

I’m so off topic at this point, I don’t know what my topic was…

$2.99 The Value Of Art – Faulking Picasso.

Self worth? The power of rewrites? Rent verses art? Make your own Faulking cards?  Buy my book when it comes out? How to swear without using dirty words? Whatever.

As always, with all of life, and anything I write… Draw your own conclusions.

– Quiche Out

PS. Let me just say one more thing… If you’re going to make fancy graphics using powerful quotes and put them all over the web… Take your time, and quote correctly.

Don’t be a PicAssO (got to give credit to a friend for that one.)

One or two different words, can mean something entirely different.

Thanks Mac


So, a few posts ago I mentioned that I discovered FACEBOOK, in order to save themselves from starvation, decided to start charging PAGES fees in order to reach more of our audiences… (Facebook & Five Bucks.)

Well, today my friend Mac of Karaoke with Mac n Nan, enlightened me with a potential “work around.”

This is good to know so your fans don’t miss out on your stuff, and good for me to know so my fans don’t miss out on stuff, and good for you to know so you don’t miss out on stuff that you want to see…

If you would like to see all posts of a FACEBOOK PAGE YOU ALREADY LIKED, click or hover over the “Liked” button & activate the “show in news feed” option.

This should allow you to see ALL THE STATUS POSTS that a particular page posts. And the particular page then won’t have to pay money to “reach” you. Even though you already “liked” them…

– Quiche Out


God Sends A Helicopter

How many times do you have to be hit on the head before making a change?

Even a small or temporary one? Once? Twice? Three times? Does it take days? Months? Years?

Recently I had a few experiences at my gym which made me question several things about continuing to go there, and I considered making a switch for a time…

Maybe just to mix up life a bit. Meet new people. Get new energy.

After all I’ve been going there for 15 years.

I don’t remember where I heard it recently, but someone somewhere at some-point said something like… “If you’re still doing what you did 10 years ago, question it.”

I’m not going to give a list of grievances or why I’ve ultimately decided to take a break, but will only write that I’ve had the gut feeling…

However, it wasn’t until several of the last few times I’ve gone in to the gym, and my membership card didn’t work.  Each time I went to membership, and each time I believed we resolved any and all issues. From the beginning of the latest series of miss-cues I couldn’t help but think… Okay God, Universe, Energy, Gaia, Hollywood, Good Vibrations… Is something, somebody, or someone trying to tell me something here?

When I went to the gym today, once again my membership card didn’t work at the front gate. However this time when I went into the membership office I pretty much had made my decision… I put in paperwork to take a temporary leave of absence. Which kicks in two weeks or so weeks from now.  But the decision alone felt good.

And even though I’ll probably go in and workout there a few more times before I stop going for up to three months… It felt really good to have made a decision.

Anyway, this blog isn’t about my gym, it’s about the question…

Do you believe in “signs”?
How long do you wait before acting on them?
Is there something you’re putting off right now?

I heard a joke at a Catholic Mass, while on vacation with my parents, YEARS UPON YEARS AGO…  The priest told the ditty during his homily, and it stuck in my mind since. Course that should have been a sign in itself, that one of the only things I’ve remembered from was a joke.

Here’s how a website called phrased the joke… Not nearly as funny as the priest who told it on that rainy day at the Jersey Shore… But I’m too lazy to write it out.

– Quiche Out

Greek To Me & You, ‘Cause It’s In Greek

Last week I was interviewed by a Greek Breaking Bad publication about my role as Clovis…

Click HERE to read the interview in Greek

To see the same interview in English, click HERE.

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