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Published & Available books…

Park Ranger Park is a fantasy fiction, which layers other dramatic and comedic elements (including science fiction & action) to keep readers entertained for hours and the story rocketing forward. 400+ pages of pure delight. Order your copy or read the incredible insightful positive reviews posted on Amazon, or check out more information at ParkRangerPark.comSee some of the GREAT PRESS the book has already gotten, HERE.

Sympathy For The Devil is a twisted genre fiction, which starts off as detective noir, then layers in pop culture, voodoo, and the supernatural. The novel has received amazingly positive feedback & reviews. Available thru Amazon, either paperback or Kindle… It’s a quick “airplane” or “beach” book. Suspense, comedy, drama, supernatural… Read more about it: HERE.

And I’d Like To Thank honestly, readers seem to really enjoy it or really hate it, a tale of showbiz celebrity, told in an odd way. But for less than a buck, it’s available on Kindle only. Read more about it: HERE.


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