It’s Up & It’s Good

The sign is up at The Gardenia… and for those who won’t see it, driving East to West on Santa Monica BLVD… here it is!

IMG_7001 copy-cropFe was sweet enough to come along, and helped capture this shaggy future memory too…

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Details can be found on the two images below…

NOTE: If you’re driving a distance I recommend dinner reservations, as those are the only seats that will supposedly be confirmed & held, all others are first come first seated as room allows (not our policy, it’s how the Gardenia Supper Club does it). I don’t know if there are seats/tables open for dinner, but walk-ups are welcome at The Gardenia on the night of the show, till the venue reaches it’s limited capacity.

Please pay careful attention to all street parking signs.

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GREAT resource for Musical Lovers & Cabaret Performers

A big thank you to Elliot Zwiebach, who sent me a link to an amazing resource for musical lovers, and cabaret performers… 

When I did my research for the 50s Broadway show Deirdre Moncy and I are opening, having this site would have helped GREATLY. Now, for just about any questions people have about songs or shows we cover or touch on, June 2nd at The Gardenia, I plan on pointing them to this site. 

“What year was that show on Broadway?” “Who played that role in the original cast?” “How long did it run?” “What other shows opened in that decade…?” “Are there videos of the…?”


So you know, the selection of songs we’re covering in the show on June 2nd at The Gardenia were born out of Broadway Musicals which opened during the 1950s. Some tunes most will know, a few songs some may not have ever heard, and some we may be doing a little different than people remember. We do not intend the show to be educational, or cover all of the great & amazing shows and/or songs of the 1950s, the night is just about music, fun, appreciation & pure enjoyment.

Keep in mind: The Gardenia ONLY holds and guarentees seating for DINNER reservations, walk ins/ups are welcome but are seated at the discression of The Gardenia, and are at a first come, first seated basis… with a limited capacity. To my knowledge acts do not have control over the guest list. Dinner Reservations: 323.467.7444

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Silly Saddened

It’s been quieter here, auditions have dropped down, and I’ve completed a few writing projects. Waiting for feedback on a few scripts I find myself stalling to start a new one, or revamp in an older one. I still have things I’m working on, like the duet show, music, and some class work, but the quiet echoes louder, as I don’t know which direction to whip myself in. 

Perfectly timed, a letter came a short while back from one of my young nieces. In a handwritten note she asked if I would bring a “flat” version of her around to my job, and document what we did together for a few days. It was supposed to be a week, but for whatever reason I didn’t get the package of her little flat self, till Wednesday. 

It should be noted that in the messages before the package arrived, I warned my sibling and spouse that my niece was chosing an uncle that didn’t have a “job,” an uncle that constantly attempts to find, manufacture, audition for, seek, or create, and generate “work,” and there might be far better choices for a school report, designed to enlighten.

From Wednesday afternoon till Saturday morning I brought her “flat” version with me, taking a few pictures, and creatively “documenting” our days. Possibly after I know she’s done with her report, the adventures will be posted online for anyone interested… 

Quite unbelievably, it’s been over a week since I put that “flat” version of her in the mail… and ever since I not only have felt a sense of loss, and familial connection, but also of career purpose and direction. I would have thought this silly sadness would have long passed, but perhaps writing about it this morning, and making fun of myself publicly will help.

– Quiche Out 

For the record, I’ve no idea what her teacher and schoolmates heard, or made of her crazy uncle, OR if she even turned the assignment in. 

Below are two screen-snapshots of previously posted photos. 

Instagram Post AFTER DROP OFF

Highlight Hollywood’s Update posted over weekend

If you missed it… and if you’re interested, here’s a link to the Highlight Hollywood Update that posted early Sunday morning… quotes from Deirdre, Michael & myself about the progress of rehearsals and the show.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.39.10 AM

Here’s the link to the original article Highlight Hollywood posted on May 6th.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.38.22 AM
Link to original article

NOTE: Dinner seating starts just after 7PM, the show will start at 9PM. Walk ins/ups are welcome as space permits, SEATS are only confirmed and guaranteed for dinner reservations (make reservations now!) Seating at the Gardenia is handed by the Gardenia not performers.

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Instagram Flyer



50s Postcard03
Show Postcard


Posted – Sat AM – (For Those That Missed)

Saturday morning Highlight Hollywood posted a GREAT article on the upcoming June 2nd show at The Gardenia… Where Deirdre Moncy and I will be doing songs of Broadway 1950s. A mix of songs you love, songs you might not know, and some done as you’ve never heard them done before with our own spin…

I invite you to read the full article on his site, as the screen grab below is just the beginning of the wonderful article published.


Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.38.22 AM


Know that I’m also inviting you and your friends to the event, and to visit the FACEBOOK event page, which you can pass along, and where you can be kept informed, or reminded of the event…

I’m toying with the idea of having people post pictures from the 50s… their own, their parents, iconic photos… While it’s not a 50s review show, but a show filled with music birthed on Broadway in the 50s… the research of the decade, just for my own knowledge, has been interesting.


Please note: The Gardenia’s policy is that the only way to guarantee tickets & seating is through dinner reservations. Walk ins are welcome, however, please also note the Gardenia is an intimate space, and seating is limited.


– Quiche Out

50s Postcard03



Here’s the postcard, and details for the June 2nd show at The Gardenia…

50s Postcard03


Deirdre Moncy & Tom Kiesche

Broadway 1950s, the “Golden Years.”

with Michael Collum on the baby grand piano.


Venue: The Gardenia

Address: 7066 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90038


Time: The Gardenia opens for dinner at 7PM, show time is 9PM.

Dinner reservations are recommended: 323-467-7444

(Walk ins are welcome, but the Gardenia only guarantees seats for dinner reservations)

Cost: $15.00 (+ $10 min, 2 Drink or Food)



Deirdre Moncy & Tom Kiesche bring their spin, creativity, humor, voices, and “The Golden Age” of Broadway (1950s) to the Gardenia, for one special night, with the handsome and talented, Michael Collum laying down audio delight, with the baby grand.


An entertaining blend of show tunes you know, songs you may have misplaced, few you may have never heard, and some you never heard done quite the way Deirdre & Tom will sing them. The 50s premiered some of the best shows ever written: “Sound Of Music,” “Gypsy,” “Guys & Dolls,” and many, many more…


D&T started their music collaboration way back in ‘14, and have enjoyed singing a variety of styles together, amusing audiences in venues all around SoCal.


She’s, a graduate of The Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, has been performing in clubs and festivals in Los Angeles and across The U.S.A. and Canada as a solo artist, as well as numerous collaborative projects. She co-produced and judged the 3 year run of the live hit Hollywood show ‘Cabaret Idol’, an LA Weekly’s* ‘Must See/Pick of the Weekly’. She originally hails from wickedly awesome Boston.

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He has an eclectic background of both school and training, has appeared in dozens of TV shows, commercials, plays & films… is a published novelist, poet, produced playwright, and a screenwriter. As a singer, he became internationally known through a web series of his own entitled Closet Singer. He hails, originally from Jersey, born in Hackensack, and growing up off Rt 80, exit 34B.

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