Happy Changes


Today at the gym, as I moved less weight than other more-fit people around me, my ego took yet another sharp shot to the metaphorical groin. But instead of retreating to exercises that I can excel at, or at least hold my own, I continued on my path towards what I’m aiming for, knowing that sometimes we have to take two steps back to move three steps forward. That’s right, the Bunny Hop isn’t just a song y’all, it’s a constant life lesson.

As of late I’ve made many teeny-tiny changes in my world… Some examples: My workouts, my gym, my dry cleaner, some bad food habits, the floors beneath my feet, a new acting class, a new podiatrist, what I was reading, listening to, watching, how I was spending time…

The reason: Well, over the past few months I have truly examined where I was… Who I was… How I was… All the things that were going into the definition of whom I had become at that moment in time. What was working in my pursuit of happiness? What wasn’t working…?

Basically everything fell in one of three categories…

1. Working well, or working but could use some improving/tweaking.
2. Hindering, hurting me (and/or others), depressing/bugging/nagging me, costing…
3. Or just habits that weren’t working or hindering, but I would benefit by adding variances to them.

Along with many small external changes, I’ve changed a few other things as well… My personal daily work regime, how I approach singing, and as silly as it sounds, probably things like even the number of times I smile a day…

One of the smarter small investments I made was to pay a personal trainer to walk around with me at the gym. I told him his job wasn’t to motivate me or teach me, but to give me an outside eye with a realistic assessment of my complete physical balance. The 90 minutes helped me realistically determine where I had gotten to, and once knowing where I was, I was better able to plan what I had to do to get me to where I wanted to go.

A funny thing was that some things in my life, which I had been considering changing, like my vehicle, didn’t seem nearly as important upon internal reflection… Where a new car may make me feel all great and shiny for a few weeks, it soon would be just another metal box on four wheels like the one I would have just sold. The more important changes to be made there were easily determined to be inside of me… Once I determined where the feelings of wanting a new truck/car were coming from… And what inside me was being fed by the idea of buying new transportation was… I could take those things on directly.

Is there something you’d like to change?

What is brilliant is, that if you start really small you’ll give yourself enough confidence to then make another small change, and another… And soon you’ll be tackling bigger and bigger ones without even realizing it.

Make changes that serve us best.

Especially when they are all within our grasp.


– Quiche Out




I’m Not Gonna Miss You

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.30.42 PMOver the years I’ve sung a few of the songs Glen Campbell wrote here or there, but the reason I’m writing this post today is to express that his newest song, I’m Not Gonna Miss You, is truly amazing, inspiring artistry.

Our goal as writers, actors, singers, artists, performers… should be to express complete humanity. To share pain, trials, lessons (or the character’s pain, trials, lessons)… To hold big mirrors up for others to see their own humanity, and to uncover our own… To be vulnerable, brave and honest…

Listening to this song hurts, and it’s probably going to hurt again when I watch and listen to it again… It’s far from being Gentle On My Mind, it’s a toughie to face, and probably even more so for those of you that have lost loved ones to Alzheimer’s, but it is a brave, amazing, inspiring example of artist brilliance.

Thank you again Mister Campbell.

For those that don’t know, it has been stated that this is most likely will be his last recorded/released song, as he is continuing to battle Alzheimer’s.    

– Quiche Out



Special Price – 99 cents

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.18.42 PM

For the time being Sympathy For The Devil is available on KINDLE for 99 cents.

And the paperback is down to $13.22
Check the book out yourself.
Or tell your friends.
Thank you to all of you who have already read it, and SUPER thank you to all that wrote reviews!



– Quiche Out

Worst Part Of Being An Actor?

Breaking Bad AMCA lot of people have asked me what it’s really like to be a working actor… What the most difficult part is… I’ve been invited to grad schools and colleges to answer questions from students about that very thing… And while I always give truthful answers: Unemployment. Uncreative people. Uncertainty. The shear madness. The lack of control. The unknowing. The waiting… The waiting… The waiting… The one part I always seem to forget about mentioning are the nightmares… Stress dreams.

Last night I woke up at 2 AM stressed, screaming at the top of my lungs, at least in my dream… “It’s not a hobby! It’s not a hobby!”

In my dream I had been on the set of the continuous, non-stop, five-season, one-night live broadcast of Breaking Bad. However,  some where along the way, someone in production forgot to tell my agents about the project until the last minute, and somehow my agency forgot to tell me much information about it.

In my dream all I was told was there was a reunion of sorts of all the cast members from Breaking Bad, and where and when to show up… No one along the line told me that it was a re-creation of the entire series, being broadcast on LIVE TV that very night… No one told me I was supposed to come already dressed in wardrobe… And no one told me, there were additional scenes put in, scenes that had been cut from the original shooting schedule, or scenes that Vince thought would be interesting to see done LIVE.

So, not only did I have no clue what my lines were, but there were complete scenes that I had no knowledge of at all… Apparently (in my dream) a scene which had been previously cut was Clovis (my character) in a therapy room with a bunch of recovering addicts, including Jesse Pinkman… Well, in this dream, I had no idea I was in that scene, and supposed to be across town in that scene when it was filming…

Oh yeah, part of the weirdness of this dream was not only were they filming all five-seasons of shows, in one night, continually… With effects and costumes… A challenge that Bryan Cranston was looking forward too… But the show was being shot in all the original locations around Albuquerque, New Mexico… And some of those newly added scenes, would help costume changes and getting the stars across town, factoring in traffic…

Yet for some reason, as one of the non-leads, I was required to get myself to each and every location… And again, I wasn’t given any information… No map. No script. No times. No locations. I was just supposed to know.

In retrospect, in my nightmare, while the show was being shot, it seemed that the 2nd 2nd, the 2nd AD, and the 1st AD, had plenty of time to follow me around and yell at me… When they disclosed how a producer wanted to talk to me after the shoot, because I was unprofessional in not knowing all my lines and not being in all the right places… The 1st AD accused of being a hobbyist!

Again, in this nightmare no one ever offered any information to what scene was being shot next, or where in the city of Albuquerque scenes were being shot… In this nightmare, it just seemed that there were a plethora of people just watching me f*** up over and over, and over.

The last thing I remember from the nightmare is taking a huge set of keys they had given me… I guess to various cars I was supposed to drive, and doors I was supposed to open… And throwing them down the block in a fit of rage… “I’m not a hobbyist! This is not a hobby! This is not a hobby!”

Blame, blame, blame was putting being put on me in Bizarre-ville.

At one point, before the key throwing tirade, a line-producer chewed me out, on how I was letting the entire Breaking Bad enterprise down… “Don’t you know you were one of the surviving characters from Breaking Bad… One of the only characters who had dealings with Heisenberg who lived????!!!”… This just moments before he disclosed the new top secret idea for the spin-off, futuristic series post Walter White’s death…

I can’t remember the word on the poster board of the series title, but… it was no less absurd then the rest of the dream… Okay, now after writing this out, now I remember why I don’t disclose this information to students in assembly halls… Cuckoo.

Okay, now I have to shower and do my final-prep for a film audition, reading for two characters… An audition, that somehow I missed initially on my phone on Friday night while enjoy time away at Big Bear Lake, and didn’t find out the information about it till late on Saturday Night.

BTW… I wrote this hoping that my panicked, crazy-mind-filled, stressful dream, adds a smile and a little enjoyment to your own stress filled week! Feel free to share any stress dreams of your own in the comment section.

– Quiche Out

PS. If you want to read a brilliantly written piece on another’s actor’s nightmare… Read Christopher Durang’s play… The Actor’s Nightmare. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Actor%27s_Nightmare

For My Birthday


For my birthday…

I’d love for you to write one short, simple sentence about something you’re excited about, or looking forward to in your life, or an accomplishment you’re proud of, or some brilliance you’ve witnessed, or something you’re learning, or learned, or something that makes you smile deeply, or someplace you love, a picture that moves you, or a song, or tell me where happiness is for you, tell me about the best meal you ever had, or write something you’re grateful for, or remind me when, how or where we met, or a song you love, or share a happy memory of our friendship, or something you’ve enjoyed about the two of us knowing each other…

Most of all…
For my birthday, I wish you all shine bright, embracing happiness.

– Quiche Out

My New Boredom Solution…

Decide to dedicate one hour each day to work on stuff you know you should work on, but perhaps don’t particularly enjoy, (for me it’s the business of selling a screenplay) and during those sixty minutes you’re pretty much guaranteed to have great things come your way, that will completely distract you from TCB (taking care of business).

True story, three days in a row now.

– Quiche Out

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