Thanksgiving – Jack LaLanne

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The other day I clicked on a video a Facebook friend posted about happiness. A black & white video from Jack LaLanne… I believe it’s a GREAT video for all to watch going into Thanksgiving weekend.

Today I watched it again, and afterwards clicked on yet another black and white Jack LaLanne video as well… And it struck me that this one is another good one to watch before strapping on the feed bags of Thanksgiving.

Honestly, both videos I will benefit from watching/hearing over & over, and I’ll certainly be clicking on a few more from Mister LaLanne in the upcoming days. I remember watching him when I was just a wee lad, when he was an extremely influential presence. Seems this sort of logic and good wholesomeness is absent from so much of the world today.

Be healthy, be happy, be grateful. Stay warm, stay safe… Enjoy friends, family, loved ones… Surround yourself with the positive.

I am thankful for my past, present and future. My career. My skills and talents. My health and mind. This outlet, and all my friends, family, followers, readers, teachers, advisors… I am thankful for the roof over my head, and the shoes on my feet. From the ground to the stars.

– Quiche Out

Co-Hosting Sat, Dec. 13th (1-3PM)


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 1-3PM I’ll be co-hosting an OPEN MIC at HOLLYWOOD SHEET MUSIC/HOLLYWOOD PIANO with cabaret producer/director CLIFFORD BELL. MICHAEL COLLUM will be playing the magnificent 9 Foot Concert Grand Piano.

Save the date and get your SHEET together (in the right keys)…

More info at the FB Event page: “DECEMBERFEST” 


Additional Info:

Clifford & Tom talk about the open mic online: (direct link) (December 8th episode)

Further details about upcoming December 13th…

“DECEMBERFEST: An Afternoon Of Work-In-Progress Salons AND a new OPEN MIC In Association with HOLLYWOOD SHEET MUSIC and HOLLYWOOD PIANO”  Featuring New Works In Development by ADA BIRD WOLFE and MICHAEL COLLUM. and An OPEN MIC Hosted by TOM KIESCHE and CLIFFORD BELL With MICHAEL COLLUM at the magnificent 9 foot Concert Grand Piano.”

Cost: Donation Only (donations go to the Rick Starr Memorial scholarship fund)

12PM sign ups begin for open mic (1-3)

12-1 PM Michael Collum will be working new material

1-3 PM Open mic (with Tom Kiesche & Clifford Bell)

3 PM Ada Bird Wolf’s workshop

Below are some videos on Michael and Ada

Michael plays for Nadine Risha…

Michael plays for himself…

Ada Bird Wolf sings Carousel…

Video Posted

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Back in March (2014) I was honored to be one of the guests in Betty Bonaduce’s show, “It’s About Time.” It’s taken a little while to get tape back from the evening, but yesterday it arrived, and today I put it on YouTube for you.

Possibly I’ll upload another song later, but there were a few unflattering camera moves in my 2nd song.  Honestly, I haven’t looked at my 3rd song yet and I probably won’t be individually posting any of the group numbers. I’ll leave that for someone else to do.

Betty and her director (Gilmore Rizzo) chose the songs we all sang. She turned 90 earlier this year, and this was her very first cabaret show. It was completely sold out.

You can read about the evening in a previous post of mine: Tape, Maybe. Review, Doubtful. Experience, Plenty. (Betty Bonaduce’s Show).

– Quiche Out