Look Up, Towards The Sky… It’s a bird.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think of a line out of  “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas,” whenever I see a bustling bird’s nest… And spotting one, secured 20′ from the ground, to the roof of my home, I couldn’t stop myself from uttering the words, “Look at the birds, up in the trees.”

“Look at the birds, up in the trees.”

Anyway, I broke out my camera, and took some pictures for you…


Lastly, below, just for laughs…
While looking up the line on YouTube, I was led to this set of outtakes from the same movie… 
I love how the puppeteers stayed in character, exactly as actors often do.

– Quiche Out

By the way if anyone spots a video of Mr. Snuffleupagus uttering the phrase, “Oh Bird,” highlight a link in the comments below.

This Coming Tuesday Night 6/2 (3 song set at a new venue)


I was asked to do a three song set at a new night of creativity.
“Pop Up Comedy”
Out of the blue, the producer of the night contacted me and asked if I, or the Closet Singer would do a three song set.
I don’t know really too much about it all, as it’s a new start up…
I believe it’s mostly talented, invited, guest comics, and writers working/trying out material in public.

However, when I shared a recent video of my new duet partner, Deirdre and I singing a dirge together, the producer was even more excited to have both of us join them.
I guess we’re bringing music to break up the funny. 😉

So… Deirdre and I will be on stage, singing, this coming Tuesday night 6/2.
Sometime after 8PM.

Above is the show postcard I just swiped from her Facebook post, and below is some info I received earlier, from the producer…

“Serra’s Dine n Dance on Ventura between Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon. Show starts at 8pm ends around 10pm…”
“It’s Free.”
“I am playing with the idea of passing the hat old school comedy style. I really want to get back to basics and back to the roots of comedy.”

– Quiche Out

I got a wonderful surprise note from grade school friends of my parents today…

I got a wonderful surprise note from grade school friends of my parents today…
“…saw WMD last night; it was awesome. Loved it. And not just for the political message but it was very suspenseful, full of action, great story, professionally done, etc. You were great as the lead actor and we even forgot that it was you.”
Notes like this make my day brighter, and give me strength to keep in the game.
WMD can be  streamed through AMAZON, iTunes or other sites.
– Quiche Out
Here is yet another AMAZON review, I didn’t see till just now…

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 6.05.31 PM

By West Mountain on May 26, 2015
W.M.D. is proof that a low-budget film can be very effective, if it’s carefully planned. The plot is genuinely suspenseful — I intended to watch a half-hour and ended up finishing the DVD, wanting to find out what happens. Director/producer Richard Halpern uses his small cast to good effect, and the confined space works in favour of the story, becoming a claustrophobic trap. The desperation of the soldiers becomes apparent. As tension builds, we realize that one or more of the team may be untrustworthy. At first Captain Hank Garrison appears to have the advantage of surprise. But they’re on a military base, in a foreign country far from home — and this isolation makes it even more likely that things are going to go wrong. Will Garrison be able to restrain the dangerously-unstable Sergeant Downy in order to complete their mission? Will any of them get out of the situation alive?
I appreciated the plot twist at the end, and lead actor Tom Kiesche’s performance as Garrison was compelling — ably backed up by the alarming Weetus Cren, and John Posey as the President who isn’t quite what he first seems. The behind-the-scenes extras were a nice bonus — more than a lot of other independent film releases.

Celebrity Guest Host (Last Night)

Last night was loads of fun, as I was asked to be the “celebrity guest host” at the Hump, for an “Armando Night” of improv comedy, produced by Jim Nieb, and presented by Playhouse West Comedy…

Two teams of young improvisors (whom I didn’t meet till last night) constructed free flowing, highly comedic scenes based on a few true stories from my past, which I was inspired to tell based on audience suggestions. Stories ranged from back in my childhood, to an actual story that happened that very morning. Highlights of their sketches may have been the broken window Mustang squirrel tail date, the interagation Office Depot in Fallujah, and the dirty gloved doctor.

Thank you to all involved, the improvisors, the audience, the theater, for an enjoyable evening, and more thanks to Jim and Feona for the pictures posted below!

– Quiche Out

P.S. Next week my duet partner Deirdre and I may be special guests, performing a three song set at another night of comedy, at another location, with another group of people… Pretty vague, huh?  You can see Deirdre and I singing Falling Slowly here… Falling Slowly:  http://youtu.be/_kDVg9lmzvI Hopefully more details to come.

N11295590_10153311849380196_8603003628055176366_n IMG_3968 IMG_3967 Playhouse West Hosing Gig - May 2015

photo photo 1 photo 2 copy photo 4 copy 2

By Request – Party Time (2 songs, 1 party)


Big thanks for the two captured cell phone videos I received…  Two songs, from two different phones, from two different angles, from two parts of the same night.

For those of you who like seeing/watching these things here are two videos, just uploaded, and currently “unlisted” on YouTube. The links are posted below, and videos embedded. Apologies for the incomplete beginning of one of the songs, and the fact I wasn’t able to do all the songs that were requested. Thank you for the video. Thank you to everyone that played and sang along. And a huge thank you to all of you who enjoy following my going ons.

LINK: https://youtu.be/f5hJnj5f6G4
LINK: https://youtu.be/E2bxNohpEnw

“By request. Bringing the fun. Can’t see all the people behind the camera. It was a great night.”

Charlie Harrison on the piano… 3rd time we’ve made music together. Though each time we’ve done different songs, all with no rehearsal.

– Quiche Out

Duet (New Song/Video)

Several weeks ago my lovely friend Deirdre asked if I’d want to come over…

You know… Break some bread…. Open a bottle of wine… Crack open a few song books…

We had such a blast, that we repeated it all again, and again, and again.

And happily we’re still defining, discovering, looking, testing, playing, rehearsing, finding, blending, singing, harmonizing…

To date we’ve tried on several handfuls of songs together, and have sung a few of them at various open mics to gain that experience as well.

While we haven’t decided on the name of our collaboration, we are talking more and more about putting together a full show, or sets to play out, where public audiences will be invited to come and enjoy.

Honestly, the process of working with another person (while singing) has been a fascinating learning experience, opening me up to new techniques, new styles, new genres, new sounds, new dynamics, new material…

Below is a recorded cell phone video from last night. Please keep in mind that this is the VERY first time we did this song in public, and first time on microphones, without sound check, and without anyone blending the sound of the two very different mics… However, with all those disclaimers, Deirdre and I both feel comfortable enough to share it with some people.

So, here I am, sharing it with you…
(And a big thank you to Feona for recording it! Roger Aldi for playing drums. Greg Glienna for hosting the open night of music, along with MC Pinky. And the Lyric Hyperion Theater for having a weekly open mic!)

Falling Slowly is from the musical & film Once… written, composed by Glen Hansard.
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kDVg9lmzvI&feature=youtu.be

– Quiche Out