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Month: March 2013

Jump Start

47 free Kindle eBOOKS were given out this weekend (it’s now over, sorry if you missed it, the information was in the last email newsletter)… And now that particular eBOOK is up to a whopping 99 cents… All to jump start something. “And I’d Like To Thank…” – Quiche Out

A Story of Empathy

So, I’m on a friend’s shoot, helping them out for the day as an actor. While I’m there I find myself talking with a particular cutie pie, a fresh-faced singer-dancer straight from the oven of the Big Apple, and now carving her way in the Big Orange… Somehow for some reason we start talking about singing at open mics and I tell her about one of the things that kill me during open mics (especially when I first started doing them)… Empathy.  Yeah, okay, maybe some empathy when people are… Read more A Story of Empathy