Lots Going On

Been along time since I wrote one of these things… The pandemic certainly has slowed things and isolated many of us. Hopefully some of this will make you smile.

Keep your eyes open on Super Bowl Sunday for a new spot I’m in… Here’s a sneak peek of it if you’re interested. It’s really cute and well done. We shot it near the end of December… And yes we followed very strict Covid protocols.

I very recently signed with a new management company, Bohemia Group. My new manager is already working hard for me.… He, coincidentally, grew up only a few miles from where I grew up…

We have new head shots, a new demo reel, I have had a few auditions, and seem to have a real solid game plan.

Here’s a link to the new drama demo cut if you’re interested. I’m not sure how long it’ll be up… As YouTube may take it down for copyright issues.

I hope you’re well. Hope you’re staying safe and sane. At the bottom I will post one of the new head shots he chose.

All the best,

– Quiche Out

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