The Mentalist


Filmed a guest starring role on The Mentalist

However, since I signed a two page, somewhat-confusing document discussing social media, seemingly both wanting us to post about the show, and not wanting us to post about the show… I’m going to play it safe here & just say… I’ll be on The Mentalist along with some other great guest stars.

The episode # 703. Set your DVRs.

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– Quiche Out

PsubscribeS. For those who noticed, were wondering, but didn’t yet ask… Yes, most of “my” videos on YouTube are not currently available for viewing, including DEMOS, SHORT FILMS and CLOSET SINGERS.  Things they are a changing… Speaking about change. Look around the site, there’s a new layout, and all sorts of new content.

PSS. And for those that didn’t check over the weekend, you may have missed the tip on a fun way to win a quick $20. READ HERE.

WIN 20 Bucks!


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I just saw the spot I shot this past summer with Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl winning quarterback from the Seahawks…

You can see it here:

Okay, how to win 20 bucks.

Next time you’re in a bar or watching football with your friends… And you see this commercial… Point and scream loudly at the TV… “Hey that’s that guy!”

I’m on the screen so shortly, no one will think you’re talking about me… They’ll say something like… “Yeah dumb-ass, that’s Russell Wilson.”

Then you set the hook… “No, that’s the guy from Breaking Bad…” Or whatever else you want to tell ’em. “Dude from the episode of Bones…” Whatever…

They’ll ask, “Who?”

Make the bet.

Then back up the commercial.

– Quiche Out

Yeah, I’m kidding, I don’t want you to scam your friends, or get stabbed in the alley behind a bar for running a con…

And yes, he was a very nice guy.




When I heard the news Robin Williams had died…

Robin Williams

When I heard the news Robin Williams had died, I was shocked, shaken & saddened… And hoped it was a horrid hoax.  Seconds later, I learned that it was possibly suicide… And hoped that wasn’t the case either…

I’m not making fun of his death by any means, but honestly, oddly,  I started wishing to hear it was an accident, a homicide, something gone awry, or that it was a way to avoid some disease we didn’t know about… Besides depression. If Robin Williams, with all his success, all his talent, all his fans and I’d imagine resources… If he wasn’t able to beat back the dark, and defeat the blues, what chance do we, without his level of success, have?

I hope the press honors his family, and leaves them alone, my deepest condolences to them and his close friends… I had always wished that I would have had the opportunity to have worked with Mr. Williams.  His humor, genius and humanity on screen (and I’m sure off screen) was inspiring, brilliant and touched so many…

A friend reached out to me today… Checking in… Wanting me to make me promise to reach out if I ever feel that level of despair… But I think that’s part of the problem, as tragically, I’ve have known many friends who have taken their own lives…

I’m no expert, but it seems when people are that far in, they can’t see reason, they’re not thinking of life lines, the pain they’ll cause others or making phone calls… I’ve reached out to a few friends today, who I know also, on occasion, battle the black dog… And hope to reach a few more with this posting…

Hello. How are you doing?

– Quiche Out