KILLHER World Premiere

I have been dying to tell you about this project for well over a year, and now since it has been publicly announced the NDA has been lifted. In October of 2021, we started physical production in the mountains of Southern California, with freezing temperatures, Covid check-ups, and a great cast and crew. And on October 13th, a 9:30 PM, at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, up to 450 people who purchase tickets to Screamfest, will get to be part of the magic of this story.

Tickets to KILLHER on October 13th (9:30 PM) at Screamfest 2022:

It actually all started in a hospital bed, I had very recently had a ventilator tube pulled out from my throat, and was informed by my orthopedic surgeon how close I was to death’s door after aspirating during a hip replacement surgery. Besides wanting to walk, talk, and go back to my life as it was prior to the surgery, I also decided I would do whatever I had to do to finally make a feature film I could be proud of.

Until that point I had a career that many actors would be happy with, I had made a respectably living as an actor, and earned enough for insurance for over two decades. As I writer I self-published four books, and had several feature scripts of mine optioned, but none of them were made into films. Along with friends, several short films, and even one microbudget feature I wrote and produced went to festivals or were posted online. However, I never really was involved with something of my own, on a grander scale.

So, I vowed to plunk down a significant chunk of money and make something I could be proud of, but even more important, that I could potentially sell, and get to a much wider audience. KILLHER is basically a genre-bending thriller. And while it has elements of horror and camp slasher films in it, it’s much more than that, appealing to a much wider audience than simply hardcore horror fans.

I’ll tell the story of how the script came about, who was involved, and the magic of how things fell into place some other time, but for now, I’ll just say, coincidentally, on my 54th birthday, just over a year from when I was being told how close I was to death, I was driving up to the mountains with a team of people to start physical production.

Producing KILLHER was incredibly challenging, however, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Yes, there are some things I would tweak were I to do it again, but it has already been so rewarding. I’ve met some incredible and talented people, and I’ve witnessed friendships form between cast and/or crew members. Yes, there have been bumps, but with those bumps, the ride was all that more memorable. Plus the movie is really solid, really fun. It is exactly what it set out to be, a rollercoaster.

After the screening on October 13th, some of us may be invited up to answer questions, perhaps some of the bumps will come up… or a story or two I didn’t know about. I am certain that a majority of the cast and crew, along with casting, the director, and the producers, including myself, will also be there.

Anyway, all this is to say… On October 13th, at 9:30 PM is the World Premiere of KILLHER. Being in the theater at the premiere is your opportunity to be part of the story. Both Paranormal and The Grudge apparently premiered at prior Screamfest festivals, and I would imagine for fans of those movies, that must have been pretty cool and came with some bragging rights.

Tickets to KILLHER on October 13th (9:30 PM) at Screamfest 2022:

Get your tickets soon, as this is a one-night-only affair, with limited tickets available, and it might be one of the only times audiences get to see the film in a movie theater.

  • Quiche Out
Some of the cast and crew of KILLHER, production, October 2021

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