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Month: November 2013

Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate”

You may have seen this video already, as it’s been forwarded and shared on Facebook like salted nuts… It’s pretty amazing… And fun. However, what may be more amazing is THIS video (… Episode 5. And I would recommend after you watch the finished project embedded above, watch how long the project and some of the stunts took… How many attempts and falls. Pretty inspiring. Wanted to share. – Quiche Out

Yes, I’m Asking… I’m Asking All Of You

Is anyone else tired of newscasters making themselves part of the story… Tired of entertainment news being considered news with celebrity gossip making headlines… Tired of seeing what some idiot bigot or zealot writes on a receipt in order to stiff a waiter? Does anyone else find social media postings about how stupid humans are more depressing than funny… Pictures of people using things so incorrectly, or posting things publicly so clueless, it’s mind-blowing… Is any one else ready to scream at the top of their lungs when in a… Read more Yes, I’m Asking… I’m Asking All Of You