“I Know Him” Super Bowl Sunday

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.38.34 PMLooks like you might be able to scream, “I know him,” at least once, at the screen, this Sunday during the Super Bowl…


Well, it looks like at least one commercial spot I’m in will be playing during the Super Bowl at least in certain areas of the states. This is according to an article that Elise, another actor in the spot, a friend of mine, found. Read about it HERE

As of today, it also appears to be on YouTube… And it’s embedded below.

Have a super fun, super safe, Super Sunday.

– Quiche Out

Meghan Kirk’s Show in Feb

M Kirk's Postcard Show Feb 2014Well, the cat’s out of the bag… (I need to look up where that expression came from)

On her social media pages, last night, Meghan Kirk publicly announced that Amanda McAllister and I will be “special guests” in her upcoming cabaret show on Feb 20th, 2014…

Meghan’s a sweet, talented performer that I’ve known for several years, first meeting her at open mics around Los Angeles (The Vermont & The Gardenia)…

I’m honored to have been asked be one of her “special guests” on her night at the Gardenia. It’ll probably be doing a duet with Meghan as well as a song of my own. I’m also looking forward to meeting Amanda and working with Richard Berent pianist, who I’ve only heard very good things about.

Lastly, it has also been publicly announced that I’ll be one of the guest singers in Betty Bonaduce’s 1st ever Cabaret show in the midst of March… But I will wait on releasing further details till at least the middle of February.

– Quiche Out

(BTW, after a little research I found differing answers to where “the cat’s out of the bag” expression came from… I like this one best… http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/let_the_cat_out_of_the_bag)

M Kirk's Postcard Show Feb 2014

The Spotted Quiche

On set...
On set… commercial.

I don’t know if I would have recognized myself in this spot.
I’m not that guy. Or that guy… But I’m that guy…

Yeah that one.

Who almost gets run over. Oh, some good stories from that shoot.

You’ll have to wait for when I make it to the talk show circuit to hear ’em.


– Quiche Out

So, About Last Night

pointWell, that fun last night “special guest hosting” with Bryan Miller at one of his weekly piano bar appearances…

Sixteen guest singers popped in and stepped up to the mic to join Bryan (piano) and Roger Aldi (drums)… And I did my best to keep the show moving and enjoyable. Special thanks to Terry Cole for running sound and Sergio for tending bar.

Below are a few pictures of some of the guest singers… And a 2 minute performance video of clips from last night that I whipped together this AM for my friends and family who weren’t able to be there.

– Quiche Out

So I’m A Princess… You Got A Problem With That?

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.41.46 PMA test told me I should live in Paris, “The city of lights will appeal to your appreciation of beauty and romance. You are a lover and a poet by nature, and Paris’ sensitive charms will be a perfect match for yours.”

Yet… Paris was my least favorite city on my European Whirlwind Tour a few years back. It was hot, humid, over priced, over-traveled, crowded and full of con-artists.

Another test told me I’m most like Princess Leia, “Bold and unwavering, you’re a princess who isn’t afraid to fight the power. With a sharp diplomatic mind, you understand conflict resolution, but it won’t keep you from speaking your mind. Your sometimes brash confidence seems to be a family trademark.”

Yet oddly enough I found that character to be annoying while watching the movie…

” We hate most in others what we dislike in ourselves. ” – Laurell K Hamilton

So, besides time wasters, do these tests tell us anything… Are they helpful in any way? Or should we keep taking different ones until we get something we like?

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.29.59 AM“Zeus is the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and upheld law, justice and morals. Zeus was also known for his wandering eye, and loved to bed many different women. Like Zeus, you enjoy being in charge and the attention and admiration that comes with it.”

Honestly, besides political compass tests, which I’ve written about a few times in the past… I don’t know of any of these that prove to be useful or practical…

Do you learn anything from these tests? Has there ever been one that you’ve taken that you actually learned something useful from? Do you just take them for the “fun” of it, and then “share” them to say… “Look at me… Look who I’m like?”

– Quiche Out

Guest Hosting Bryan Miller’s Piano Bar Next Wednesday (01-22-14)

WednesdayNightwithByranTo introduce more of my friends to Bryan and his piano bar antics, I’ll be guest hosting Bryan Miller’s piano bar next Wednesday night, January 22nd, 2014 at a bar in Silverlake.

Come to listen to Bryan and others, no cover, no min…

Bryan Miller plays at several venues in Los Angeles, and it’s always a surprise to see which guest musicians and singers show up and get asked to join him.

Those of you who may want to sing with entertainer/pianist (Bryan Miller) and drummer (Roger Aldi), bring one copy of the sheet music in the right key for you (with chords), bound together or in a notebook…

– Quiche Out

Postcard design: Gilmore Rizzo
Photo by: Greg Spurlock