How 2 Vote… Warrior Showdown 2 (2nd ROUND)

WARRIOR SHOWDOWN POSTCARDBecause of your votes, and you telling your friends to vote… The Gladiator, and seven others warriors won their matches in ROUND 1… (Round 1 matches can be seen on YouTube, and links are posted at the bottom. Also, as we’re currently in rehearsals, the producers are doing weekly updates that can also be seen on their YouTube channel.)

Below are instructions on how to VOTE for FIGHTERS in ROUND 2… (Winners of matches in ROUND 2 advance to ROUND 3, and square off with other victors.)

How to vote…

  • Step 1: Go to the Warrior Showdown vote page by clicking HERE!
  • Step 2: Choose 1 winner from each match (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) by clicking the little circle next to (left of) the warrior.  (ie. to VOTE for the GLADIATOR, in the green match, click the circle at the top corner near him.)
  • Step 3: After you choose victors for each match, click the VOTE BUTTON at the bottom of the page… You’re done, it’s that easy!VoteGladiator– Quiche Out

New Bio Written

The good news I alluded to earlier this week is that it’s looking as though we’re adding a new teammate to the team, and my collaborator and I are extremely excited about it…

Further details may be released once everything is finalized, but one of the tools she has asked us for are new bios… Below is my newest, which my collaborator helped tweak…

– Quiche Out

Tom Kiesche

Tom didn’t follow his pre-med college path, stay in New Jersey, or sell pharmaceuticals for a Fortune 500 company very long, but he has been a highly productive, constant creator in theater, television, film, cabaret and for the Internet for a couple decades.  The raw act of writing, and the speed at which he’s able to craft a story, is something so much a part of Tom’s expression that he wonders where the pre-med idea ever came from…

He’s had several full-length screenplays optioned, several short-films win awards, and dozens of productions in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and even Tennessee. He has been published as a novelist, poet, essayist, copywriter, and a paid contributor for the publication “Backstage.” He has also had two songs he wrote (lyrics) produced and dozens of children stories recorded (original & adapted). Highlights of his writing training include: The UCLA professional program, Theater Sports New York, The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, lots of books and loads of practice.

Besides his accomplishments wielding a keyboard… He has worked continually as a professional actor in all mediums: film, stage, sketch & improv comedy, Internet, commercials and television (“Breaking Bad,” “BONES,” “CSI” and many more.) He has sung in dozens of venues, created several original web-series, and recorded dozens of songs. He has a wealth of additional creative field experience, such as working as a director, producer, production manager, first AD, film-editor, fund-raiser, sound mixer, sound-editor, photographer, fight-choreographer, videographer…

Tom enjoys comedy, hikes in the mountains, camping, cooking, working out, getting his hands dirty, and has been a long time volunteer for the Hollywood YMCA, the Amanda Foundation (animal shelter), and logged many hours designing and building enrichment devices for animals at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Halloween 2013 – Closet Special!

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 5.57.48 PMSo, after buying the props (see shelf…) over two years ago, and wanting to do this song for a Halloween special since… Today I finally buckled down and went into the closet.

I can tell you what came out of recording, shooting and then editing today was nothing like I expected it to be… But, when I put it all together, like a nightmarish Frankenstein, it cracked me up… So, I’m gambling that perhaps it’ll crack you up, and it might even crack you up enough to pass it along to your friends…

Have a great creative Halloween! Smile… Laugh… And then grab some candy! And for the record yes, Frankenfurter’s vocal track was recorded in one continuous take… Boo!

– Quiche Out

“The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too…”

CHEVY 2012 JULY3“The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too…”

No lie, those are the only words of wisdom I remember my high school guidance counselor telling me, and I’m sure it’s not so, but I would hope I am the only person who ever received such stellar guidance.

It’s possible he possessed a wicked sense of sardonic humor, which I mistakenly took for lack of his confidence in my intellect… And it is also possible that, “the world needs ditch diggers too…” was his unique way of motivating students to apply themselves more. Sort of like just saying the punchline to a cautionary tale…

It wasn’t that I was a poor student, by any means… But in high school I was more concerned about missing opening day of trout season when taking the SAT then scoring well… And I wasn’t informed to what a GPA was till after my first semester at a local county college, when I asked someone, “What are all these numbers next to this ‘GPA’ thing?postcard - breaking bad Clovis - cropped front” (For the record, I graduated with a 3.36 from a quality state school with a Biology major, Chem minor with emphases in Business and Communications.)

Anyway… “The world needs ditch diggers too…”

I am not able to tell you his intent… But by no means am I putting down any one that does any manual labor sort of job… Throughout my high school and college years, I did dig ditches… move refrigerators/furniture… landscaped… did construction jobs… helped put in sewer lines… I also bar-tended… assistant managed… worked retail… waited tables… worked for the State Of New Jersey in the Department Of Agriculture (wet chemistry)… mixed chemicals for a photo lab… worked in a day care… I did a lot of stuff to get by and pay for my own school.

volunteer muck shovelFor quite a while now I’ve been fortunate to have made a living as a television actor, with occasional earnings as an author, screenwriter, playwright, singer, stage actor, voice-over artist, photographer, editor, improvisor…  And I will happily admit that in the past decade I have done several jobs where I’ve dug ditches (as a volunteer).

Thankfully, where-ever I learned it from along the way, I have never been one to allow what I am currently doing define who I am, or what I may be capable of achieving.

This week I’m shooting a national commercial for a global company where I’ll play a construction worker… Yup, I suppose, a “ditch digger.” And as those who have followed my acting career for the past twenty years, it’s not by far the first time I’ve played one, and hopefully won’t be the last.

Perhaps when my guidance counselor gave me that gift of word-turds, the last time I talked to him or any other “guidance counselor” for that matter, he was simply a visionary… Seeing me through his enlightened mind’s eye, playing blue collar roles as an actor… Mechanics, plumbers, cops, firemen, construction workers…

I know I owe a ton of thanks to all those who instilled in me that our exteriors do not have to define our interiors… That pasts do not have to dictate future paths… That we should constantly question authority… Never stop challenging ourselves… And what we do to make a living, does not define who we are or who we will become.

– Quiche Out

News… Superman’s 75th and…

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 7.39.40 AMSo, watching the news at a breakfast joint this morning, I found out that it’s SUPERMAN’S 75th anniversary… And was reminded of a very early CLOSET SINGER I did which took several songs and smashed them together. Some day perhaps I’ll re-record or do something more with it… However, I still find the edits of blend of public domain footage and random Superman songs entertaining, and oddly still think it makes sense as a story.

The second story that reminded me of something on the news… Was the disturbing NYC story of human remains found in a shopping bag at Victoria’s Secret.  Leading to I’m sure a ton of future poor taste spoofs of what Victoria’s Secret will be next… Anyway, the shocking surprise horror reminded of a short I did with two very talented friends which also involved a bag.

Maybe one day I’ll get back on the making short films bus.

As with anything I post publicly on line, feel free to share if you enjoy…

– Quiche Out

It’s The Most Wonderful Time… Of The Year!

monster's lament still shot cropped png

It’s that time of year… Damp chilled weather… Haunted houses… Buying costumes… “Normals” get creative… And I start dragging out past closet singer songs.

I’m toying with the idea of knocking out another Halloween song this year, however, I’m having a bit of trouble getting motivated as I have several other projects on the front burner, and it’s becoming harder and harder to justify the time and efforts. We’ll see…

With original music and lyrics, the epic “Monster’s Lament” has been the only Closet Singer episode to be sent to film festivals, and in both it was accepted, well-received, and won awards. The Old Town Haunt in Pasadena (location of this video) was a great location for the shoot, and without the talents of a ton of generous professionals, there would have been no way I could have done all the great work in this short by myself… If you haven’t seen it, please watch and pass on.

The first Halloween video ever recorded in the closet , “Tonight it’s Halloween,” a short, original spin on a folk song, appears a few places on the web, but is nearing 10,000 hits on this one channel… Hopefully, with your help, this year it really takes off.

Poster Artwork by Jack KuslerMonster's Lament Poster - Jack's doing