Found Footage (Show – Feb 23rd 2015)


On occasion, while singing at various venues I’ll look out to see a cell phone or two being held up and pointed at me… Most of the time I never see what’s being recorded or snapped. Whether by friends or people I’ve never met. Though happily, some pictures do get forward on to me or posted to Facebook…

Well, since the show at the Gardenia last Monday (Feb 23rd, 2015) I received a few still shots, some video clips and an audio file…  I put them together for you. Maybe you’ll appreciate it. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as my mother asked for it, so… There ya have it.

Thank you Laura, Anne-Marie and Yolanda for the footage and such!

– Quiche Out



Just FYI – My Class Performance Student Workshop Showcase Sharpening Experiment


To sharpen, experiment, and explore future possibilities (1 potentially being, auditioning for theater/musicals again), I recently started in a music performance class, taught by my friend Pat Whiteman (we were in Twisted Misters & Sisters together)…

Some of you already know at least part of my personal singing story, but for the rest of you, I pretty much stopped singing professionally for well over a decade, because of a plethora of negative experiences in New York City (singing, auditioning, technique teachers, coaches & classes) and I decided to take this class with my friend at the helm, to continue to shake off the “bleches” of the past in order to look towards the future, and continue to live in the present.

ANYWAY, at the end of the 5 weeks of classes, during the 6th week, class participants perform 2 songs each in a Performance Workshop, at the Gardenia, with Ron Snyder on the piano. It’s a way for some of those with no experience in front of an audience to get some, and for those with some, to get some more I suppose.

Though I’ve yet no idea what anyone is planning on performing, based on the work that’s being done in the first three weeks it’s looking to be quite the mix of songs, with various levels of experience.

I’m not pushing this night at all. TRULY. HONESTLY. I’m sure the other 8 will invite their “closest of closest,” and we’ll have a few curious folks from past and future classes stopping in… So, if you’re one of those that only goes to see someone once, I’d much rather you come to a future gig where I’m performing more than just 2 songs.

Here are the details (read carefully).

There’s a $5 cover, and a 2 drink minimum.

READ all PARKING SIGNS in the neighborhood (1 parking ticket can damper a night.)

Also know, The Gardenia has a few quirky rules about table seating going to people who have made advanced dinner reservations (Yelp reviews). However, there is a small bar area, which is where I always sit when I attend, enjoying my two required beverages.

Lastly, I have been told that past workshop showcases have been well attended, so take that into consideration as well.

– Quiche Out
Classmates (in no particular order)
Anne-Marie Nash Valdivia
Peter Schwartz
Ivy Kagan Bierman
Sarah M Mears
Anne Butler
Sandra Piller
George Arrunateghi
Danny Roland
Yolanda Padilla

Pat Whiteman & myself.