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Month: October 2012

Time Is Running Out – A Tweet Is All It Takes

A Tweet Is Needed… You Can Nominate Me, School and Board, Closet Singer and Warrior Showdown for the 3rd annual Streamy Awards! Read about it here: Or just go nominate here: Please consider nominating #SchoolandBoard for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Editing… Twitter handle @schoolandboard… Alan David Morgan for Best Director @admorganjr. Tom Kiesche for Best Male Performance: Comedy @tomkiesche (or any of the other leads… David Snell @drsnell, Annie Wood @anniewood, Lori Alan @lorialan1, Benton Jennings @bentonjennings) Please consider nominating the show #ClosetSinger for Best Music… Read more Time Is Running Out – A Tweet Is All It Takes

Rough Rehearsal

I’m not sure this will work for ya… But it might be worth a click to see if you can listen in. They’re just fun audio tracks, at roughly recorded rehearsal. The Closet Singer, Ron Snyder (piano), Sharon A. Ray (violin), Kevin Widener (snare), Eric McCann (bass) & M Kyle Hollingsworth (vocals) all can be heard on these two just uploaded rehearsal tracks (Sweet Caroline & Summer Wind)… CLICK LINK: – Quiche Out

Adventures Of Organized Noise

Last night I had my second choir rehearsal… I joined a friend last week, and for some reason I went back again last night… You’d think it was because I had such an awesome time the first time… But no, actually, at this point, I find the process incredibly frustrating. So frustrating in fact that I very truthfully had stress dreams last night as I slept… And, at least for week two, the only reason I went back was because it’s out of my comfort zone. The choir members learn… Read more Adventures Of Organized Noise