Time Is Running Out – A Tweet Is All It Takes

A Tweet Is Needed… You Can Nominate Me, School and Board, Closet Singer and Warrior Showdown for the 3rd annual Streamy Awards!

Read about it here: http://wp.me/p20vxx-B7
Or just go nominate here: http://www.streamys.org/enter/submission/fan-submission/

Please consider nominating #SchoolandBoard for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Editing… Twitter handle @schoolandboard… Alan David Morgan for Best Director @admorganjr. Tom Kiesche for Best Male Performance: Comedy @tomkiesche (or any of the other leads… David Snell @drsnell, Annie Wood @anniewood, Lori Alan @lorialan1, Benton Jennings @bentonjennings)

Please consider nominating the show #ClosetSinger for Best Music Series. Twitter handle @TheClosetSinger Tom Kiesche for Best Male Performance: Comedy @tomkiesche or any of the many guests, for Best Guest Appearance…

Please consider nominating the show #WarriorShowdown for Best Choreography Twitter handle @WarriorShowdown. Tom Kiesche for Best Male Performance: Drama @tomkiesche or any of the other leads…

-Quiche Out

Newest Newsletter Released!

Let’s be honest, if you read EVERY BLOG ever posted, chances are you know most everything that’s in these newsletters.

But in case you don’t read EVERYTHING, these newsletters often highlight the bigger news.

So. click on the image, or here’s the link to the October ’12 Update (click)… With all sorts of links and information.

Some stuff you may have missed, even if you were paying attention.

– Quiche Out

“New” Kindle Book Released! (“And I’d Like To Thank”)

15 years ago I printed a quirky spiral bound book that only a handful of people heard about and even fewer read.

However, with the improved ease and lower cost of E-publishing, the relative success of Sympathy For The Devil (S4tD), and several turns of events in my life, I recently decided to re-examine one of the first books I ever wrote/assembled…

And I’d Like To Thank…

Happily my test readers found the story informative, humorous, quirky, inventive, original, and entertaining, and now it also, as a bonus, serves as a slight time capsule.

Anyway, I’ve since streamlined the book a bit, changed a few things here and there, corrected a few errors (there may be more), and now I have decided to make the second version of this particular book available to the public.

Because I want to generate more traffic to my novel S4tD and publicity to all aspects of my career, because this book has been in my hard-drive for years, because this book’s really quite different, and because some of you may have recently purchased copies of S4tD, for a limited time I’m offering this new E-published version of this book for only 99¢…

Yes, 1¢ less than a buck.

Note: I do not have plans at this time to offer a paperback version, but I do have plans to raise the E-book price up to $2.99 or $3.99 in November (probably), and I have plans to also load it onto other sites/readers, though most likely not until the price raises.

So, purchase it now, on Amazon, for 99¢.

And if you feel guilty about getting it so cheaply, wait till I raise the price, buy another copy of S4tD, send ten copies of And I’d Like To Thank to friends, or pay me back in publicity  😉

“An oddly told, original, sharp, biting, and bawdy hodgepodge of remembered stories, recorded interviews, quirky characters, snarky voices, and humorous essays, all tied together, giving an informative, unique and entertaining insider look at showbiz and the journey of a particular celebrity before their eventual discovery, and launch to stardom… A documentary skillfully spun and woven by lonely, struggling and single, New York City filmmaker, Hans Wolfgang Gerhardt, in the days before anyone knew what a compact disk or High Definition video camera would soon be. Inspired by true events and delicious daydreaming.”

Buy it HERE: And I’d Like To Thank…

– Quiche Out

Benefit Performance (Sweet Caroline)

LIVE benefit for the Conor Lynch Foundation – “Calling All Angels”
Location: The MBar in Los Angeles
Date: September 29th, 2012
Song: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
Tom Kiesche (vocals)
Ron Snyder (piano)
Sharon A. Ray (violin)
Kevin Widener (drums)
Eric McCann (bass)
Peter Weiner (b cam)
M Kyle Hollingsworth (producer)


– Quiche Out

Ben & Kate (48 second scene)

In 5 or 6 days you’ll be able to watch the entire episode for FREE here

Link: http://www.fox.com/ben-and-kate/full-episodes/3638339956/21st-birthday

– Quiche Out

Rough Rehearsal

I’m not sure this will work for ya… But it might be worth a click to see if you can listen in. They’re just fun audio tracks, at roughly recorded rehearsal.
The Closet Singer, Ron Snyder (piano), Sharon A. Ray (violin), Kevin Widener (snare), Eric McCann (bass) & M Kyle Hollingsworth (vocals) all can be heard on these two just uploaded rehearsal tracks (Sweet Caroline & Summer Wind)…
– Quiche Out