My Friend Was Mugged… Needs Help…

Got an email from an acquaintance/friend of mine…

I’m writing to let you know that my family and i are stuck in London, UK has been a mess We got mugged last night at gun point and lost all cash,credit card and cell phone. It has been a scary experience,Thank God we still got our life and passport saved here with us.
Our return fight leaves in some hours from now but we are having problems settling our hotel bills, i need you to loan me some money, I’ll refund it back to you as soon as we arrive back home Kindly let me know if you can be of help so that i can tell you how to wire the money to me via western union.
Awaiting your positive response.

Now before you tell me you know it’s a SCAM, she signed it the way she would typically sign an email, or at least as I would remember her to sign it.
XO and just her initials.

But the fact that she was emailing ME, the fact it went out to a number of undisclosed recipients, the fact this shit happens all the time…

I went to her Facebook a page and sent a message…
“I just got this email from you…  I hope it’s a scam (even though that would be horrid).”

A Facebook message came back seconds later…
“I am the one that sent it to you….It’s not a scam.”

Still not falling for it, I wrote back something like…
“Okay what is the hotel name and location, and I’ll call them…”

No reply came, but a minute later, my account was blocked from posting to that (her) individual Facebook account.

I looked for a way to report it on line… And found nothing.

I decided I’d go to the police station to report… I mean what else to do besides ignore right?…

And I was writing a scene that took place in the Hollywood Station anyway, and could use some actual details… But the truth is that I didn’t want to see my friend’s friends fall for it.

I hate lying thieves. And I figured at the very least, not only had they hacked her email, but they most likely had her smart phone…

Perhaps the cops could do a GPS search or at least a phone call or visit to make sure she was okay, as all I had for her was her cell number which went directly to voice mail.

Basically the cops looked at me and said (very nicely)…
“Yeah, this stuff happens all the time. Not sure what you want us to do. I get those types of things too.”

Though they were impressed with the connection to the Facebook account, and were surprised of the blocking of my account minutes later… Which I had printed out to document for them… And they realized some crimes more than spamming were occurring.

Another officer overheard and handed me an FBI handout, of how to not be taken advantage of on line… With this web address on the bottom.

With the nearly complete dismissal for the crime that was actively being committed, as friends of hers could have been wiring money right then… It’s amazing we all don’t turn into Internet thieves… After all, who couldn’t use money wired to them?

– Quiche Out

This Year will be 20

This is nothing new, every year we get older, we put another year behind us, and in us.

One of my very first postcards, with 1st headshots…

Well, in October of this year I believe it’ll be twenty years of professional acting for me. It seems like a dream in many aspects.

I’ve recently uploaded a few past resumes to a Facebook page. I suppose what matters most is the feeling of accomplishment.

Feel free to check the gallery out here…

In that same album I’ve also posted a few pictures from TV shows, stage shows, programs, and other things from that same span of time. By no means is this all of it, and perhaps I’ll continue to post more from the past, and hopefully I’ll post more from a glorious future. Perhaps you find it inspiring in some way…

Or perhaps there are one or two of you out there, that have images that I haven’t seen in a while, that I totally forgot about, and that should be in such a collection.

Twenty years.

Probably the 1st resume I made upon moving to NYC 20 years ago.

While I can get on myself, or pick on myself about a lot of things… I do have to give myself some credit for not only sticking it out for so long… But also having had a record of successes as an actor, as a writer, as a creative professional.

I’m still here, I’m still being productive, still auditioning, and perhaps there’s another 20, 30, 40 or 50 years left in me…

Thanks for sticking with me.

-Quiche Still In It

Stealing From Myself

Well, yesterday I put out a newsletter through Mail Chimp, if you didn’t get it, you can read it with this link... And then sign up here to get these things directly sent to you if you desire.

This morning I posted a video on the Closet Singer Facebook page, a re-post of Forever In Blue Jeans, and I got a great note from one of the Closet Followers… Well, I just wrote about his note, writing about… Well, read below.

I stole this from the CS Facebook Page, if you’re not a “liker” of that page, feel free to “like” at will.

I posted a link to FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS this AM… And my friend Todd Carpenter, who is a very talented singer with his own videos on YouTube, made a comment about the description written under the video on YouTube… Which I forgot I wrote…When I re-read it, it put a very positive spin to my morning, as apparently it did for Todd. Here’s a link to the video, I suggest you let the music play in a background window while you read the details section, re-posted here below…From details section on YouTube for Forever In Blue Jeans

“I was considering doing this song live in the near future… When a call came in from my acting agents – and the meaning of this song changed instantly. As all of a sudden, honestly, I couldn’t sing this song through without my voice breaking and tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

Yet, another audition came in for something that would film the same week that I had made a commitment to myself and new friends, to be in Black Rock City, the Nevada Desert, at the Rites Of Passage Burn, Burning Man 2011…

As much as I love working, “moving forward,” and making money… I have sat on my hands too frequently putting life on hold, for chances to work… “Money talks, but it don’t sing or dance and it don’t walk…”

Life should not be about waiting for a career to “take off.”

This is my first burn… Something I always feared, thought I would hate… Publicly declared it so… But this year I decided to challenge myself, and put fears and preconceived notions quite literally to a fire. To grow. To develop. To excite.

How important it is for me to go to the festival… I will never know until years after I go. “Art for art sake.” “Radical self expression.” “Gifting society.”

Perhaps I make connections there that change my career. Perhaps I find new paths… Perhaps, working to live doesn’t make you as much money… Perhaps I just go and have fun… Or perhaps I hate it…

But it’s better to LIVE, EXPERIENCE, CHALLENGE, TAKE RISKS, and be happy and live “Forever In Blue Jeans.”

Work to live… Do not live to work.

Forever In Blue Jeans
written by: Neil Diamond
& Richard Bennett

And yes, I know you can see the light and lyrics in my lenses… This was VERY VERY spur of the moment! Even used a Karaoke Track instead of building one from scratch.”

BTW here’s Todd singing about, that he did a while back as a lark. He’s got several songs posted on YouTube… I can’t honestly tell you which one of his I like best.

Head Found In Griffith Park is NOT a Publicity stunt!

It’s been all over the news… A head was found by a bunch of dogs, during a hike in Griffith Park the other day. Today they found feet and hands… Well, a few people have written me and said the whole tragic thing reminded them of the 1st scene after the opening credits, in an incredibly low budget movie some friends and I put together 10 years ago… “Murderous Camouflage.” Wow, has it been 10 years? Where does the time go? Man, I looked so much younger.

The video is embedded below, and the scene people say reminds them of the found head, fingers and feet starts at 3:49, but feel free to watch whatever. And feel free to pass on.

So, no, the head, hands and feet found by police in Griffith Park isn’t and wasn’t a 10-year anniversary publicly stunt for the movie “Murderous Camouflage.” Although thinking the LAPD acted acted anything like we do in the movie, kinda brings a smile to my face despite the tragic horrific gruesome situation. I mean I’ll do a lot of things for publicity, but not murder, well, not yet, and I just wanted to make that perfectly clear.

BTW the movie is best watched late at night, with a group, and under the influence.

And a little trivia; There’s lots of great funny actors in the movie, but the actresses that played the super hot Johnson Twins landed the Coor’s Light “And Twins” campaign just after we finished editing.

Solo Dweller Buddy Check

A friend of mine suffered an injury, alone, at home, late at night… Doesn’t matter how. Doesn’t matter what happened. Doesn’t matter who. What matters for this blog is that she then spent the rest of the night alone, bleeding, keeping herself awake, afraid of falling asleep with a possible serious head trauma…

The next morning she drove herself to the hospital, where a plastic surgeon stitched her up, and she was indeed diagnosed with a concussion.

Okay, here’s the point of this blog… It’s just a bit of advice.

When you’re a child, you have parents or guardians to watch over you, to drive you to the hospital… When you have roommates, you have someone there to lean on when the shit hits the fan… When you’re living with a spouse or significant other, you someone that can take care of you when you’re in need… But for many of us, artists, actors, musicians, urban singles… Many of us live alone…

Well, if you are, like me, like my friend, a solo dweller, you should have an agreement with another nearby solo dwellers… An agreement to be hospital buddies… That is an agreement between two or three of you, that at any time, you will make yourself available for emergencies.

Look, getting to the airport you often have time to plan… There’s no fear in snagging a ride with a shared van, calling a taxi, jumping on the subway, or taking the flyaway from Union Station or North Hollywood.

That’s not to say you can’t have others that you help, or that help you, but if you live alone, you really should consider having an agreement in place with one or two nearby people. An agreement before an emergency situation happens. Someone you can call, without fear of judgement, without concern over manners, how you look, or what time it might be…

-Quiche out

Photos (Bear Canyon)

Today I didn’t have anything I HAD to do on the books, and I’ve hit the gym 5 days in a row, so I decided to grab my camera and go on a short hike out of town…

If I take my professional cam with me and I get one good shot out of an excursion, I’m happy I brought the camera along… If I get nothing spectacular, or worth showing anyone, I look at it as, I just carried a weight with me for more exercise.

So, when I come back with half a score of shots I’m happy with… I’m 10 times happier. Above are only a few of the shots that I captured today…

I keep saying it, but at some point, I may make prints available for purchase, or I will put photographs into a collection…

It was even nicer to get back in cell range to find a message from one of my agents… I booked my first commercial of 2012!

-Quiche out