Stupidest Thing in the Room, The

Years ago while sharing a New York City apartment with two opera tenors (true story), I got in a very courteous habit of not shaking people’s hands when I either didn’t feel well, or for a significant time after my body had worked through a cold.


For most people being sick is a bummer, it knocks them down for a few days, they may take a paid sick day, lose a day of pay, or have to slug through their daily tasks regardless of how they feel… But when a singer/voice artist gets a cold that affects their voice even slightly it can knock them out of being able to perform a concern, or keep them from landing a paid jobs, and one paid job could be the difference between homelessness & unemployment and paying their rent & health care insurance. Same with actors, when we look sick, sound sick, or feel blah, that might be the difference between getting a commercial or maybe even that one big break… Dancers. Athletes. Hell, regardless of what people do, everyone is effected by the flu, viruses and bacteria, and NOBODY (save a lunatic) likes getting sick.

The other day I met some new people and while most people appreciated the gesture of me not shaking their hands, one person took a little offense to it. “It okay,” he explained with a bold air of indignancy and his hand extended, “I’m just getting over a cold too.”

I actually laughed ever so slightly, as I couldn’t actually believe what I was hearing… So, not only was he willing to risk his own health, but he was willing to risk mine. Yeah, I know, it’s not that dramatic to have a runny nose, pounding headache, upset stomach, or cough, but yet, as I explained in the first paragraph, NOBODY likes getting sick.

I’m not a “germaphobe” by any means, but there have been many articles that state that people with colds are more than likely contagious a few days BEFORE symptoms kick in and possibly for several days after the body appears finished with it. There are all sorts of bugs, and these pesky don’t follow many rules…

Ever hear someone declare, “It’s okay, I’m not contagious,” as if they’re taking saliva swabs and smearing them in Petri dishes on an hourly basis… As if there is only one virus or bacteria in the world and that they may not have picked up another…

“Don’t worry, it’s the same cold you had…” Really? How do you know?

“I’ve been on antibiotics for three days, so you’re fine…” Really? But what if that particular antibiotic isn’t hitting the very specific particular bug you have, and you won’t know for another three days when you’re back in the doctor’s office?

So you know, I’m not a doctor, or a scientist working in a lab, and I’ve rarely been cast as either one TV, though for the record I have worked in labs, physician offices, and within the field of pharmaceuticals, as well as studied biology, microbiology, histopathology and chemistry.

With all that irrelevant ego-driven-bullshit written, here’s my feeling, which again I learned from two opera singers in New York City… If you’re starting to feel sick, exhibiting signs of sickness, or recently getting over the simplest of colds… You’re doing everyone a favor (except pharmaceutical companies) by not shaking their hands even if it feels impolite not to.

The smarter people you come in contact with will appreciate the gesture, and nothing is worse than shaking someone’s hand and then hearing them say, “Oh, I’ve been better, I got this stupid cold.” Trust me, at that moment, the cold isn’t the stupidest thing in the room.

Stay healthy my friends…

– Quiche Out

Do you have a “I’m not sick”or “Don’t worry I’m not contagious” story to share below?

Sharing w/the Loyal – New Vocal Recording

Posted just to share with the loyal… Far from perfect. No video/just audio. It’s just been a while since I’ve posted.

Will most likely be deleted, go “unlisted” or become “private” within a day.

Many of the songs that have gone “unlisted” on YouTube have their direct links listed on this site for you and your friends.

Disclaimers: Recorded During a Class In a Dance Rehearsal Room w/Cheap Mic. It was John’s 2nd time playing song ever and Tom was getting over a cold.

It All Fades Away Recording, LINK ADDRESS:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.50.17 PM

The “Cat Poster”

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 7.35.42 PM

You can’t live a life on this planet without a few bumps and bruises, without self-doubts, without defeats, without blocked passages, without hurdles…

At the same time people are being raped, robbed and murdered around the globe, ice caps are melting, various animals face extinction, people don’t have clean water to drink, food to eat, and human rights are being trampled on, we have people bitching about being snubbed for award shows, angry fans over their team losing a game, and someone else loading up a shotgun at home ranting about how they didn’t get a twenty-cent an hour raise at a discount retailer this year.

I’m no different.

“Tragedy is when I get a hangnail. Comedy is when someone else falls into an open sewer and dies.”
– Mel Brooks

I live a pretty great life. For over a decade I’m one that can claim to be a “working actor.” As you know I’ve had successes on TV, in commercials, I’ve been paid as a writer, a singer, a photographer, even an editor… In the creative field of which I’ve chosen I’ve been relatively fortunate. However, with that written, I continually find myself at crossroads, questioning if I should continue, if I should play it safe, be content where I am, or if I should continue to roll the dice and try for that all-allusive big brass ring.

I realize, to an actor, working a job they hate, hoping to book their first TV show, first commercial, or first paid acting gig, they may look at my “career” as successful or enviable.

Recently Taylor Negron, a well-known, very talented, character actor passed away. Now, while I have several friends who were good friends and/or worked with him, I personally never had a conversation with him. The few times I saw him at venues or parties, I figured he wouldn’t want to be bothered, and I really had nothing to say other than I’ve known and enjoyed his work for years, from Better Off Dead, Easy Money to some of his off-beat comedy, to MOTH stories posted on YouTube.

From where I stand his theatrical & comedy career dwarf my own, my what a solid IMDB page he has, and again, though I didn’t know Taylor, what I do know about most actor/writer/comedians is that most of us constantly look towards the next step… Wanting the career, clout, and credits that are ahead of ours.

Where is this all going?

  • Today I got feedback on a short film script I wrote from a possible executive producer, who at this point is seemingly uninterested. Honestly I couldn’t tell if in his brief notes he was flattering or insulting.
  • This past week, my long time collaborator and I had a few bumps as we’re once again trying to figure out if we should take a creative break, jump back in, or figure something else out either collectively or independently.
  • Since I’ve been back in Los Angeles I have had two commercial calls where I was basically auditioning with a bunch of large, overly muscly actors, where lines were at a minimum… Basically serving as sight gags.
  • Last week I worked a short film, as a favor for a friend of mine, where the Assistant Director’s first words to me, when I arrived on set were… “So, have you ever acted before?” And later, one of the leads turned to me at one point and asked, “So, are you really a security guard?” (As I was dressed as a security guard for my role)
  • To top it off my latest TV audition, which I would be more than happy to book, is for an ugly, child beating, meth addict, who murders his wife, and then gets taken down to the ground by the attractive star of the show.

Ah yes… The ego. Located in the nut-sack of my mind.

Today I spent the last few hours wondering who I am, where I have come from, who I want to be, and where can I go to for advice… When I was younger, my parents were around, and while their advice was usually good for them, it was information to either take or rebel against. In High School I had a guidance counselor who gave me some really pathetic guidance, it was such an insult to my potential,  it inspired me to “show him how wrong he was.” But, after advisors in college, and when we live lives without bosses, who do we turn to for advice or even “f’ them” inspiration?

Enter the “cat poster.”

Having a quiet second at the gym, silently questioning…  “Who do I want to be?” “What do I want people to remember me by?” “What example is my life?” “Who can I turn to?” I caught a glimpse of what I’m going to call a “Lego Movie cat poster equivalent.”

Some times a phrase inspires at just the right time (ignoring the 2nd sentence).


Support. And not just any support… The right support. While it may feel warm and cozy to surround ourselves with people who share our same beliefs and thoughts, to back us up with our misery, fears and doubts… Perhaps, it’s even better to find a few people who will push us through the blocks, over the hurdles… People who either inspire us, or give us reason to show them how wrong they are.

As I’m writing this I’m also literally making chicken soup, with a thought, I called a friend who has taken several creative, uncomfortable risks as of late, and in just a few minutes she was offering names, ideas and suggestions. I need to fuel the fires inside of me. I need to once again prove all those who said “no” wrong.

Man, life huh?

I hope to have your strong continued support as I once again look to challenge myself in this creative field I’ve chosen… To reach the next level. To break from the comfortable. To challenge. To risk.

Stay tuned, big things are coming.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m sorry for the loss of Taylor and all the sadness that so many felt this past week… And I truly wish I had answers to the bigger problems of the world, the violence, the pollution, the ignorance, the hypocrisies of politics and religion, the greed… Perhaps by changing levels, I will be able to have a greater influence on the way things are seen, after all, that really is the reason I chose to go into this career.

– Quiche Out


Feeling a tad under the weather this week, I found myself at home reading, researching, and watching a few more movies than usual…

Films that had been recommended to me in the past…

While Guardians Of The Galaxy was a super fun, slightly dizzying romp, (a more buffoonish, more action/effects driven, and 70s music laden Star Wars), the movies The Impossible and Chasing Ice both literally knocked me silent in so many ways, having me question so many things in my world and life. I recommend them all.

So many things happen in our world each day… Some so trivial… Some so horrific or catastrophic… Some so senseless… And yet some so amazing…

I often don’t know what to do or say, and at times I question whether or not I’ve yet found my calling.

– Quiche Out


P.S. My heart goes out to all affected by the Charlie Hebdo attack, and the massacre in Nigeria.

“It Don’t Gitmo Better’n This!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.17.12 PM

Not exactly sure what “coming soon” actually means, but the TRAILER is now up on Indican’s site, as well as the PRESS KIT PDF (with some pretty great set photos & info).  Again, no idea when the movie will be available, but if you’re interested, I guess let the good people at Indican know.

– Quiche Out

Link addresses posted below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.06.46 PM
CLICK to go to site


WMD page on Indican’s Site:


Found Mime


While scanning photos over Christmas break at my parents’, I found a few shots I had never seen before, and some that brought back memories I had long forgotten. Perhaps I’ll post more pictures with stories in the future. However, the above, blurry, half-blocked shot is of a dude, who was doing an unanticipated mime show, in a public space I saw as a young teen.

I have no idea why I or someone in my family snapped this picture, but this is probably the earliest memory that I have of considering becoming some sort of professional performer (I know funny, right?). The idea was soon forgotten afterward, as I didn’t run away to Clown College or pack up an invisible suitcase and pretend to go to mime school… However, at that time, watching this guy influence a large group of people, seemed somehow semi-magical to me.

The found picture just reinforces, you never know who is watching… You never know who is seeing something for a first time, as perhaps they watch you give a speech, on stage, in a movie, teaching a class… People can inspire others at every level and every venue, in every profession… And you can never predict how even the smallest of things you do may influence or affect someone else’s life.

Just sharing.

Keep inspiring.

– Quiche Out