Another Of YOUR Lists – Web Videos

A few posts ago I asked people connected to me via social media to recommend a film they’ve either been part of that their proud of, or a movie that think I’d enjoy that I might not have seen… And I got many great answers, and since then have seen several of the films… Some I’ve loved, some I’m like… “really? that film? really?” But I’ve watched the films just the same. And anyway you look at it, whether or not I loved the film or was luke warm on the suggestion, I’ve expanded my creative brain by taking in something I might not have known about otherwise. You can see that particular post here if you’re interested (

If YOU have a film suggestion, please feel free to post your suggestion in the comment section of THAT BLOG post for others to see. BTW my queue is still packed with about 100 films.

Now I’m asking another question…

I have put out a lot of web based videos… IMG_2216-cropCloset Singer alone has literally dozens of videos, and there’s been other projects I’ve been involved with as well… And I continually put them out to you, as well as these blogs, hoping that you’ll click on every single one, and pass every single one on to your networks. Each time you click on a video of mine, or pass a video or blog of mine on, you help me… You help motivate me to do more videos, write more blogs, you help expand the public’s awareness of me, you help increase my “brand” recognition, and my asking price when I do book work… Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.03.46 AM

However, right now, I’m asking for Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.12.27 AMsomething else from you… Sort of like did with the question about films, I’m asking how I can help you, or your friend I don’t know…

Is there a web based video that you’re proud of, that you’ve been involved with, or your good friend or sibling was involved with, or a video that you really loved that’s ClosetSinger-A_Creative-Choicebased online that you think I might not have seen, but you love it and think I should see it? Maybe it’s a singer I’ve probably never heard of, or a drunken Russian cat, or something YOU shot for 5 bucks… Something YOU’D want me and possibly others to click on and watch.
Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 9.22.03 PM
Please though, just one suggestion to one specific video. Too many choices and I’ll start being selective, so really, only suggest one specific video, and include the link.

Post your suggestions in the comment section below, or on the Facebook page under the update, asking this question, where others can see what you posted. Perhaps I will collect the information and put together a “master” list of your suggestions. Maybe… For now, your link to a specific video and whatever you chose to write about it, will be a promo for the video.

– Quiche Out

Empty Tables & Chairs

I’d never play this role on stage or film, as I’m too old, too big, and too… too many other things to list, including my voice isn’t “right” for it. But that’s part of the fun of it all in the closet. Plus after doing “Stars” a few weeks back ( I was inspired to do this version of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and with the award shows coming to a close I figured, now is the time.

Big thanks to everyone that made suggestions on where to pick up tiny tables and chairs… I went way over budget, but, I think it’s fun.

From Wikipedia: Les Misérables (pron.: /leɪ ˈmɪzərɑːb/ or /leɪ ˌmɪzəˈrɑːb/; French pronunciation: ​[le mizeˈʁabl]), colloquially known as Les Mis or Les Miz /leɪ ˈmɪz/, is a sung-through musical based on the novel of the same name by French poet and playwright Victor Hugo. It has music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, original French lyrics by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel, with an English-language libretto by Herbert Kretzmer.

– Quiche Out

Butt… What Song Is It

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 3.11.16 PMThe song I recorded with Rebekah Lee and Rachel Noelle last Sunday, and then released on Wednesday, as the newest Closet Singer was a big hit back in the 80s, and an iconic song for me… As a matter of fact, the song title itself brings up great memories of cruising in my first cars and partying in college…

Sadly it may have defined several relationships too.

Anyway, it was an odd, creative and artistic choice not to show the actual song title on the video. I personally love that viewers discover which song it is, and song title well after the set up of “where’s your sister?” However, for those who love the song, but that don’t know me, or Rebekah or Rachel, or don’t have any idea of “what” Closet Singer is… They probably would never find it or be able to enjoy our rendition.

“Why are you guys singing in a closet?”

So, after putting the question out there to those who have already watched it. of should we/I title the video or not… Out of 16 people, only 4 said they enjoyed the “ah-ha” moment when the song started playing. While I truly value those four people’s opinions… The masses have spoken.

“Is this one of those Closet Man videos?”

But, since I prefer it with no title up front, I’m making a compromise… I’m waiting a few more hours… Tick tick.

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll put the actual song title for the title of the video… And everyone from then on will know the real song title before they start watching. Is this really no big deal? Yup. But it’s like a  painter slightly changing the color of a tree from one shade of green to another… What am i talking about?

Actually, I feel pretty okay about it, because the song links went out Wednesday in the Big Quiche newsletter, on social media, and this blog, so the people like you who are paying the most attention to what I’m doing in my career have had ample time to see it as I originally painted the tree.

You still have time to watch it as I intended it to be seen… But not too much time. I promise NOT to title it before SUNSET today.

So turn it up, give yourself five minutes of fun, and click… 

– Quiche Out

The song title will go on the Bloops and Oops too, but that doesn’t really mean anything. But here that is.

Feb 14th 2013 Newsletter.

In my rush to get the last video out, I don’t believe I alerted the people who only read this or my blog to the NEWEST newsletter that went out… Feb 14th. So, if you’re interested in reading it… Thanks all.

Click here.

– Quiche Out

Answers to Questions Asked…

Sorry this took me longer than I expected to get back to you, I had a very busy week working on spec projects, which basically means I worked my ass off, but get paid nothing. Zero. Zilch. They’re all a high-risk investment projects that hopefully pay off someday. Working on setting up two films. Rewrites on a big budget comedy. Managing my manager. Shooting and editing a video and blooper reel… Well, a lot. Though don’t feel too sorry for me, for although I’m choosing to answer your questions on a Friday night, instead of rocking the town, I am doing it while nursing an amazing bottle of pricey single malt Scotch.

Okay, so, let’s see if I can help you with some of your questions. You mentioned in your email that you have found a lot of conflict in information about show business, about working as a screenwriter, or TV writer… And honestly, everything I’m about to tell you ain’t no different. That’s the way it is, there is no magic pill, unfortunately, there is no brilliant answer. It seems to be a crapshoot that is rigged for only a few connected insiders. Were your dad Tom Hanks or Dustin Hoffman you wouldn’t be asking me these questions. I don’t want to be the voice of doom or gloom, and everyone’s reality is different… Perhaps the golden ring flies to you. And if that happens I hope you remember that I took time out of my life to try to help you see clearly.

For many of us, sometimes, being underwater with weights strapped to us is the way it feels. This year I finished my first novel, it’s hard enough getting friends and family members to read it, let alone people who don’t know you. And imagine someone who gets a pile of books every day… Same goes with singing… Same goes with acting… Same goes with script writing… It’s a long tough road, a marathon where you’re running along side of a lot of other people, some dropping out, some dying, some moving on… And very little people on the sidelines cheering, and actually many of them will do their best to discourage you in the beginning.

Congratulations on getting any writing work, it’s never an easy task. I’ve done some copy writing for coins no and again, and wouldn’t turn down cash to do what I love. Writing is writing.

As far as living in different places and making a living as a screenwriter you can live anywhere in the universe. The trouble is the networking. This past week I met with two producers, next week I hope to meet with another… Wanting to get my material read, and hoping to find the team to make the words find the screen. But a script is a script, and if you can find the right eyes… The script may get made, or bought, or optioned.

Television is much different. TV writers tend to work as teams, and groups. Most of the people I know that are successful in writing for television started out as writing assistance. That means they worked for very very  little money, and very very long hours, and after some time somebody gave them a shot. With a spec script for the show they happened to have been working on.

I have been writing for 20 years, I started with plays monologues and sketches, started screenwriting when I moved to Los Angeles over 15 years ago… And it was then that I was put together with two other writers, as writing partners. One of those two writing partners and I continue to work together to this day. We have written several scripts on our own, and together, and we’ve been patted hard on the back many times… A few have gotten paid options on them, but none of them have been made yet. Most of my very talented writer and actor friends for that matter have done their crafts for years without racking up too much cash in their fields. Unfortunately, that is more the way the dice tends to roll.

I have known very few people to have sold spec scripts, a few are now working nonstop, and a few haven’t sold since… As far as festivals go, most people I know feel festivals to be a waste of money and time, however, with that said, I do have a friend whose career turned around doing well at a festival he’s now doing punch ups. But, I think, for the most of us, it’s a rigged and losing crapshoot.

Getting an agent is another difficult challenge, and having an agent or a manager isn’t a guarantee by any means. Some people look out right out of the gate. They have something that attracts the agent. One of my friends had a last name that was ethnic enough, that it attracted some interest. I came out of a screenwriting program at UCLA and in the final week had two scripts optioned by a big company, out of the 10 or so agents that came to talk to us the final week of class, not one was interested in even reading a logline of any of my scripts.

As far as manager versus agent, that is a difficult question. Currently I am working with a manager for my literary projects, and a manager and an agent for my acting projects. For whatever reason my manager has not wanted to work with an agent with my scripts.

I think that your questions. It’s a long road, a marathon that most people don’t finish. Some have success along the way, some go crazy, some become addicts… The arts are an addiction for many of us.  There’s nothing I would rather be doing than writing or editing or shooting or singing… Do I wish I made more money more frequently… Damn freaking skippy I do. Do I wish more people watched my videos, read my books, my blogs, my scripts… Yup. But we can’t control other people, we can barely control ourselves, and managing a freelance life of creative endeavors and too much free time can be more work than anyone can handle.

Do what you want to do… No one will cry if you don’t sing a note or write a single script, as everyone’s got their own stuff, their own dreams, their own cat videos to post. So write or act or sing because you can’t do anything else, because it feeds you like nothing else does… Cause when you’re in a shitty apartment and there’s gun fire a block away, and your fingers are freezing cause you don’t want to turn on the heat because you’d rather be sitting in cold than have a day job… Because you want to be writing with your hours, or doing whatever you’re doing that much… Then… Then… You know you’re doing what makes you happy.

Also know that what ever makes us extremely happy is also the very thing that breaks our hearts over and over and over. And that’s the way life is. Especially for the people living lives like poets.

Have an awesome weekend, and do whatever, find your voice…

You know copywriters make pretty good livings, I meet many of them on commercial shoots, and while a lot of them are frustrated novelist and screenwriters, they live pretty comfortably, drive nice cars, have pretty wives, wear trendy sneakers… 😉

I’m off, my drink is empty. Or maybe I’ll go out. Who knows. Life is unpredictable.

– Quiche Out.

Bloops & Oops feat. sexy twins Rebekah & Rachel

Behind and BlooperMy favorite thing with having guests in my Closet is really turning out to be all the unknowns… When it’s just me, funny things happen, but I pretty much know what’s going on the entire time… 059 b blooper two out of threeAnd when stuff goes “wrong” I just roll with it.

However, when people come over that have no idea what to expect, and they’re not used to the mic, the lights, the cameras so close, or performing Behind and Blooper04in a closet… Comedy ensues, and I’ve learned to record much of it while it’s Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 3.11.16 PMhappening.  Also when others come over I’m put to the test directing, shooting, recording, mixing, set dressing and communicating…

So, here you go, I ofter you the Bloops & Oops of Closet Singer #59 featuring Rebekah & Rachel.

Go to to see all the videos posted online, including OTHER BLOOPERS from other guests… And please make sure to watch the ACTUAL SONG…

The ends.

– Quiche Out