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Month: February 2013

Another Of YOUR Lists – Web Videos

A few posts ago I asked people connected to me via social media to recommend a film they’ve either been part of that their proud of, or a movie that think I’d enjoy that I might not have seen… And I got many great answers, and since then have seen several of the films… Some I’ve loved, some I’m like… “really? that film? really?” But I’ve watched the films just the same. And anyway you look at it, whether or not I loved the film or was luke warm on… Read more Another Of YOUR Lists – Web Videos

Empty Tables & Chairs

I’d never play this role on stage or film, as I’m too old, too big, and too… too many other things to list, including my voice isn’t “right” for it. But that’s part of the fun of it all in the closet. Plus after doing “Stars” a few weeks back ( I was inspired to do this version of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and with the award shows coming to a close I figured, now is the time. Big thanks to everyone that made suggestions on where to pick… Read more Empty Tables & Chairs

Butt… What Song Is It

The song I recorded with Rebekah Lee and Rachel Noelle last Sunday, and then released on Wednesday, as the newest Closet Singer was a big hit back in the 80s, and an iconic song for me… As a matter of fact, the song title itself brings up great memories of cruising in my first cars and partying in college… Sadly it may have defined several relationships too. Anyway, it was an odd, creative and artistic choice not to show the actual song title on the video. I personally love that… Read more Butt… What Song Is It

Answers to Questions Asked…

Sorry this took me longer than I expected to get back to you, I had a very busy week working on spec projects, which basically means I worked my ass off, but get paid nothing. Zero. Zilch. They’re all a high-risk investment projects that hopefully pay off someday. Working on setting up two films. Rewrites on a big budget comedy. Managing my manager. Shooting and editing a video and blooper reel… Well, a lot. Though don’t feel too sorry for me, for although I’m choosing to answer your questions on… Read more Answers to Questions Asked…