200th Post – Probable Last For 2012 – Just A Silly Video

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– Quiche Out

Love. Laugh. Be merry!

Love. Laugh. Be merry!

As you wrap up your week, month and year… Smile. Breathe. Open a door for someone. Pause an extra three seconds before blowing your horn. Be kind to yourself and others… Respect. Cherish. Love. Laugh. Be merry!

Have wonderful holidays, no matter what you celebrate or don’t celebrate… be safe and enjoy the people in your life.

– Quiche Out

A Long Shot (Not In Acting)

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 7.38.30 PM
Video Still Frame – Blake Ward – CEO of AIRTECH

Years ago I actually had a few extra bucks coming in, and at the same time the economy crashed, I “lost” a bunch in the market, and interest being paid in savings accounts were jokes… So, I figured why not take a long shot with some capital, as nothing seemed to be safe. I did some research and chose to become an “angel investor” in a company that I initially learned about thru a friend.

Well, so far the small amount of money that I invested has been nothing but in the air… Kinda like a fart you sort of forget about. Though I do have to say the company has been very communicative with all of the investors since the beginning.

Recently the company has started making products and small public splashes (literally) and once again I’m back to hoping that some day it all pays off for us all.

Here’s the first article printed and the second article about this particular company and how this particular company that I chose to invest in a few years back is working on helping to clean up the environment.

It’s funny, when I invested they were focused on making other products… Personally, I’m just ecstatic they’re finally making stuff! It was also great to get a holiday card from them and to see the dozen or so employees.

I’m not writing this to sell you anything, or try to get you to invest in anything… I just simply feel very positive about something I took a risk doing, that is slowly coming out of the dark, and possibly will help clean up the water of the world a little.

– Quiche Out

The Cut (Clip Advice)

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 6.52.07 PMA few posting ago I wrote a part one and part two about the de-evolution of demo reels. Basically how agents, managers and casting offices are seemingly leaning towards individual performance clips rather than demo reels…

Breaking Up – The De-Evolution Of The Demo Reel

Breaking Up – The De-Evolution Of The Demo Reel – Part Two

Today I’m sharing with you this entry, which I’m calling, “The Cut.”

Typically, the editors do their best to make the series regulars look as good as they can… And many times guests are really there to just help serve or move the story along. If we’re lucky we create an obstacle they have to overcome or a problem they have to solve. Often when day players speak the editor would rather chose footage of the star listening, then show us uttering words… Additionally, some times there are story jokes, which don’t always play out, and some times get lost somewhere along the line… In this episode the star’s character “secretly” had a surveillance camera implanted in her bra, and I was directed to make sure to glance at her cleavage from time to time. I quoted the word “secretly,” because the times we did the scene using the “secret” camera, she literally had a Cannon 5D Mark II harnessed to her, with the director and crew right marching behind her and watching along via attached monitors. In my simple mind, I figured the editors would’ve mixed and matched the footage, cutting from one camera to the boob camera and back… But it wasn’t, and really, in my opinion it was edited in such a way, that a few of the exchanges just make me look like I’m a shifty eyed muther…

Oh well… “The Cut.” For my demo it’s about showing off my work… Not making the stars look good or giving them air time. I consider it part of my job, as my own personal editor, to not only highlight my character, but more importantly, make the scene as smooth, simpler, and short as I can, all while also trying to figure out how to have a halfway decent open and close with me squarely in the frame.

I’m embedding two videos… The first is my edit… It’s slightly shuffled around and cut down to 29 seconds. And the second is the original scene, which is 70 seconds longer, contains four more characters, and two other locations. What do you think?
– Quiche Out

NCIS: Los Angeles Episode

Apparently “my cameo” on NCIS: LA aired last night… Sorry. I missed it too. It’s around the 32 minute mark.


– Quiche Out

Color Outside The Lines

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 3.14.12 PMThis morning I was on stage at the Boston Court Theater in Pasadena, with a talented cast, doing a reading of a new play, SE LLAMA CRISTINA, by Octavio Solis and directed by Juliette Carrillo.

One reason I said yes when Juliette asked me if I’d be interested was because I really didn’t understand the play and the structure was so different than what I’ve been working with as of late. I could see it was skillfully and poetically written, saw Octavio’s list of accomplishments, know Juliette’s a constant wonderful talented pro, and while I could understand the play on one level, I truly felt like I didn’t really understand the play. Basically, the role, the language, the themes and absurdity, all felt out of my normal realms of comfort. And it felt very theatrical, something I’ve been away from for some time.

The audience that stayed after the printed words were spoken seemed to have eaten the new work with a spoon… Loving Octavio’s phrasing and themes, Juliette’s direction, and the performances by the cast. And although I’m happy for all involved, this blog really isn’t being written about any of those things. I’m truly writing because once again I felt the powers in doing what isn’t completely familiar or comfortable… The feeling of life’s energies as I stepped out from the doorway of my individual norms.

Do. Don’t Judge. Watch. Feel. Experience.

Octavio wrote a haunting, twisted, poetic play with a strange sense of musicality… So much of it didn’t make sense to my conscious mind in the process that I tossed and turned and had bizarre nightmarish dreams at night as my subconscious mind wrestled with what was and wasn’t… Unsatisfied by the inability to make sense out of it all.

Upon posting something on Facebook about dreams and the play rehearsals, a friend posted a link to a video. A piece that she was reminded of upon only reading a synopsis of the play.  So now, I’m sharing it with you… Please know that I have no physical connection with the video other than being one of the nearly 900,000 hits. I don’t know if I like it, love it, or understand it… It filled my eyes. It made me wish I could be poetry.

My schooling years betrayed me, there aren’t always answers. Art and expressionism does not always exist to be understood. Who the hell cares if we color outside the lines? Something I have to relearn. Something I experienced at Burning Man two years ago. Something I need to continue to remind myself of. Art. Life. Passion. Feelings. They’re not about understanding, getting it right, or comprehension. Some times, most times, they’re just meant to be lived. Experienced.

The video Fjögur píanó by Alma Har’el is embedded below… Some of you may have seen it already. Some of you may love it. Some of you may hate it. Some of you may watch it twice. Some of you may shut it off and declare it stupid to the paint on your walls.

My advice is to watch it in a place where you can be free from distraction, free to feel, free to experience… A place and time where you can just let the sounds and images wash over you, wash over you…

Color outside the lines.

– Quiche Out