Closet Singer Vids Are Back Baby! (kinda)

poster Closet Singer 02Yes, after consideration, I’m happy to declare that Closet Singer videos are again available for viewing… I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to share with your peeps.

The only change is that all Closet Singer videos are now “unlisted” on YouTube, and should not come up on web searches, so in order for others to enjoy they have to be given specific song links, see videos embedded in your social media, or somehow learn about

The songs are all listed on, broken up into 5 categories…

  1. Broadway & Standards – Closet Singer

  2. Pop – Closet Singer

  3. Comedy/Bloopers/Bizarre – Closet Singer

  4. Originals/Holidays/Tributes – Closet Singer

  5. Out Of The Closet/Live Performances

Don’t be a closet Closet Singer fan… Please share the series with friends, family, co-workers, and on social media sites… Or just share various videos that tickle your fancy pants… Again, no one who doesn’t know about is going to discover any of the songs unless you tell them about them.

Why they went Offline/Why they’re now Unlisted:

I’ve been looking in the proverbial mirror a lot recently, re-analyzing nearly everything I do, and how I do it. First I wanted to look at the forest for the trees, see what I had done, and make sure I wasn’t doing something just because I had been doing it… But the greater reason is that I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t lost legitimate paid acting work with having playful creative videos floating around and coming up on web searches of my name. Yes, it’s a bit ironic that in such a creative business, there are so many uncreative people, but in this world of remakes, money means everything, with boxes ready to put people in, and reality shows… So be it.

Closet Singer started as a way to be creative, have fun, experiment, learn, and push the boundaries of four tight walls… But mostly to bring joy to people, performers inside the closet, and viewers outside the closet.

As for Future Videos from The Closet:

I don’t know the answer yet. If there’s a building audience, or greater demand, if I get completely inspired… Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. But for now, I’m just happy to be able to share them once again with people like you who appreciate them in a way that hopefully doesn’t block me from paid acting gigs. It’s even more ironic, that if the series were to go viral, finding millions eyeballs, supporters, fans and friends, the popularity of the series would very possibly create wonderful paid opportunities way beyond my current reach.

Very little tops hearing from people, the joy they get from seeing these silly little creations… And over the past years it’s been online I’ve already met so many amazing, supportive people thru Closet Singer videos…

However, there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet that don’t know anything about, let’s try to knock that down to just above 6 billion 😉

Thank you for your support, your help, and for sharing…

– Quiche Out



And yes, for the record,, currently redirects to a page on this site, and can be found using the menu, through the singing directory.



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.04.28 PM

I don’t believe I ever posted that TSA AMERICA LEVEL ORANGE was now on YOUTUBE for FREE… Because, I just found it, and I was surprised to see it there.

It was a pleasure to work with such a great group of people, and very talented performers. Other actors in the series include: Colin Ferguson, Danneel Ackles, Whit Hertford, Jillian Armenante, Ryan Smith, Pam Trotter, Jared Hillman, Brian Flaccus and many more!

All three episodes directed by Misha Collins are YouTube, I’m in two of them… My main episode is, “Yeah, But Is It Ticking,” and I make an appearance at the very end of “Suspicious Bulges.”

If I posted this information before I apologize, but I either JUST found it online, or somehow forgetful, rediscovered it…


– Quiche Out


Frightened – Audio – Truth

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.11.45 PM

Last summer I did a story telling night with a very talented group of professional producers/writers, a series called, SPARK OFF ROSE… And I have just been made aware that the audio to the program is online…

The challenge was to tell a TRUE story about a promise or promises, and although I submitted several different stories, the very talented and supportive, Janet Blake (Spark Off Rose producer/writer) surprised me when she chose my, “Africa Story” from all the others I pitched.

With her notes, and several rewrites, most jokes were taken out, and the story was reshaped, and reshaped, in order to be told in the most straight-forward, simple and honest manner.

All story tellers were instructed not to memorize our words, but to just simply read them, word for word in front of the 100 plus audience members.

That wasn’t nearly as frightening as posting this…

Anyone interested in Spark Off Rose should contact them directly.

I’m stalling….

Okay, here is the link to the SoundCloud file…


– Quiche Out



Those that have been following or reading me for some time may remember other postings about it, last summer… So, for the curious… Here is the article I wrote, post show, last summer, that summed up the experience.  LINK:

Me and Law School

UWLA - law school

Don’t get too excited mom, dad and all the single ladies…

Asked by my friend, entertainment lawyer, Lee Rudnicki… Last night, as a guest, I participated in a workshop with law students at UWLA.

Unlike the other times I’ve spoken at various colleges, these were law students, not wannabe professional actors, directors, stage managers, singers or writers… Instead of having them ask me questions with no parameters, about various elements of my career and experience, Lee designed a workshop that really challenged them to act as entertainment lawyers.

You can read what Professor Rudnicki’s assignment was, on his blog Seven Thoughts.  “Law School, Actor. Actor, Law School.”


Basically: First they were to pitch one of my own written project to me, as if I knew nothing about it, and then they were to act as if they were my representative advising me on an option contract handed to me.

At the close of the class, before a very brief Q & A, it suddenly hit me of possibly a greater reason I was there… Besides having another life experience, or making a potential future connection, or perhaps gaining another twitter follower or two…

As the case may be, maybe, just maybe, me being there could benefit hundreds of other artists… And perchance this was my opportunity, nay my duty, to let these yet unhatched incubating lawyers know how important it was that they learn how to do their jobs well… So, they protect their future clients… Let’s face it, creatives may be brilliant at creative stuff, but are often not experts in details, and sometimes make decisions based on personal passion and not the printed words on a page.

I gave them an example on how on one particular movie, I was willing to sign whatever was in front of me, and also how my representative at the time didn’t take the time to carefully look at the details of the contract, and what was missing.

The error was both of ours… I’m no longer with that representative, and I ended up not getting what I should have rightly, and easily would have been given… But because it wasn’t in the printing of the contract, the director and producers had every right to say their “hands were tied.”

It seemed to be an interesting experience for everyone, and while I’m proud to admit I knew more about contract-law and elements of production than I ever thought I did, I also learned a few handy little things too.

Here’s what I can sum up for you:

If you don’t know it’s possible to get, you probably won’t think to ask for it… If you don’t ask for it, they more-than-likely won’t bring it up… If you don’t get it clearly stated in writing, with a dated signature, it’s like you never asked.

– Quiche Out
NOTE: In addition to being a friend, an entertainment lawyer, and an adjunct professor, I met Lee in screenwriting class at UCLA, he and I have a script we’ve written together, he’s a published novelist, a screenwriter, and is working on getting two films of his own set up, which he intends to direct.


’O Sole D’oh D’oh!

Nobody sings
compliment from a woman and her daughter who were there last night…

Last night at a piano bar I sang a particular song better than I have ever sung it… I sang it with more depth, more pain, and I ended on a note far higher than I have ever attempted to sing in public… The note was so high that my friend, the pianist, told me later, he turned from the music to watch with his jaw literally dropped… Now, while this may sound like a braggart’s story, here’s what everyone at the venue didn’t know…

I was feeling frustrated by a few things, with several things hitting chords inside of me, stirring up my emotional pot. But, as many of you know, that’s not really that out of the ordinary for me… However, just before I went up to sing, as a few people had requested, and the pianist called me… Two others leaped towards the piano, gung-ho to sing, with a chart in hand. So, the pianist politely obliged the pair and bumped me one song later.

As I sat back down at the bar, the tip of my left middle finger found a gap between the loose wooden-frame of the high-backed stool and the wood-framed seat cushion… When I eased my behemoth body down, I started to crush/pinch my finger…

Instantly, I sprang up (in complete silence mind you), but my fingertip was still stuck between the cushion, the chair, and my now unbalanced weight… When my arm ran out of bend at the elbow, my momentum was oddly yanked back down towards and onto the chair, this time with my full-weight, slamming my fingernail between the two wooden objects. Though I wanted to scream, I remained silent throughout, not letting on to anyone around me anything had happened… Or pulling attention from pair at the piano and their operatic duet… Silently realizing all the while how funny it would have been to anyone watching, but no one in the place had a clue.

By the time I went up to sing, the color had changed under my nail, and I had no idea that the sound that I had held in, was ready to come out.

– Quiche Out

And for the record, the song was “I (who have nothing),” and yes, it is uncomfortable to type this… But, like all artists, I hope to bring you pleasure from my pain.


Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.17.47 AM
Click to go to the interview

This week, it was an honor to be interviewed by the lovely & talented, Robyn Spangler for her web-column, “Smalltalk.”

Click HERE to read the full interview on Robyn’s site, or click the image.

For the record Closet Singer episodes are currently not available online for viewing, however a vocal demo with a few clips from the series can be found HERE, and several still images can be seen in the Closet Singer section of this site, HERE.

– Quiche Out