5 reviews, all 5 are 5 out of 5 stars

First off THANK YOU.

The reason I started writing novels was because I got frustrated with screenplays being passed over for reasons out of my control… and though writing books is a much more involved process, writing them gives me a way to get stories out for people to enjoy, exactly the same reason I used to write for theatre. And while it does not yet make economic sense to continue writing, as I probably make pennies an hour at this point… knowing someone enjoyed something I wrote, makes it worth it… and hopefully someday the books take off, and maybe they get made into a film or TV show then.

Park Ranger Park
by Tom Kiesche
Link: http://a.co/eMjpYJA

While I am appreciative of the current ratings, I’m truly even more appreciative for the words posted under each. I love getting feedback on commercials, or TV shows I appear in… but honestly something like a novel, that I poured countless hours of creativity into… when I get complimentary feedback on those, it’s a whole other level.

Amazon has a way to read both for “free” with a trial subscription, and the price of a Kindle is less than a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Please consider getting a copy and reading Park Ranger Park (or the 1st paperback I published Sympathy for the Devil if that sounds more  your style).

The first five reviews posted on Amazon, are all 5 out of 5, and are all posted below… Click the link above, or type in “Tom Kiesche” or “Park Ranger Park” into a search on Amazon.

Lastly, thank you.

– Quiche Out








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