Why This Is The Newest Tool In My Tool Box

Punch hole packaging-small

I just posed a question on Twitter: “Anyone want to take a guess why this is the newest tool in my tool box? pic.twitter.com/qd0gWvkscg”

The answer is that I’ve continued to drop weight since the end of January… And well…

The complete answer is in picture form below.

More and more people are commenting on my steady, most recent, weight loss, and I’m feeling lighter and more fit. And I’m not losing by starvation, surgery, over exercising, or some brand new fad diet…

I imagine more will come off with relative ease, over the next few weeks, though I’m not really focused on it. And I don’t have some magic number in mind that I want to reach, though I did tell the producers of a commercial I just booked that I’d like to drop 5 more by the time we shoot.

Actually I told them, when I suspected there was an unspoken question about my weight in the room, that if they wanted me to drop 5-10 pounds before the shoot day, that was very possible and highly probable that I could achieve that, but if they were thinking me dropping 20 or 30 more, in a week, they should find someone else.

I’ve started to write down and deeply examine what I’m doing… As that’s what people seem to want to know… The writing may turn out to be a series of blogs, a short Ebook, or just for me… So, keep tuned in.

As for how much weight… I actually don’t really feel like posting that right now, as I don’t feel truly confident in the numbers that scale displayed to me yesterday, but today I’m very happily putting another hole in all my belts.

– Quiche Out

Belt punch photo -small
Started with oldest, in case I goofed.


So, the other night I finally saw “Searching For Sugar Man.” I had heard about it on NPR, then again around the Oscars, and from a variety of friends, but it fell off my radar as I put the movie in my eventual slow-moving DVD queue.

I enjoyed it beyond words… So many aspects of it have hit my conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind since, and I feel ever so slightly changed some where deep inside my artistic core.

The story is pretty dang amazing, inspiring, and the telling of it is done extremely well. Honestly, so many themes throughout the movie have come up in my over-active creative mind since, and while I won’t write about any of them at this point, I’ll just say, I highly recommend the movie.

So, what’s FREE? And I'd Like To Thank-NEW_COVER

Well, nothing to do with that movie, other than the spirit of giving and creative expression… Tomorrow, Thursday May 30th, 2013 (only),  the Kindle version of my book, “And I’d Like To Thank…” will be FREE to you, and whomever else chooses to download it.

That’s right, you’re welcome to download it, and to tell your friends about it, and hope you’ll be able to read it, and then add to the list of positive reviews.

And if for some reason you feel guilty about accepting a FREE offer, and you’d like to throw 35 cents my way… You’ll be able to purchase the book after you read it, or buy a copy for someone else, or also grab a copy of “Sympathy For The Devil,” which, I just discovered Amazon has reduced the price of the paperback to $12.58.

– Quiche Out

Thurs-May 30th, FREE KINDLE BOOK – Giveaway… “And I’d Like To Thank…”
Read summary and limited reviews on Amazon… http://t.co/TtspD1bv8F

Right Now… In Cannes

WMD listed at Cannes
WMD listed in publications at Cannes… Photos provided by production team just before the screening of the film…

The production team is closing the doors on the screening room in Cannes France, and a theater of viewers are about to be among the first in the world to see WMD. Wish I was there for the screening and the palm pressing, but…

I have to believe my time will come… As well as others involved with the film… And that at some point, I’ll look back and say, “Oh I remember when I didn’t have to be here every year, and life was so much simpler…”

Gotta believe…

– Quiche Out

Bridge To Nowhere Hike (and beyond)

P1020610For the last few years some friends of mine have been doing a group hike to the Bridge To Nowhere and slightly beyond… And this year was the first year I could make it work.

First off, I’m not usually a big fan of hiking with large groups as you tend not to see too much wildlife, and I like to not impact nature so much, but this trail is so heavily traveled I don’t think it matters, besides, we saw a water snake (tiny), half a dozen squirrels, scores of scattering lizards, some screaming bridge jumpers, many bearded gold prospectors, and a few big horn sheep.

If you don’t know what the Bridge To Nowhere is… It’s a bridge in the middle of nowhere… Goes to nowhere… Was built in the 30s… And there’s a hiking trail that takes you there. And if you want, you can pay who you have to pay, and you can bungee jump from it and scream your head off.

As far as the hike… I have to say it was one of the easier 10 mile hikes I’ve ever done… I get a far greater workout walking around my hoods of Silverlake and Los Feliz… Seriously, besides a few rock scrambles and water crossings, which I’m sure vary in difficulty depending on the water level, it’s really pretty flat… There are a few “more challenging” sections, but still, not so bad…

Honestly, after the bridge is where it started to get less crowded, more interesting, and prettier, and if I ever go back where I plan to venture much further…

Views are many, shade minimum… And there’s plenty of people watching. The water’s cool and I’m sure that’s the main draw of most people on a hot day.

While it’s most certainly rattlesnake country, we didn’t see any, but we did see plenty of parking tickets on vehicles who either didn’t have Adventure Passes or were parked illegally…

Here’s a tip, if there’s a sign that reads “no parking” with arrows going in both directions… Don’t park near it. If the upper lot is full, park below the white bridge and turn off, where we found no such signs, and received no such tickets.

As far as what gear is needed… It’s nine miles to the bridge and back from the top lot, so wear something you can crush loose rocks in for nine miles… And while your feet will most likely get wet, you’ll still want boots or shoes that have the ability to have decent traction even when they’re soaked.  And of course, wear long sleeves and a hat, OR slap on the sunscreen…

Okay, here are some pictures… Happy hiking.

– Quiche Out

People Of (in) France… WMD at Cannes ALERT!


I mean… Hey… If you happen to be at Cannes, or have a friend at Cannes… Here’s a chance to be one of the first people in the entire world to see WMD, screened on a… screen.

The WMD production team is over there right now, doing their best to get distributors to come to the screening (info listed in the images below)… But they also know that having a good, friendly, psyched audience is a good thing too.

WARNING… I mean… The small film, WMD, is looking to build some momentum at Cannes, so, feel free to pass on the info… Ask others if they’re planning on going… Go talk to the production team and grab a postcard or picture with them…

WARNING… Yes, warning… I’m one of the leads, and yes, I have a definite interest in the film both being seen and finding distribution… And if YOU and your friends want it to see it in the future, then you do too.

– Quiche Out


WMD-CannesCannes Postcard words

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Escape)”

Frankenstein Peeling faceChallenge accepted. @postaday

The above photo was not taken by me, but by my friend and professional set photographer Michael Moriatis… It had been a long day on set, shooting a music video, in a basement-level haunted house in Pasadena, for a web series I do called Closet Singer...

Escaping from latex on your face, after a long day, now that’s a good, good feeling. That is escaping.

Funny, that last night I saw the new Star Trek with both the director of Monster’s Lament, Ron Roggé, and the composer, Dennis Napolitano… and this morning, I got this photo challenge.

– Quiche Out

If you’re interested in watching the music video… It’s embedded below, and the full cast, crew and make up credit list can be found on the official IMDB page.