Closet Singer

 Closet Singer EDCLICK HERE: Singing Demo

Closet Singer Videos are broken into 5 categories, click them all. Forward, share and embed videos you enjoy… Or pass this direct link on to your friends – And don’t forget to subscribe & follow!

  1. Broadway & Standards – Closet Singer

  2. Pop – Closet Singer

  3. Comedy/Bloopers/Bizarre – Closet Singer

  4. Originals/Holidays/Tributes – Closet Singer

  5. LIVE Performances/Out of the Closet

Feel free to forward, share and embed videos you enjoy… Or pass this direct link on to your friends.

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11 thoughts on “Closet Singer

  1. I’m a kond of new fan of yours! I seen you on breaking bad and on The Animal. I’m hooked on your closet singer vids! You are really talented! You should come out of the closet and make an album or go on a tour! I’d love to see you perform!


    • Big thanks. I’ve been singing more and more live… Actually will be on stage this coming week singing in a show in Los Angeles… Thank you again. Look forward to hearing more from you!


  2. Aww I live in Michigan, about 50 miles northeast of Detroit! I’d love to come to LA someday, but can’t! Do you travel anywhere else to perform? You should perform all over the country! That would be really cool! I’d go see you if you ever came to Michigan!


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