Improv Comedy Changed My Life

“Describe your improv experience.”

Sometimes in addition to having to do a scene for an audition, you’re asked a question, and sometimes you answer the question a lot more fully than they may have wanted. Maybe that’s a bad thing, but…sometimes you just gotta make yourself happy, and march to your own drummer.

I was on hold for the part, had a “pin in me” for the role, but atlas it went to someone else. Probably wasn’t a life-changing role, but it’s always nice to win another one.


I waited several months before sharing this, and don’t typically share auditions, till it at least it airs or is in theaters, as that’s someone else’s material. But… this was an impromptu answer to a question. “Describe your improv experience.”

Literally, improv comedy changed my life.

Do you. Be you. Be authentic. Live life.

  • Quiche Out

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