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Month: April 2012

‘ ”’ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ Lazy Rain ‘ ” ” ”” ”’ ‘ ‘

Posted on my Facebook Page yesterday: “the rain drops sounded heavy for a while, not like it was raining hard, but more like each one carried more weight… now they’re light, and it sounds more like static in a wire. “ This morning it started raining again… Coincidentally, earlier this week, I started looking at a particular song… For this post, I’m going to be lazy, and I’m just going to post the lyrics, as maybe they’ll hit you like the did me… Perhaps one day I’ll sing this particular… Read more ‘ ”’ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ Lazy Rain ‘ ” ” ”” ”’ ‘ ‘

VIDEO: Love Her Madly – (an odd apology)

It felt good to just play. An un-closet-ed Closet Singer. Because I was afraid to sound poorly in a Karaoke dive bar the other night, all wrapped up in my head, I decided to be as unpolished as I could with this recording/video. Even choosing to use my computer’s camera and singing at my desk as I read the words from an on line Karaoke version. Oh read the story on the video. Why can’t I continue to remember to always sing, dance, and play… As no one is watching?… Read more VIDEO: Love Her Madly – (an odd apology)

Injury Time Out

Yesterday I suffered a slight internal injury above my right knee, slipping on some gravel at the beginning of my decent down a mountain… For the next 2.7 miles, every step downward was an exercise in pain management. Whenever the trail leveled out or went up a little, it was like a breath of fresh air… This is not the first time something like this has happened, nor will it most likely be the last. Pain and life, pain and adventure… It’s all fine. I completely accept it. I did… Read more Injury Time Out