Love & Happiness

I have no idea when I’ll be able to do my show LOVE & OTHER FOUR-LEGGED WORDS or any other live performance again… Or any theater professional, musician or theater amateur will be able to perform in public…

But I’m super happy that in 2019 I stepped up and finally performed one of the one-man shows I had written.

And very proud to say that we were able to raise about $7500 in total (3 shows) toward the wellness and care of animals.

It all has been a definite lesson in DO NOT PUT OFF…

With some of the remaining funds that we raised… We were recently able to support some shelter staff with masks during this current crisis. Hopefully that’ll help raise morale, safety and confidence… all leading to healthier, happier animals.

Again, thank you for all that believed in the show, supported, helped or came to see L&OFLW or any past theater shows.

– Quiche Out

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