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Month: January 2013

First Night In Class

Last night I started a new music class. Kind of a nuts and bolts sort of thing. Starting with the very, very basic. Clefs. “Every Good Boy Does Fine…” Quarter note. Triplet… I was thrilled to learn and relearn a few things I had forgotten or never was taught. And, once again it reinforced the idea that it’s always good to drill the basics, no matter what we’re doing. Before class started, the teacher introduced herself to us all, as we drifted in thru the door one by one… The… Read more First Night In Class

I Give You (the)… Stars

Yesterday, after doing rewrites on a screenplay and getting to a point where I couldn’t go any further without a discussion with my collaborator… I started researching music for an upcoming live show. After going through the three thick books I had borrowed from the library earlier that morning, and dozens of amazing and not so amazing renditions of songs on YouTube, I decided to take a lazy, comfortable nap. It was perfect timing, about two in the afternoon, a half-hour after food had passed thru my lips, gray skies… Read more I Give You (the)… Stars

Remember All That Crap I Wrote About Demo Reels & Clips

So, a few postings ago I wrote about the evolution of the demo reel…  About how my new manager wanted me to break my demo reel up into clips… As he felt that no one is looking at reels any more. Just clips. Well, my new agent feels differently and he doesn’t always have the time to consider which clip would work for which role, and would rather send a reel. Instead of picking the wrong clip, this way it covers several bases and shows I can act. However, instead… Read more Remember All That Crap I Wrote About Demo Reels & Clips