Thinner, sexier, lighter, easier to handle…and so is the novel.

In order to offer the paperback of Park Ranger Park at a lower cost, and make a more environmentally friendly book, there is now a smaller/condensed font version available. Less paper, same great taste.
Instead of $17.95 it’s now listed at $13.95.
Look for it.
Thinner, sexier, lighter, easier to handle…and so is the novel.
Some great story. Same amount of words. Same great reviews…30 FIVE STAR REVIEWS (+ two 4 star reviews).
Original print size and format copies are still available, as is the Kindle version.
Park Ranger Park
by Tom Kiesche

“Great reviews are like hugging the writer.”

Thirty-two reviews, thirty of them 5 stars, two of them 4 stars. Here is the latest. 

Kindle for Park Ranger Park is now only $2.99, less than your coffee and more exciting, and will take you longer to devour.   

Michael currently teaches in Film studies in Korea, and we met decades ago when we both lived in NYC. Thanks Michael!

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Saw this uncredited quote the other day…  “Great reviews are like hugging the writer.”

$2.99 Pre-Halloween Sale!

Discount on Kindle books, for pre-Halloween reading!

Link to books:

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Hopefully in your hands by Halloween

Just ordered a proof for the new, condensed font edition of Park Ranger Park (Garamond 11pt)… If this proof is approved, it’ll be 100 pages thinner, using less paper for those concerned about trees and the enviroment, and slightly less costly to consumers.
Park Ranger Park will be still available in the original, very comfortable to read, printed edition (Cambria 13pt), and on Kindle (where readers are able to change font sizes).
I hope to have the new condensed font, thinner, version out in early October, so those who want it can have it in time for Halloween reading.
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As Seen On World News!

Super happy to have been alerted about an article about Park Ranger Park posted on World News ( today…and I invite you to read the article.

Also if you missed it, Friday we made the FRONT page of Elucid Magazine, we’re still on the front page as of now…but below is the link to the full article. I would imagine the front page will change relatively soon.

If you’re reading it, enjoying it, or planning on getting it, please let me know…those things make me happy.

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Direct link to the book on Amazon. 

WD NEWS Park Ranger Park


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Front Page Press!

Park Ranger Park on Elucid Magazine’s front page! 
Front page on September 1st 2017!  
Full article link:

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