Lazy Druthers (Video from Feb Show)


Another video from our February 2018 show out in Palm Desert, CA.

This one we call, “Lazy Druthers.” Details on YouTube.

– Quiche Out


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CanCan — Yup, we did…

The first excerpt from our February 25th, 2018 – BROADWAY 1950s, THE GOLDEN AGE – show in Palm Desert. Hope to see you next time, live… Plenty of details on the YouTube page.


Not sure how many excerpts/songs I’ll cut from the show, as it’s a long process, and I’m once again attempting to learn new editing software.

– Quiche Out

Palm Desert Show (Feb 25th, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.50.44 AM.png

A big thank you to everyone that made it out to our Broadway 1950s, The Golden Age show this past Sunday. It was a lot of fun for Deirdre Moncy, Joel Baker, and myself. Big thanks to Les Michaels who produced the show, my parents for making the trip from NJ and helping, Darcy for helping on the fly, and Alex for running the sound and lights.

Not sure the next time either one of us will be out to the Coachella Valley and do some singing again, but we both were super happy we did, and I’m sure we will be back, either individually or collectively!

As for a video of the performance, once I get all the footage…one or two individual songs may be posted on a YouTube account, and possibly a sizzle reel will be assembled.

Trouble is, without a professional on each piece of equipment the entire time, it’s nearly impossible to get a high-quality, flub free, interesting video…and unless it’s staged and performed FOR the cameras…it’s ALWAYS BETTER LIVE and in the moment. ALWAYS.

Thank you for your support, and thank you Coachella Valley.

– Quiche Out


Pimping Palm Springs

One week away from the Coachella Valley performance – NEXT SUNDAY Feb 25th at 2PM at the Arthur Newman Theater in Palm Desert.  

The Golden Age of Broadway 1950s with Deirdre Moncy and Joel Baker. Produced by Les Michaels.

Facebook event page:

Pimped the show last night at AJ’s…in Cathedral City. See the video on YouTube…

– Quiche Out

Closed a YouTube Account

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it harder and harder to manage all the online accounts, content, and passwords. So, today, in an effort to streamline, I deleted my original YouTube channel—so at least perhaps I can manage my YouTube videos better.

Man, YouTube has changed over the years, both in what they allow as far as content, and the size of the video, which is clearly demonstrated by the low-quality videos I reuploaded on the only account I manage now.

Feel free to laugh or gasp at the very juvenile, Real Men Don’t (7 videos) Series… those are old and on or just past the border of good taste, or watch some of the short films I shot with some friends (5 videos) Big Quiche Shorts, or even check out a feature me and some very talented folks put together for under 5k back in 2002 before YouTube even existed… Murderous Camouflage (12 chapters for your viewing pleasure). And all the Closet Singer Series vids (all 76) are back up.

If any of them make you laugh, feel free to pass them on…

– Quiche Out

Kicked In The Nuts

This past weekend I worked on a very funny spec pilot that has a certain, very recognizable name behind it. At this time, I won’t release anything more than I will in this post, but everyone involved seemed extremely happy with what we all did this weekend…both with scripted elements and stuff improvised or added.

Most times, nothing leads to anything, especially when you’re promised the moon…which has taught me to only do things that I want to do—because a thing is really just the thing it is. However, sometimes—when you don’t expect anything—something does actually lead to something else…

Early last year, out of the blue, a lovely friend I had been in a class with (years earlier) recommended me to a director/writer for a 48-hour film festival. The friend from the class was going to be involved and she thought I would add the project. I talked to the director (her friend) and I agreed to be part of whatever it would be, having had the day free and having had a good conversation with him.

Well, the script was written on the fly the night before the shoot—as it happens with 48-hour film festivals—and I ended up with a tiny no dialogue bit part in a parking lot. I would be portraying an asshole, who parked poorly and then get run over by a car. Basically, a glorified extra, with a small stunt.

I appreciated that the director gave me an out option after sending me a PDF of the script because the part was so small, however, I kept my commitment.

The next day, I hit my marks, did my little stunt, and maybe even created a laugh or two even when I was off-screen. Honestly, regardless of how friendly everyone was on that set because I was working under a waiver (for free)…with no lines, for the three hours I was on set, it kinda felt like my ego was repeatedly getting kicked in the nuts.

Flash forward to Wednesday or Thursday of last week…

I get a call from that same 48-hour film director, and he inquires if I’d be interested in doing something for some friends of his that need an actor to play a character I’d be perfect for… (I suspect someone they had lined up suddenly had a conflict or something.)

I basically tell him something like… “Honestly, I can’t just be a glorified extra again, as I’ll just end up hating myself for saying yes, as honestly, it felt like I was doing free work and having my ego get kicked in the nuts repeatedly.”

He assured me THIS role was larger and more important, and the project had some great people and energy behind it. I stated that I appreciated him thinking of me, but that I couldn’t say yes, without seeing a draft of the script ahead of time.

He completely understood, thanked me, and passed me to one of the producers directly on the project…

With the producer, who called me within minutes, once again I restated my hesitancy without seeing a script…

Minutes later I was emailed a draft and was reading.

True to everyone’s words, the script was funny, the role was much larger and my character was a significant part of the storyline of the pilot… Beyond that, I would be working with some known actors, a professional crew, I’d be paid, and my character was being set up as a nemesis of one of the leads.

Ironically… I was again being asked to play an asshole in a parking lot with some minor stunt work, but this time, at the end of both of my scenes, I would literally get kicked in the nuts, on screen.

I enjoyed working with the cast, the crew, the directors, and the producers. I was able to bring myself to the role, and adding things here and there. Basically, it was a very collaborative, creative, and fun shoot.

I hope, for all involved, the show does get picked up and takes off. It’s very funny, and everyone is talented and friendly. Plus what a great story this might be to tell on some late night talk show someday. Yet one of the “you-never-know” stories that actually paid off.

I will certainly let you know more — the people involved, the title, when and where you can see it — when the producers let me know that I can say more.

Thanks all,

– Quiche Out

And if you’re wondering if I look thinner than say 10 months ago…