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12th ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Review (may contain spoilers)

Another great ☆☆☆☆☆ review on Amazon for Park Ranger Park…this one discusses the basic plot a bit, that’s why I wrote the “may contain spoilers” warning.

A DOZEN 5 star reviews!

Thank you to all that have already read the book, who have posted about it, and reviewed the book. Again, as of Monday, June 4th, corrected text has been uploaded for Kindle files, and all new paperbacks ordered through Amazon or Create Space.

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I post these reviews because I want you to read the book. I truly believe the Park Ranger Park would make a fun, KICK ASS, shortened series on HBO, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, AMAZON…with a second book being the second season. However, without the book building an audience, the chances of that drops significantly. So, please, please, consider picking it up and reading it…and if it’s simply that you’re not able to afford it, at this time, drop me a note, out of public view.

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Just don’t take my word for it

Some pull quotes from AMAZON about Park Ranger Park…

#1 Go to

#2 Type in: “Tom Kiesche Park Ranger Park” 

#3 Order

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What’s Better Than Ten 5 Star Reviews? Eleven 5 Star Reviews!

This weekend PARK RANGER PARK received it’s 11th review…and it was another 5 stars! 

However, even more exciting, is that Park Ranger Park was just RE-uploaded to Amazon. 

A few readers took me up on pointing out glitches they noticed in the novel, and three readers really went out of their way to help make Park Ranger Park sharper, cleaner, and easier to read. Big thank yous to all of them for some great suggestions and eagle eyes. 

If you purchased the Kindle already, I believe you can reload the updated file. 

With paperbacks it’s not so easy, but if the book takes off, you have yourself a collector’s edition. 

The book is 98% the same. The story is the same. The chapters are the same. The page count is nearly the same. 

It’s basically just clarifications, and clean ups that got missed in the “beta version.”

If you haven’t picked up a copy, or want to reload your Kindle, or get another copy, or recommend it to someone… Once again, here’s the book on Amazon!

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Here are the last two posted reviews on Amazon!

Kittens and Puppies

A few weeks ago I went through the orientation for the Los Angeles Animal Services volunteer program, and since I have been approved I’ve volunteered a few hours at the shelter closest to my home. While I loved walking dogs at the privately owned shelter in Beverly Hills, it’s not nearly as close, and the last few times I had gone there, all the dogs had been walked several times that day. While I really do like the shelter and the people who run the place, I wasn’t feeling that my time was really needed there, as they were getting a plethora of volunteers showing up every day.

Cut to: A friend at the gym telling me how the city’s animal shelters need volunteers to walk dogs…

So, I looked into it. It’s a city program, that means there are rules, rules, formalities, rules, classes, approval processes, and rules…you just can’t go in and walk dogs — no matter how much experience you have. So, while that has been frustrating, it always feels great when I can be of service to beings that require care or some attention.

I’ve only been cleared to do general volunteer services at this time, so I’ve cleaned kitten cages, puppy cages, cleaned cages in the cat and dog infirmaries, done laundry, washed dog bowls, pulled trash. Not all of it’s fun, cuddle time with cuteness, but as long as I feel like my time there is needed, I’ve been happy enough.

I have posted a few videos on Instagram, so, if you need a smile, feel free to scroll through the posts and check out some cute kittens and puppies.


Direct Link:

For information about how to volunteer there, which shelter might be closest to you in Los Angeles, or if you’re looking for a new pet…a dog, cat, bunny, turtle, hamster…which needs you as much as you need him or her…feel free to click the link.

And let me just say that while kittens and puppies are CUTE, with adopting an older animal they tend to require far less time, and you often know their personality and temperament immediately, or within few days of bringing them home.

For the record: the fact that city shelters are sometimes forced to euthanize animals kept me away from volunteering there, but if animals are healthy and are legally adoptable then the animals typically remain at the shelter until the find homes.

Anyway, feel free to check out the videos and pictures on Instagram if you want.

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Being Lint Brushed

Was just alerted of a little press about the movie that just wrapped, if you’re interested in reading it, link is below. We shot in both Los Angeles and Eastern Washington State.  It was good to work, to meet new people (fun and talented), and see yet another part of America. I’ll let you know more about when and where you can see it, when I know more. Not sure why they chose a shot where I’m in the photo, being lint brushed, but…

DIRECT LINK:‘the-purple-rose’/20594.html

Maybe lint brushing is my thing now… anyone remember the little lint brush scene from Romantically Speaking?

For more photos and videos from the shoot, you can always check out my Instagram. @TomKiesche

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Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.21.27 AM‘the-purple-rose’/20594.html