Sharing Something Personal

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 11.32.30 AMToday the “August” newsletter “Quiche & Tell” went out early because the word on the street is that there are only a few seats left for the August 5th performance in Pacific Palisades… Trust me, without putting myself down, it’s not my suddenly popularity, but more that the evening is a monthly event, with a large following, and each month 7 new storytellers get on stage… You can read the newsletter by clicking HERE… (BTW: there’s a small announcement of something to come, in the very last section.)

I’m going to share something personal here, a sort of confession…  And apparently, thankfully, I’m not at all alone with this one…

Daring+Greatly+3D+Book+ImageI’m currently reading “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown, the same woman that gave the vulnerability TED talks I raved about several times

Several things have hit me, but one in particular, on page 63/64, I constantly deal with as a writer, producer, singer, actor, photographer… One thing that causes me discomfort over and over throughout my life in the creative arts…I’m posting it here because maybe you too deal with it, and possibly the paragraphs I’ve included below, her book, or her talks, will give you a few “ah-ha” or “I’m not alone” realizations. I can’t recommend her TED talks on vulnerability highly enough (I’ll embed 3 of them below)… And this book… So far, so good. And I appreciate how in this book she’s finally addressing the differences of vulnerability, shame and pain on women and men.

I’ve been propelled to share this after seeing yet another post about another healthy young person committing suicide. And while I did not know this person, I’ve known far too many people who have made this tragic, final choice… I truly believe the common thread between all of them, whether in the arts or not, are the feelings of pain, low self-worth and feeling alone. While we may physically may be alone, or may emotionally feel alone… We are not at all alone. We are all human, and all capable of feeling the same things.

– Quiche Out


Colorful Shirt – “Coloring” Song

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 8.51.15 PMHere is the second song extracted from the July 19th, 2013 “Twisted…” show in Hollywood.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s doubtful I’ll be posting any others as I’m not sure the remaining songs “work” out of context, as some times you just have to be there… And experience it, LIVE.

And so you know, while Barbra Streisand arguably made this song iconic, I was oblivious to the tune till I heard local cabaret icon Larry Davis (my Uncle Larry) sing it. By the way, let me give a big shout out to a great number of people in that community. I was really surprised how many talented singers and people I’ve met along the way at open mics came to see the show this time (and/or last).

Here it is… “My Coloring Book”
Full performance and song credits are listed on the YouTube page…

– Quiche Out

Oh, and in case you missed it, the 1st song from July 19th, 2013 that was posted had a much different flavor to it.

1 Week From Today – Mon. Aug 5th

946589_10151561713283507_961401193_nOne week from today I’ll be center stage, with six others, at Theatre Palisades, storytelling.

I don’t know if any or all of the stories will be hilarious, or if any or all of the tales will draw tears, I can only tell you that whomever makes up the audience on Monday, August 5th, 2013, will bear witness to seven truthful, honest, 1st person stories, all themed around the word “Promises…”

Weeks ago, producer Janet S. Blake asked me to be part of this particular theatrical evening, and since then has helped me shape and sharpen my story. The process has been educational in ways I never expected, both in developing storytelling skills and providing enlightening insight into my personal past.

Seating is very limited for this special one-night event as SPARK story nights very often sell out… So, if you want to be part of the evening, buy your tickets online ASAP, as according to info I was given on Friday morning, there are only a handful of tickets.

Make note that the evening starts at 7:30PM, and the theater is 100 yards from the entrance to Temescal Canyon Park and Sunset Blvd. Free lot and street parking is available, and as always, read all signs.

– Quiche Out


“F’ U High School!”

Fucking Perfect- FUCK YOUMany people grow up feeling like  outsiders, as if they were “less than…” And, while there was a time I believed I was made to feel that way solely by others, in retrospect, it was more my own self-doubts and beliefs that contributed to my own pain.

Far removed, I now understand that during my teen, high school years, most everyone around me was also struggling for air, like drowning victims in a crowded community pool… Jockeying not to be stuck at the bottom… Wanting to stay afloat, to be guaranteed their next breath. I understand that when I am a target or taunted, it is almost always from someone who, they themselves are going thru their own pain… Even from the people who seem to be the biggest, meanest a**holes.

photoI am thankful for yesteryear, and challenges, as they help me become who I am and who I will become… No matter how difficult an immediate situation may be, each event, each day or month, in our history unquestionably shapes us. We each bear witness to our own “Butterfly Effects.”

Learned wisdom has shown me that I should not attempt to change other people, but learn to be nicer to myself, and in so doing, I will most likely become nicer to others… And perhaps my internal smile will influence someone else. Funny that this is the book I started reading this week, which was recommended by friends months ago, but took a while to get from the LAPL.

I’m writing this post today, not because I’m still angry about anything, but because of a video I posted yesterday, which was from the show I did on stage in Hollywood, last Friday.

Now, while I’d rather have a microphone smell like a beer, than one that cuts out… And that was one of the things that was going to keep me from making this video public… Which I find a bit ironic. Chose to dwell on “flaws,” or chose to believe… It’s “F**in’ Perfect” as is.

Chose to believe you’re “F**in’ Perfect” as is.

– Quiche Out

Full credits are listed under the video, but to Max Martin, Alecia Moore and Johan Schuster thank you for writing this song.

August 5th, 7:30PM (Storytelling On Stage)

Two weeks from today…

946589_10151561713283507_961401193_n-Quiche Out

Scenes From The Glades…

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 9.24.41 AMI don’t want to put this on YouTube as that’s way too public, and if you want to see the entire episode of The Glades, you can still watch it online for FREE…

Click the following link.

However, if you just are only interested in the scenes with my character… You can see those, here… For demo purposes only. I’m not sure if I’ll use any of it for my reel…

YouTube and Facebook won’t let it be, but… So you can view it on Vimeo.

– Quiche Out