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Month: November 2015

Thank You

Without YOUR smiles & support, far less would feel as enjoyable… YOU make me very happy. Yes YOU. Thank you for reading, for following, for asking, for encouraging, for watching, for liking, for subscribing, for sharing, for forwarding, for helping, for leading by example, by being… YOU! – Quiche Out

Waterfall Dancer (vid)

Last night I posted a few pictures and a video of Feona from our day hike outside of Los Angeles, at Cooper Canyon Falls… After posting, Feona looked at some of the photos she took on her camera phone… And thought it looked like me dancing… She couldn’t stop laughing, then I looked, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Last night’s post with photos and details: Could be a, “you had to be there thing,” but… we found them funny. This morning, for our enjoyment, I put them to a phrase of… Read more Waterfall Dancer (vid)


This AM I got a message asking why I’ve been so silent on this site and social media as of late, concerned… It was a nice note to get. Honestly, I’ve been quite busy working more than full time on a new novel, a new one man show concept, and a new duet show with Deirdre… Research, writing, research, writing… And some auditions thrown in, close on a few but no cigars… I’ve also just started on another new venture which I’m delaying in announcing for a little while longer…… Read more Poke