Releasing my creation “Park Ranger Park” February 10th, with the Full Hunger Moon

Happy to announce that we’ve just scheduled the release date of my 3rd novel… Park Ranger Parkwhich may be the first of a two (or more) part series.

Release date: Friday, February 10th, 2017 (which coincides with the full moon known by some as the “Full Hunger Moon,” “Snow Moon,” or “Bone Moon.”)

We are even more excited to inform you that you can now…
PRE-ORDER – Park Ranger Park – for KINDLE.

Direct link:

The projected 416 page paperback (Park Ranger Park) will be pricer and is currently unable to be pre-ordered. However, we do hope to have the issue figured out soon, and at least have it online, ready to be ordered around the same time as the Kindle launch on Feb 10th.

We hope you’ll be among the first to read Park Ranger Park, we hope you enjoy it, review it positively, and then help spread the word about it to anyone that might enjoy it.

Thank you for your support in all my creative endeavors always.

– Quiche Out


Link: PRE-ORDER – Park Ranger Park – by Tom Kiesche – for KINDLE.



Link: PRE-ORDER – Park Ranger Park – by Tom Kiesche – for KINDLE.

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