Superman and My Next Novel

screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-1-34-25-pmOn Christmas Eve morning I was doing music research, looking up songs Eddie Arnold recorded, when I came across one called Turn The World Around. Published in 1967, written by Ben Peters, it was also covered by Dean Martin and others… And no, it’s not the song that Harry Belafonte and The Muppets sang. The title and the words could help me think of the 1978 movie with Christopher Reeve as Superman. Remember that? Could that song have inspired the writers?

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Remember when at the end of the Superman he flies at super high speeds and reverses the spin of the Earth, causing time not only to slowdown, but actually reverse? I mean, I know it’s a movie, and yeah there’s a dude flying in his underwear, and disguised in glasses, and it’s campy, but he reverses time by spinning the world the other way.

Millions of viewers went along for the ride, most not really considering what the hell would actually happen if the world were to even slow down, or stop, let alone the massive destruction that would occur if it went the other way with oceans, and storms. I mean, we’re travel at 1,000 miles an hour, imagine if we just STOPPED?

Anyway… I was doing music research taking a break from working on  a new screenplay with my long-time collaborator, and also taking a break from working on the cover art for my 3rd novel, when it hit me… AGAIN.

That’s why I started writing novels!

Hear me out.

So many screenplays get rejected or never read, for the stupidest of reasons… A reader doesn’t like a character name, a studio head doesn’t believe a character might say something to another character, a star doesn’t think the character would be good for their image, there’s enough “white space” on the pages, there’s too many words on each page,  the script’s too long, too short, has too many characters, has too few characters, too many locations, too few locations, it won’t get made because baseball isn’t popular in Europe… WHATEVER, it’s ridiculous, and so stories I work on for years, never get told… And yet SUPERMAN, turns the world around, and the studios spent 55 million on making it, and it’s made 300 million.

Writing a novel changes that. As long as a writer doesn’t sit around waiting for managers, agents or publishers to approve, nowadays writers can get novels out to the public and share them. If people don’t buy them, that’s okay. If people don’t like them, that’s okay. However, what is no longer be okay for me is writing things that don’t get air breathed into them because of a bunch of gatekeepers and their inability to imagine, take risks, or trust… I no longer want to invest hundred of hours of my life into stories that will never live, only existing, as some sort of computer code, trapped in hard drives…

I read a quote years ago, which I’ll mess up I’m sure, so I won’t even try to remember it, but it was about the difference between being someone who does something for a hobby, and someone who does that same thing as a profession. The different between someone who sketches and someone who’s an artist, or someone who makes things out of rocks and someone who’s a sculptor, someone who journals or a writer, someone who takes pictures and a photographer, someone who sings or a singer… someone who fucks around on a guitar and a musician… One does it for simply for themselves and keeps it for themselves, for whatever reasons they have, and the other does it for themselves (and maybe for others), and shares it with the public. Whether it’s good or appreciated that’s another thing, and there have been thousands of hacks appreciated, and thousands of geniuses unrecognized.

With all that written, I’m happy to announce that I’m closing in on the completion of my next novel… Currently I’m woking on the cover design, blurbs, and some small finishing touches. I hope when it is available you pick up a copy, and let it breathe. I do enjoy making commercials and doing bit parts, but really, I do them so I’m able to pay my rent and have time to write, sing, create, and act in far more creative projects that maybe don’t have the exposure or financial rewards.

Thanks all… If you’re not subscribed please consider doing so, and please consider following me on social media so you hear of all upcoming projects.

Here’s to 2017!

– Quiche Out


And if you haven’t yet read Sympathy for the Devil, please consider picking up a paperback copy or a Kindle, and reading it… or check out the Amazon description.

And if you have read it, and enjoyed it, please consider recommending it for others to breathe life into.

































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