It’s Up & It’s Good

The sign is up at The Gardenia… and for those who won’t see it, driving East to West on Santa Monica BLVD… here it is!

IMG_7001 copy-cropFe was sweet enough to come along, and helped capture this shaggy future memory too…

IMG_6988 copy-crop

Details can be found on the two images below…

NOTE: If you’re driving a distance I recommend dinner reservations, as those are the only seats that will supposedly be confirmed & held, all others are first come first seated as room allows (not our policy, it’s how the Gardenia Supper Club does it). I don’t know if there are seats/tables open for dinner, but walk-ups are welcome at The Gardenia on the night of the show, till the venue reaches it’s limited capacity.

Please pay careful attention to all street parking signs.

– Quiche Out

img_0135Don't Miss Out - INSTAGRAM


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