GREAT resource for Musical Lovers & Cabaret Performers

A big thank you to Elliot Zwiebach, who sent me a link to an amazing resource for musical lovers, and cabaret performers… 

When I did my research for the 50s Broadway show Deirdre Moncy and I are opening, having this site would have helped GREATLY. Now, for just about any questions people have about songs or shows we cover or touch on, June 2nd at The Gardenia, I plan on pointing them to this site. 

“What year was that show on Broadway?” “Who played that role in the original cast?” “How long did it run?” “What other shows opened in that decade…?” “Are there videos of the…?”


So you know, the selection of songs we’re covering in the show on June 2nd at The Gardenia were born out of Broadway Musicals which opened during the 1950s. Some tunes most will know, a few songs some may not have ever heard, and some we may be doing a little different than people remember. We do not intend the show to be educational, or cover all of the great & amazing shows and/or songs of the 1950s, the night is just about music, fun, appreciation & pure enjoyment.

Keep in mind: The Gardenia ONLY holds and guarentees seating for DINNER reservations, walk ins/ups are welcome but are seated at the discression of The Gardenia, and are at a first come, first seated basis… with a limited capacity. To my knowledge acts do not have control over the guest list. Dinner Reservations: 323.467.7444

– Quiche Out

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