New Boots, New Adventure Pass, Old Standby (Winter Creek Trail & Sturtevant Falls)

IMG_2295-smallToday a new friend never got back to me, so I decided to get out and go. I also officially retired my good old hiking boots (7 years), purchased some new ones, and bought a new yearly Adventure Pass. For the record, I use several pairs of boots. Runyon Canyon, the Santa Monica Stairs and most Griffith Park trails require nothing more than “cheapies” with gym socks… City walks are nothing more than sneakers on my feet. But when I’m out of cell and cab range, or putting miles on a trail, or on the edge of long drops, or slippery slopes… I’d rather have top shelf boots on. That’s not to say everyone does, today I passed some sandals, bare feet, sneakers, boots, flip flops, and even a few pairs of dress shoes, and ladies wearing flats (no kidding).

Anyway, feeling good after my boot fitting and purchase, I decided on a nearby five/six mile loop, and feeling even better than I expected, I tacked on a few miles (three/four) at the end. It’s not usually a good idea to go too far with new boots, but I bought the same brand and model that had been good for me for years, and I had the ability to turn around if I needed to because of a bad fit.

I parked at Chantry Flats, did an old standard, the Upper Winter Creek Loop, and then added on the Sturtevant Falls up and back at the end. Water levels weren’t very high for this time of year, which is disappointing, but there is water in the streams, I even saw a few three, four and five inch fish swimming in it.

Since this is my blog, let me just say that I’m always amazed how many people walk with their heads down on the trails, walking right by so many amazing things… Today, even thought I passed a lot of people on the trails, I saw ducks, squirrels, hawks, flowers, beautiful creeks, views, and even some interesting people… True story, I moved out of the way for three ladies at one point, who didn’t realize I was even on the trail till they were 2 or 3 feet from me and saw my shoes. The first woman looked up suddenly, frightened, to see a smiling mountain man standing off to the side, waiting for them to pass. And, yeah, with a smile I actually said, “It’s a prettier hike if you look up once in a while.”

One woman, who was walking two little dogs asked me if I had ever seen bears up there… And I’m not sure she liked my answer. “Um, yeah, I’ve saw one on the trail to the lower falls few years back…” In case you’re wondering there are bears and mountain lions (though I’ve never seen a mountain lion up close).

But you’re probably here for the pictures, so here are some of them. At the bottom I’ll embed two sixty second mediation videos for you… They’re quite boring, but maybe, if you’re stuck at work, or stressed, you could use a minute of nothing.

– Quiche Out


  1. Beautiful visuals. I’m always wandering off the trail finding things to photograph that other people miss in their haste to get a ‘good time’ on their hike. I’ve given up worrying about whether they think I’m weird laying there focusing on a tree root, ladybug or blade of grass lol
    What amazes me is when people go out for a walk and wear headphones. If you listen, Nature sings to you the entire time. I can’t imagine not allowing myself to hear the water bubbling, the waves fading into the shoreline, the birds singing or the chimpmunks chattering.
    Looks like an amazing day. And not at all how I imagined California. You have mountains! :p


  2. You inspired me Tom. Taking my wife up there this afternoon/evening to do some spontaneous hiking around that area. I doubt there will be any water but at least some trees and scenery will be better than the concrete jungle I’ve been stuck in for the past several weeks lol. Allen


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